TaeNy – Random One Shot

Sunny slide the red button. “Gosh. I know it already, stop calling,” she murmured. She packed everything that necessarily. Once again her smartphone rings. This time it was Taeyeon who called her. She use her left shoulder to support her phone after slide the green one.


“Did I hear it right? You? go to Taiwan? Again?”

“Yes. It decided last minute. Right now I’m packing up. What’s up Taeyeon?” she puts another dress. Thinking four dresses is and ten shirts and jeans are not yet enough.

“Do you need to ask?” Taeyeon said. Sunny can feel that she just rolled her eyes.

“What? It’s not that you didn’t go with her,” Sunny hold her giggles.

“It’s different. I can’t do this,”

“So how can you do the trip to the famous park then?” Sunny zipped her luggage and hold the phone eventually. She headed towards the door.

“That’s because I don’t have to deal with fan-taken photos and news, okay? And we’re just being ourselves not as in…. a group thing,” Taeyeon replied.

“You’ll see me straight at L.A Taeng. I’m not leaving you alone with her. You are going with another member. Not some guy,” She close the door. “And beside, this is a good chance for you to pay up what you did to her in the concert,”

“Uh..What did I do?” Taeyeon asked her back.

“You didn’t watch the fan-cam yet, don’t you?” Sunny asked.

“Take a look at the fan-cam, and you know what I mean,” Sunny heard the beep sound and she look at the screen. Her manager is caling her.

“Taeng, I got to go, oppa is calling me. See you at L.A,” she touched the red button and take her manager’s call. “Pick me up right now. I’m sorry oppa~. I was packing some stuff~!” Sunny made the cute voice as she close the front door.


Taeyeon put off the phone and set it to her bed. She just take out her sketch book and pencil. She look around and decided to sketch the snow white that happen to be in her collection. Ginger is not with her right now since Tiffany said it’s better to let it stay in the pet care because, or else, the pet care are full booked. She try to distract in sketching but all her thoughts went to what Sunny said. “What did I do? I played with her on the stage too,” she frowned. “Although I know that I didn’t play a lot with her but every members were there, she also with her too” Taeyeon shook her head and focus on the sketch she did.

It almost midnight time, and Taeyeon couldn’t sleep. That evening, she saw Tiffany with her usual routine. Tiffany didn’t look sad, she’s happy. But if I did something, what is it? she thought.

Just take a look at the fan-cam,Taeyeon. she talked to herself. She opened her laptop and sees it on popular website.


“Did you watch it already?”



“I guess I just neglected her at some point,”

“See? Okay Taeng. Look, I know sometimes that our fans can be a little bit creepy and demanded but you know, if there happen anything at you, they will protect you. Protect us. You don’t have to be scare to show it,”

“I know that but.. the assumption saying that I have something for her. I just don’t like it. She having fun with Yuri and Sica. and also you. Tsk,”

“Did you just ‘tsk’ me?”

“What if I did?” Taeyeon reaches her pencil and scrabble something on the sketch book.

“You don’t like it or you’re just jealous?”

“What?! Yah! Not you too. Please,” she groaned.

“It just the way you respond to it! How can not our fans thinking that you have something for her if you respond it like you are jealous!” Sunny laughed.

“I told you that was a really time ago. I have nothing to feels like that again okay? I dated a guy too, remember?” Taeyeon tried to explain that she has nothing to feel about that American girl.

“You did date with a guy. But why it doesn’t get along? Because Tiffany said he’s actually not into you. And obviously you are not into him too. Oh. I shouldn’t had told you because Tiffany will kill me if she knew I told you,”

The last sentence make Taeyeon frowned. Tiffany said that? why..

“And why would she do that?” asked Taeyeon.

“That.. I would not tell you. It’s none of your business,”

“Sunny, you know something, didn’t you?”

“Oh. Oppa called me. I got to go. Later Taeng,”

“Sun– Ny,” the phone was cut off after she said the other two.

“Argh.. I hate this feeling!” Taeyeon stroke her hair to the back.

She takes her phone and take a look at her only social network. She browse up her old post and stop at the minions she just drew and posted it the day when Tiffany got to pitch a baseball.

