Housemate Lovers

I’m still new in here so i just post a shot that I have been posted in other place also known as soshified.. consider it as a test.. So below here is the story. i love donkatsu’s work so that’s why I create this blog. feel free to comment. ^^;)



Housemate wanted : 120 dollars per month. ASAP..

For more detail, contact this number : 907-0980-889.

Taeyeon paste the advertisement on the wall. She look over to the left and over to the right. She scared if some of guard will try to catch her red handed. She knew that paste the advertisement like this will give her fine but that’s the easiest way to find people quickly. She walks fast towards the exit door.


The phone ring. Taeyeon took out her cell phone.




 “Ermm, I saw you advertisement about getting a housemate? So I just wondering if I could rent in your apartment?”

 “Of course! Te—“

 “But I have something along with that!” Taeyeon got surprised by the sudden burst.

“Alright, tell me,”

“I don’t have a job, I don’t know how to get a job, and I don’t know how exactly I have to do with a job,”

“You run away from home?”


 “Yah! Why you have to shout!? I just ask a question!”

 “Forget then! I just found another house!”

“Wait! Wait wait! Sigh..You tell me that because you wanted me to help you right? Get you a job, teach how you can get a job, and what you need to do with that job right? Look miss..?” Taeyeon wants to catch her name.

“I’m Tiffany..”

“Okay, Tippani. How you come over to my place first? Just take a look at the house and if you think it’s okay I will help you to find you a good job. How’s that?” Taeyeon give a suggestion. There’s a long pause between her conversation with Tiffany.

“I’ll take it then,” she agreed.

“Then..Tomorrow, we meet at lunch in Prime Apartment restaurant?”

“I’ll be there. Thanks…umm,” this time she wants to know Taeyeon’s name.

“I’m Kim Taeyeon. We’ll meet in Prime Apartment restaurant okay?”

“Okay! Thanks Taeyeon-ah!” this time with a happy tone from Tiffany. Before Taeyeon could reply, Tiffany hung up the phone.

“Who’s that? I clearly heard the sound of No and then Thanks from here,” Sooyoung said with her perplexed face.

“The housemate-to-be. I just asked her a question and she yelled no. She tell me she has no job, don’t know how to find one and what will she do with the job,” Taeyeon pucker her lips.

“And I guess, that’s why she thanks to you? Because you promise her to find one?” Sooyoung smile and give her raise eyebrows.

“Yes.” Taeyeon said as she make a cute pout.

“Where do you think you need to find her a job?” Sooyoung asks.

“There’s a supermarket near my apartment. I think she gonna make a luck there. Probably, she can fit though. Sigh..”

“Why are you sighing now?”

“I need someone to pay up the rent before they could bring themselves to my apartment because the real owner is pissed off. She can’t even let I hold up until I get one,”

“Why don’t you reject it?”

“Just consider that I’m lucky because after 4 advertisement legally that I did, the illegal one catches this lady’s attention,”

“Well..Good luck then Taeyeonnie,”

“Thanks Sooyoung-ah,” Taeyeon replied with rolled eyes.


“Where are you going?” Sunny ask her friend.

“Well, I’m on my way back to my apartment. I promised yesterday to see the lady who wants to rent the apartment that I lived right now today,”

“Oh. Can I go with you? Sooyoung is in meeting. She can’t go with me,” Sunny explain with a pout.

“Sure. Let’s go right now.” Taeyeon invite her.

Sunny and Taeyeon arrived at the restaurant. They did some order as they waiting for the girl, Tiffany. Taeyeon look around for Tiffany but she even don’t know how Tiffany look like. She gave a message through the phone.

From : Taeyeon
to : 907-332-339
Where are you? I’m right here in the restaurant.

The message was sent. “How long it’s gonna take?” Sunny ask as the ordered food come to her.

“I don’t know. We will look around the house, take her to the supermarket, find her a job and let’s see if—“ Sunny cut her sentences.

“Stop right there. You find her a job?” Sunny with her perplexed face.

“Yes. She told me, she didn’t have a job, she don’t know how to take a job, and she need to know how the job will be,”

“is she running away from the house?”

“That’s what I asked her in the first place, turn out she give me a loud NO,” Taeyeon give her weird face with it. Sunny could only laugh when she look at Taeyeon’s face saying NO.

Then the phone is Taeyeon’s hand vibrate.

From : 907-332-339
To : Taeyeon
Actually I got here first. I just don’t want make you wait for me. Instead let me be the one who waited for you since I’m the want who wanted to rent your apartment. But who am I looking for right now?

