Just an Idea

nape lah bile dah ade idea nak tulis aku trus blur. tapi anyway.. aku jadikan wordpress nih tmpat aku kumpulkan fanific aku.. aku bnyak buat but aku ade2 sikit lupe..

hmmm.. i have an idea of story.

ia adalah beauty and the beast twisted version!
but i have difficulties. disbbkan bnyak english words yang aku tak tau jadi nak kembangkan satu persatu ayat untuk cerita nih agak susah sikit. dan another reason is when i got one particular scene, i’m stucked being lazy to describe about it.

anyway.. ape yang twisted nyerdgn beauty and the beast aku nih? aku suke group SNSD. and by that you must know that this is girls’ pairing. xD.. pairing yg aku gune dalam crite nih of course the popular couple eva! TaeNy! nyie~

dlam beauty and the beast real version, laki tuh yg sombong, dengki, unfriendly arrogant dan akhirnya witch sumpah die jadi beast. kalo die dpt cari orang yg dpt ubah dier sebelum die mati, dier dpt tukar balik jadi seorang manusia.

dalam cerita yang aku nak buat nih.. how about if there is a witch yang sumpah this girl jadi beast kerana dendam. n this beast live until she found a person that can break her spell. memandangkan ini girls pairing so a person is girl.

back to you soon enough. my head kinda spinning around and i hve something to do. see ya!


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A simple girl who runs blog about what's in mind, and try to convey with stories. :)

6 thoughts on “Just an Idea”

    1. It’s because I’m malaysian..:P
      ahaks.. I’m on my way writing about it. there are some complication about this story though. I’m not sure about the setting. whether to make it in old time year or the present time. or I should do both. hmm..thanks for comment!

  1. Sorry thor, apakah bisa bahasanya dirapihin lagi? Yah, kurang ngeh kalau gini hehe
    Ditunggu ajah ff perdananya ^^

    1. I’m sorry.. it’s because I’m malaysian that’s why.. :D
      this is just a brief idea of a new story that I want to make. But there are some complication. therefore, it maybe delayed but sure I will post it in here! Thanks for comment!

  2. Annyeong ^_^
    di tunggu ff barunya…
    Mian nih, lain kali bhs.a pake yg biasa aja n baku biar reader mengerti., hehe

    keep fighthing ^^

    1. Anyeong too!

      Excuse me for my language. It’s because I’m malaysian. I thought no one would comment and I did surprise that I had a comment!

      Yup. The story is on the way. but there are some complication. But I will do post it though. Thanks for comment here!

      by the way, the full story will appear in English. ^-^

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