“She’s out there with that guy. She is not having some feelings like I did to her before,” Taeyeon tries to set her mind. “Ah.. Yuri would say that over and over again right?” she suddenly remembered how Yuri tried to hypnotized herself. She smiled.

“She knew about what fans think about her and yet she did it for the sake of the fans. aish..Yuri-ssi,” she added. “I think they will protect us, in bad and good,”

Taeyeon look up at the gallery and posted back that minion. You guys are like minions that I would hug each one of you for love that you guys gave us. Taeyeon crinkles her nose along with the thought.


“No! It’s not like that!” Tiffany let out laugh and unleashed her eyes smile. “You’re just jealous!” Tiffany continued to speak in English. “Yup. In..half an hour with her to the fansign event,”

Taeyeon heard her talking with someone, who is probably her cousin. She stood up and sees through the window. The sun hit her face directly. “Omo!” she flinched.

“Tae, are you alright?” Tiffany rushed to her spot.

“Sorry. Just the sun is to bright,” Taeyeon giggles.

Tiffany shook her head. “Dork,” she mumbled and her crescent shape eyes appeared along. She back to her phone. “Nothing, she just..” Taeyeon didn’t hear what Tiffany said anymore.


She applied her own makeup and posing at the window. She posted it to her only social network. Since Tiffany hadn’t finish changing dress yet, she decided to post the draw she made before. The reply comes instantly after she posted. She sometimes laugh and sometimes felt annoyed but mostly made her laugh. She decided to post another draw while waiting for her. Thanks to the comment, the little snow white with round hands is becomes officially her. Although she loves Rapunzel more.

She decided to post another one this time her earlier doing. All the comments saying they missed her. Taeyeon smile widely when she sees the emoticon that her fans made. Sometimes random typing caps lock too amused her. She once again posted herself but this time, she is singing the song. She smiled to herself and feel proud because she receive a good love from her fans.


“Here you go, Ramen for both of you,” the manager gave them.

“Thank you oppa,” Tiffany said. She take out her phone and capture the moment. Taeyeon takes her ramen cup.

“Just make sure that is not my account Fany-ah,”

“uh oh. I already posted it,”

“what?” Taeyeon widens her eyes.

“I didn’t take a glance! I’m too excited! I’m sorry!”

“Aiggoo..ah never mind. It’s okay. What did you put under?”

“We both are rushing and busy,”

Taeyeon nodded.

“They will comment ‘TaeNy is Real’, aren’t they?” Tiffany voiced.

Taeyeon smile. “Of course. But I happen to get worse than that remember? So it’s okay,”

“Are you sure?” Tiffany asked her.  “It’s okay,” Taeyeon again repeat to assure her.

But Tiffany already felt guilty. Taeyeon seems stop talking and focus herself to eat the ramen. She doesn’t look at Tiffany at all.


“We’re arrived! Oh. Not the airport. We’re taking pictures first,”

“Pictures?” this time Tiffany widen her eyes and look at Taeyeon. Taeyeon didn’t give any respond at all.

“The Korean Day is big deal. Since you guys are representing our anthem and their anthem, we want every fans know about this,” the manager unbuckled his seat belt.

“Oh. Alright.”

The manager open the van door for them but Taeyeon decide to use another door.

“And we have little surprise. Your birthday is coming up right?”

Tiffany lighten by that statement. As soon she get down, a reporter startled her. She can’t help but scream. Taeyeon heard it and almost thought some bad things happen. She walks around and finally Tiffany’s laugh enter her ears. She tried to act normal. Why did I…

“Here! your birthday hat!”

“Thank you!”

“We take a short trip at the hotel upstairs for photo-shoot and I will tell you guys when we are ready to fly,” The manager tells them the plan. Taeyeon nod along. The reporter already everywhere.


“Want a drink?” Tiffany asked. Taeyeon seems nod and not doing some talking with her. “Some chips?”

Another nod. The crew took their photo last time. “We’re done,” the photographer said.

Tiffany get a message. “oh! Taeyeon! We need to go to theme park after the baseball! My friends said they add a new theme park game that totally blew up your mind!”