“Ah, she’s here already here? Why didn’t she call me?”

“Why didn’t you call her?” Sunny asked when she heard the whine.

“I don’t have much credit to call her,”

“This is why you should use prepaid instead of top up,”

“I don’t want to, because I’m not a talkative person,” Taeyeon said. Sunny scoffed to her statement.

“Yah, if you are not much of talkative person, would you have a friend like me and Sooyoung? Who were chaos about everything when everyone ditch us?”

“Well..Yeah. Because I attend to listen every word that come from you guys instead to cut off,” Taeyeon give a smirk to Sunny.

“You mean if Sooyoung and I were not talking to you, you wouldn’t let us in your life too?” Sunny was joining the sarcastically talk of Taeyeon.

“Probably yeah. But thinking of how entertaining you guys are, I pity of some people who miss out you guys in their life. If you guys never talk to me and treat me like one of your best friend, I would be the foolish person ever,” Sunny laugh after that. Taeyeon is just a person that full of surprise. First, she would give you a good depress to you but then she light up your life more so that sarcasm she did before will be forgotten. Taeyeon is on her phone.

“And you said to me that you don’t have any credit left,” Sunny scoffed once again. Then suddenly she just heard the far away ringtone across. Taeyeon try to search where that source coming from. Then suddenly the voice coming out from Taeyeon’s phone.


Sunny nudge Taeyeon. They saw a person with her phone.

“Hello?” the person mouthing the same word. Taeyeon put her other hand on her phone.

“Sunny, is that her?” as Taeyeon pointing with her mouth. “I think so,” Sunny gesture Taeyeon to handout the phone. Taeyeon gave her.

“Is this..umm?” Sunny said. Taeyeon mouthing the word ‘Tippany’. “Tippani?” They look at the person.

“Yes, it’s me,” the person they look currently mouthing the same word. There’s no doubt she is the one. Taeyeon take her phone from Sunny’s hand. “I’m on your right, Tippani,” Taeyeon said.

Tiffany look to the right to find someone on the phone bowed to her while another lady wave her hand. She finally meet Taeyeon. She flash her smile and that caught Taeyeon to skip a beat of her heart. Tiffany press the red button and slowly walks towards Sunny and Taeyeon.

“Taeyeon. She’s beautiful. If only I don’t get Sooyoung in the first place,” Sunny whisper as Tiffany walks towards them.

“Be loyal to her Sunny. Sooyoung is the perfect girlfriend you ever have,” Taeyeon whisper at her without taking her eyes off Tiffany.

“How come her side of being Shikshin is the perfect girlfriend for me?” Sunny’s question only received a pinch by Taeyeon. Sunny just being kidding to her friend. She knew that Taeyeon before has a crush on that Shikshin but it’s too late, because Sunny has confess before her and turn out that Sooyoung feels the same about her. And then she realize that Taeyeon is her matchmaker when Sooyoung told her one day. Now, it’s just a good opportunity to Sunny. She wants to give what she has gave her before.

“Hello. Nice to meet you. Are you Taeyeon?” Tiffany ask the one with the phone.

“Yes I am. So you are Tippani,” Taeyeon order Tifany to take a sit. Taeyeon let her smile on her face. Suddenly her shoulder being nudge.

“Stop grinning. Just smile,” Sunny whispered to her. Taeyeon widen her eyes. She can’t believe she give her grin instead of her normal smile.

“You’re falling for her aren’t you?” Sunny teasing her. “Stop that. She will hear you,” Taeyeon said under her breath. “You’re so cute Taeyeon-ah~” Sunny pinch her cheeks. Causing the girl become in the red face.

“Are you guys an item?” Tiffany ask out of curiosity. “No!” Taeyeon wave her hand in front of her face. “Oh I’m sorry. I thought you guys were. Because the way you guy whispering each other,” Tiffany let her innocent eyes smile flash once again. Sunny could feel that Tiffany is jealous about the interaction earlier.

“So Tiffany, do you want to see the apartment?” Taeyeon just let the conversation to the point. Tiffany nodded eagerly. “Yes I would love too. Don’t worry Tae.  I have money with me,”

“Tae?” Sunny heard what Tiffany said.

“You wouldn’t mind right? I called you Tae earlier?” Tiffany found her slip that word. Her heart beat faster.

“It’s alright. Can I call you Pany then?” Taeyeon try to not let Tiffany uncomfortable. They look at each other and smile.