Taeyeon nod all along.  Tiffany found that Taeyeon is not amused about what she is doing. Looking at the fans, she smiled all along. Only then she sees Taeyeon took out her phone and captured photos. She making a ‘peace’ sign but Taeyeon seems so occupied with her phone. Tiffany hide her frown face and gave the ‘peace’ sign to other fan’s camera.

You wait Tae. I will do what you do to me.

The End. lol.. just trying to amused myself. :)


[130729][VIDEO] Tiffany – With her cousin & family in Los Angeles

so adorable Fany ssi~!

SOSHI Kingdom (SSK)

Credit: kryskhloe @ instagram

Tiffany (with Taeyeon & Sunny) went to LA to attend the “Major League Baseball 2013” game, Dodgers vs Reds

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TaeNy – Feel

They have been practiced for 8 hours. There are couple of breaks but not that long. Only 2 minutes to three minutes top and they started it again.

“Oof” Sooyoung lean her back to the wall which has PVC material cover of blue sky. “With this kind of practice, I want manager oppa buy us a lot of food. When I mean a lot, it’s not about junk food but I want Dubbokki, Ramen, Gubne, Domino Pizza!” as her voice raise up with every food words she mentioned.

Taeyeon walked to Sooyoung with a smirk and lean to the wall beside Sooyoung. “Noted Sooyoungie, I already gave messages to manager oppa what we wanted to eat this night. This time is my treat. I pitied him though. He needs to take care nine girls,” she chuckled.

“Oh my God! Really Taeng?! Oh my! Thanks! You really are the leader and..and my midget old sister!” Sooyoung express herself.

“Midget old sister?” Taeyeon widens her eyes and look at Sooyoung. Before she speaks, Sooyoung gives her a tight hug. Taeyeon give a scream when Soyoung tried to kiss her cheek and then she unleashed her middle-woman laughs. Sooyoung hit Taeyeon’s shoulder after that.

Tiffany sneakily heard the conversation between Taeyeon and Sooyoung. She is in the different corner of the room playing with her Prince. “Midget sister? Well, you really are midget, Taeyeonnie,” she murmured as she stroking her Prince, the puppy. She smile at the thought.

“Can I touch it?” a voice suddenly prick into right ear. She smiled. “Of course Jessie. Come sit down. Here,” Tiffany moved a bit.

“Aw.. she is really cute though,” Jessica said. Tiffany can’t help but laugh at Jessica. “You really are slow. Prince is a male puppy,” as she handout Prince to Jessica. “Oh. Prince? That’s his name?” Jessica asked. “You even don’t know that?” Tiffany shook her head.

“I know you have a puppy but I’m really slow with the update. I’m too busy with fashion thingy and once I’m done, I go straight to my home,” Jessica tried to defense herself. Tiffany give her nonchalant nod about Jessica’s statement.

“Here. take my picture with Prince. I need to update my social network, take the effect of 4 photos please,” Jessica gives her phone to Tiffany. Tiffany rolls her eyes. She knew Jessica always love to take multiples of herself. “Alright my ice sister. In one, two, three,” she take the photos.  She gives back Jessica’s phone.

“Thanks you my eye-smile dongsaeng-ah,” Jessica replied the way Tiffany addressed her ealier. “Oh. how’s Taeyeon’s puppy?” Jessica asked Tiffany while her attention is all on Prince. “Ginger? why?” Tiffany tilted her head.

“Nothing. I just wanna ask. You brought it first to this practice room, and then Prince got brought by Taeyeon this day,” Jessica said.

“What is your point?” Tiffany confused.

“Nothing. I just wanna ask. You hang out with her lately so I just wanna know the whole true story,”

“What is the whole true story?” Tiffany asked. She really don’t know what Jessica wanted to say.

Jessica look at her. “Really? Now who’s the one with the slow update here?” Jessica tilted her head and then Hyoyeon join Tiffany and Jessica. “I love puppy but I can’t pet them,” she blurt it but nonetheless she strokes the puppy.

“Why? Is not that hard to take care of them,” Tiffany takes back her Prince form Jessica’s hand. Tiffany brings her eyes towards Taeyeon.

“Looks like she update about her puppy,” Jessica stated.

“So what’s the story is about?” Tiffany asked once again after she back to look at Jessica.

“Oh? you spilled it?” Hyoyeon look at Jessica.

“No I’m not-” Jessica shook her head.

“but I’m about too,” Jessica shows her white teeth and tip of her tongue. Hyoyeon shook her head. When her eyes averts to Tiffany, Tiffany gives the look . Hyoyeon raise her eyebrows. Tiffany points to Taeyeon with eyes and points to herself. Hyoyeon rolled her eyes.

“It’s nothing actually. Sunny saw something. and she told me , I told Seohyun, Seohyun told YoonA and Jessica knew this from her,” Hyoyeon point out to YoonA who playing with Yuri.

“She said that Taeyeon showering you too much,” Jessica finally spill it out. “She let you comes to her room, she lets you use her phone–”

“What’s wrong with that? I lend my phone too,”

“Yeah. And she even asked you to accompany her to that theme park,”

“No it’s not. It’s me. I’m the one who asked her,”

“That, is mean to be sarcastic. You should know that,” Jessica almost hit her. Tiffany laugh. On her peripheral vision, she knew that someone watching her. It’s not that she doesn’t like it.

“We’re sisters right?” Hyoyeon asked suddenly.

“Yes, of course,” Tiffany answered.

“Do you see her as your sister?”

“Why you even ask this? Of course she is my sister too!”

“Then, it means you don’t mind if I want to have her for the whole week right?” Sunny comes between those girls.

“Taeyeon and Sooyoung just go to the cafe, so no worries. They don’t even hear a thing,” Sunny added. Tiffany looking around and indeed she’s not there. Maybe she’s out after she laugh with Jessica’s sarcasm. But the thought that Sunny take Taeyeon for a whole week makes Tiffany frowned.  Just a whole week. Taeyeon will come back at me after.

“Of course. Sure,”

“Good then,”

“Unnie! Taeyeon said come down! The food is in the other room,” Seohyun poke her head between the door. Sunny held Seohyun’s waist while Seohyun put her arm around Sunny’s shoulder. Tiffany put down the Prince on the small cage and go with Hyoyeon, Jessica after.


“Over here!” Sooyoung wave her hands to the girls. Taeyeon scoop aside so Tiffany can sit beside her. Tiffany sees Taeyeon not touching her food yet. “Why aren’t you eating?” as she take a slice of pizza.

“Just waiting for you to come,” Taeyeon gives a line to her lips. Sunny snickered. Tiffany gave the look.

“So Taeyeon,”

“Yes Fany?” Taeyeon take the plate.

“What will you do in whole week with Sunny?” Tiffany asks as if she not curious.

“What would I do with Sunny in the whole week?” Taeyeon confused by the question.

Sunny and Taeyeon looks at each other. Sunny smiled first and take a moment to give a shrug shoulder when Tiffany is occupied with the Pizza.

“I mean, if you are bored, you can come with me you know,” added Tiffany.

“To where?” Taeyeon giggled.

“To everywhere of course. Just name it, I’ll go with you,” as Tiffany munched more of pizza.

Taeyeon laughs at the sentence only to receive a sound of tsk and hit on the shoulder.

“I’m serious, Tae,”

“It’s okay. Even i don’t know what Sunny talk to you about, I think I will go with Sunny this time so you can have your free time Fany,” Taeyeon replied and she reaches the pizza with most cheese on it.

“Yes! I’ll get Taengoo for the rest of the weeks!”


“No buts. I just think that it’s time for you to have free time. It always me, stopping you for having quality time. You have lots of friend to talk with. Unlike me so.. go, while you can,”

But I love your company, I love to have free time with you.

Tiffany munches slowly now. She felt defeated and jealous that Sunny get Taeyeon’s attention. “I’m gonna take more practice. Thanks for the food,” she said as she stand and walk away.

“But Taeyeon bought-”

Taeyeon put her hand on Sooyoung’s thigh and shook her head. Sooyoung understand the gesture and back to her eating.