“Thanks Taeyeon.”

“You’re welcome,” Taeyon replied.

“Opps..Taeyeon-ah. Sooyoung message me that we are needed in the office,” Sunny look at her phone. She look serious.

“What? What about her? We just arrived and she didn’t take a look at the apartment yet,” Taeyeon look pity to her housemate-to-be. Sunny paused. Then she look at Tiffany starghtly. “Would you mind to take a tour with us Tippany-ssi?” Sunny ask suddenly. Tiffany raise her eyebrows.

“Taeyeon told me that you want a job. You might as well find a job in our company,” Sunny give a suggestion.

“I guess, I followed you guys then. Is it okay Tae?”


“Then I’ll pay the bill first. See you in the car in a minute,”

Taeyeon leads Tiffany to the car. After they have arrived to the car, Taeyeon find she perplexed. Whether to let Tiffany beside her or behind her. Don’t know how long they stand in front of the car, suddenly Sunny from the restaurant shout.

“I thought letting you guys go first, you will start the engine! What’s going on?!”

“I-I don’t know who will be sit beside me. You or her!” She scream back to Sunny.

“Why you need to think!? She is with you earlier when I was paying the bill! Then let her sit beside you!” Sunny already open the behind door and sit. Taeyeon don’t have a time to argue about it, she signaled Tiffany to sit down beside her. She enters the driver sit and start the engine. Sunny look so serious.

“What happen to Sooyoung?” Taeyeon ask Sunny as she sees the reflection of Sunny at the mirror in front. Sunny being seen typing something in her phone.  “Remember her cousin, Yuri, the owner of Jessicat Cafe?” Taeyeon nod as she remember it.

“Well, her sister’s cousin, YoonA, cause a trouble. Fall in love with someone. Turn out the lady that YoonA fall in love with is a daughter of SeoMicro Company,” Sunny pause her sentence.

“Wait! Isn’t that SeoMicro Company is the one who we are corporate right now?” Taeyeon gasped when she heard the company name.

“Yup. The problem lies when Yuri called Sooyoung for help because Yuri’s cafe been damage a month ago. The company actually hired someone to destroy her cafe. Sooyoung knew this and decide to prove that we are actually have something that is same level as them. She even thought once we got the deal, YoonA got a chance to love his daughter and handout the marriage. But it was a mess up. Sooyoung’s intention is really good but the way they seen it, is wrong,”

“Why don’t you tell this before?! Are you neglecting me as your friend?!” Taeyeon burst out her anger as she learn what is going on with the company they work on. She look at Tiffany. She temporarily forgot the latter was there. Then something registered in her head.

“Wait. Is that why we bring her along?! She will replace Sooyoung?”

“Maybe but maybe not. But she still can get a job. I’m sorry to let you in the mess,” Sunny give a sad smile. Tiffany can only open her half mouth with it.

“Tell me Sunny!”

“For what? So you can live what you have right now?! How many money would you try to give us now huh?! You think I don’t know that you are the one who make it possible? Three years ago you are the most capable in the company. Because of one mistake that a person did to the company, you cover up with what you have got! A hundred thousand dollars! And this! Right now is the matters of 10 million!” Sunny burst out her tantrum just like Taeyeon did.

“it’s Just… something isn’t meant to share with everybody. And enough to let it go once.” Sunny said.


They have arrived to the office. The tense was high.

“Sunny! Taeyeon!” Sooyoung hugs her girlfriend and then Taeyeon. “I’m sorry Sooyoung. I told about the mess to Taeyeon already,” Sooyoung look at Taeyeon. She was about to say sorry when Taeyeon hugged her once again.

“It’s alright. We will get through this,” Taeyeon look at Sooyoung’s face. She give her assure smile while Sooyoung on a tears. “What the upper management says about this?” Taeyeon ask her. “They said that they will fire and sue me about what happen now. Hyoyeon said she try to persuade her uncle about what happen,” Taeyeon try to catch the meaning.

“I’m sorry? But who is Hyoyeon?” Taeyeon confused.

“Oh right. Seohyun, the lady that YoonA fall in love with, has a cousin too. Her name is Hyoyeon. Hyoyeon the one who introduce Seohyun to YoonA. Hyoyeon is also a friend of Jessica, which is Yuri’s girlfriend. That way, they met. Seohyun’s father is a strict person. Seohyun never met someone else beside Hyoyeon and Jessica. So one day, Hyoyeon brought her to Yuri’s opening cafe and there, they had met. You were just not our friend that day till we know that you are actually help a lot in the company,” Sunny explain.