“I’m telling you, if she continues to sulk to everything Taeyeon’s did, I will slap her in the face, and tell that Taeyeon loves her very much,”

“Aish! You did that on Taeyeon and Jessica too,” Sunny protest. “Because I’m much younger. She’s older than me, yet she have the attention of the baby the most unlike me,” Sooyoung shows her puppy face look at Taeyeon. “I love all of you the same. No difference at all. Tiffany will be okay. I’ll go to her after this, ”

“Are you sure Unnie? I’m positive that you have love Tiffany more than you always with me,” YoonA make the puppy face, followed by Yuri.

“Unnie~” everyone on the seat starts to use the aegyo that YoonA always did. They were teasing but somehow everyone get jinxed.

“I’m gonna get married first!” Sooyoung quickly said.

“Aw.. i missed it!” Hyoyeon.

Taeyeon shook her head. Indeed she loves Tiffany more.


“Prince, did Ginger just take my midget sister away from me?” Tiffany lift up the puppy and search for its eyes. Prince barked.

“You think so?” she asked even though there was nothing in her mind.

“My maknae is sulking huh?” a voice come from behind. Tiffany quickly turn her face. She sees Taeyeon with a smirk on her face.

“You should know how I am,” Tiffany back to stroke to her Prince. Taeyeon seat in front of Tiffany with her arms hugging legs.

“So my maknae is sulking and jealous because her older sister get to spend time with another sister huh?” Taeyeon joked.

“I’m not maknae. Juhyun is maknae,” Tiffany avoid looking at Taeyeon.

“So you are my what? Because if I recall, I’m in March and you’re in August. Hence, you are my maknae like rest of the girls,”

“Stop refer sisters. It felt..weird,”

“Now, you are feeling weird? Just a couple minutes ago, you said that I’m your midget sister,” Taeyeon giggled.

“That’s not the point. I just call you that because Sooyoung said it first but you can’t call me your maknae. That belongs to Juhyun,”

“But if you’re not my maknae, then what should I call you?”

Tiffany look at Taeyeon. She was confused with what she felt. Looking at Taeyeon eyes, she knew that Taeyeon dislike to call her as sister too.

“No need to answer that. Okay then. I’m not your sister and you are not sister too then,” she lines up the lips after the long pause.

“We are best, best best friend,” Taeyeon stated. Tiffany gives a wide smile. She love that sound more than sister. That mean she can be more than what they had right now.

Wait.. why..

Tiffany without realized had been stared Taeyeon for a long time. Then, the question Hyoyeon asked earlier ringed on her head. Did she sees Taeyeon as her sister or is Taeyeon even sees her as her sister?

She remembered all the gestures that Taeyeon gave it to her. Mostly her behave around Taeyeon. She’s the one who attracted with Taeyeon all the time. Taeyeon treated her the same way, but lately enough, Taeyeon has loose herself around Tiffany.

She’s now thinking how soft those lips are. She has the urge to hug and kiss Taeyeon like she did with her ex in high school but she hold the thought.

“Hwang Miyoung-ssi,”


“You’re spacing out. Did you heard what I just said?”

“What did you say?”

“I said, I will come back to you if you finished your free time with others so you don’t have to sulk with anymore. Alright?” Taeyeon repeated.

“Oh..Okay.. Alright. I hear you,”

“Good. So please eat. I know you’re still hungry,” Taeyeon take Prince from Tiffany.

“Let me hold this little guy awhile and then you can take him after you are really full. You can rest first and I’ll wait for you as usual until you perfect your dance,”

“Thanks,” Tiffany stand up and smile. She turn around to the door.

Whoa.. what was I thinking. Am I.. really?

She turn around her head to see Prince and Taeyeon taking a picture. Taeyeon notices that Tiffany look at her.

“Just go. Prince will be fine Fany-ah,”

“Ye-yes! sure” she finally walk out to the door.

I guess, Taeyeon is right about this. I need a free time so I will make sure what happen earlier is not a desperate things. But.. Taeyeon… I love her but this is wrong. Oh God…Help me please.


The End.