“And now, I need to make a confession to SeoMicro Company too that everything happen now is without the upper management knowledge,” Sooyoung explain further.

“We just need to wait for Hyoyeon. If this turn out well, at least the company is free from the charge that I’ve cause,” Sooyoung said. Sunny and Taeyeon nod along. Then Sunny realise something. “Where’s Tiffany?”

“Where’s who?”

“Tiffany, the one who want to rent the apartment where Taeyeon stayed,” Sunny state. Taeyeon look around.

“I’ll find her,” Taeyeon run to find her. Finally, after 10 minutes in search, Tiffany was at the same spot where they left her. Taeyeon trying to catch her breath. Turn out Tiffany was catching her breath too but her eyes smile still there. It looks like she was relieved of something.


“What are you looking at?” Taeyeon wrapped her arms around Tiffany’s waist. “Just take a look at Seohyun’s wedding,” Taeyeon rest her chin on Tiffany’s shoulder. “I can’t believe that they will celebrate a year anniversary this Friday,”

“It’s all thanks to you,” Taeyeon kiss Tiffany’s cheek.

That day, when Tiffany goes disappeared, she actually called her dad. Turn out she is the heir of the richest company in Korea. The reason Tiffany want to rent the place where Taeyeon stayed is because she need to give her research about the place. Her father wanted to buy the place for his next company. Lucky for her that Taeyeon did the advertisement and she didn’t want miss out the opportunity to take a look at that place.

But that incident that take place the other day after that really did open her eyes. People can really had hard time to find the suit apartment. She called her dad to buy a company near the apartment instead of destroying the apartment.

“Where do you think this should be?” Tiffany was out from her daydream when Taeyeon asked her. Taeyeon try to put the little table. “Just put it in anywhere you like it,” Tiffany replies.

“But this part of my apartment is yours too, I can’t do it randomly. You need some space to put your own things,” Taeyeon shrugged her shoulder a little as she saying.

“So why you ask me when you know that thing?” Tiffany flash her eyes smile. Taeyeon only rolled her eyes after Tiffany remark.

“Okay, I just put it here. Whenever you want to use it as your laptop table, just come over to this place,” Taeyeon pout after that.

“Aigoo. You are so adorable,” Tiffany said.

“I know that. That’s why you can’t resist to hug me and kiss me,” Taeyeon say as it is a proud thing.

“Hey, if I don’t do that in the first place, you wouldn’t ask me if I have feelings for you. And I wouldn’t know you had a same feelings when we were first met,”

“Thanks to my adevertisement of course, if you didn’t read my advertisement, we wouldn’t meet in the first place,” Taeyeon give her proud smile.

“Yeah yeah..It’s all thanks to your advertisement,” Tiffany let Taeyeon win. They both laughed.

“I feel hungry, Fany-ah. Let’s grab dinner shall we?” Taeyeon feels her tummy rumbled.

“Let’s go then,” Tiffany hook her arm to Taeyeon and flash her eyes smile.


Just an Idea

nape lah bile dah ade idea nak tulis aku trus blur. tapi anyway.. aku jadikan wordpress nih tmpat aku kumpulkan fanific aku.. aku bnyak buat but aku ade2 sikit lupe..

hmmm.. i have an idea of story.

ia adalah beauty and the beast twisted version!
but i have difficulties. disbbkan bnyak english words yang aku tak tau jadi nak kembangkan satu persatu ayat untuk cerita nih agak susah sikit. dan another reason is when i got one particular scene, i’m stucked being lazy to describe about it.

anyway.. ape yang twisted nyerdgn beauty and the beast aku nih? aku suke group SNSD. and by that you must know that this is girls’ pairing. xD.. pairing yg aku gune dalam crite nih of course the popular couple eva! TaeNy! nyie~

dlam beauty and the beast real version, laki tuh yg sombong, dengki, unfriendly arrogant dan akhirnya witch sumpah die jadi beast. kalo die dpt cari orang yg dpt ubah dier sebelum die mati, dier dpt tukar balik jadi seorang manusia.

dalam cerita yang aku nak buat nih.. how about if there is a witch yang sumpah this girl jadi beast kerana dendam. n this beast live until she found a person that can break her spell. memandangkan ini girls pairing so a person is girl.

back to you soon enough. my head kinda spinning around and i hve something to do. see ya!