[130822][PHOTO] Yuri – “Instagram” Update

those tags that Yul made! OMG!!

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130822 Yuri Instagram Update with Tiffany

My friend #BF #BbanyBbany #YulTi #TiffanyPuppyLook*♥ #TManager #Tiffjumma #ButPink.. I like it too#ButThen..The fact that it (pink) suits you more..I know that too!! #ISaidIKnow.. #LiveHappilyWithPink,Bbany

*Not too sure about this
**행쇼 is short for 행복하십시오

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[NEWS] Seohyun Cast in New SBS Drama ‘Passionate Love’

SOSHI Kingdom (SSK)

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Seohyun I got a Boy Teaser Image

According to sources, Seohyun has been cast in the upcoming SBS weekend drama, “Passionate Love”, for the role of Han Yurim, the first love of the drama’s male lead, Kang Mooyeol.

Han Yurim, the character Seohyun will be playing, is a popular veterinary science university student with a smart brain, neat facial appearance, and warm heart. The male lead, a high school student, falls in love at first sight when he sees her and poses as a college student in order to date her. Eventually she becomes his star-crossed first love.

Seohyun previously made a cameo appearance along with the other members of Girls’ Generation in the 2008 KBS 2TV sitcom, “Unstoppable Marriage”, which featured members Yuri and Sooyoung as part of the regular cast. However, this is the first time Seohyun will be acting in a drama.

Seohyun’s character, Han Yurim, will appear in the first four…

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TaeNy – One Shot Story

it just a story and I’m not judging between homeless person and hipster. Just a lot of 9gaggers and Memecenter teased a lot with people like this but I think they are really cool. and they’re smart in my opinion. just a lack of fashion sense. I must say at some point, I’m them. :P


Taeyeon held her coal pencil and slowly tracing back everything she sees in this underground train. She looks up and down several times. She closes one of her eyes and thumb up to see the perspective she wanted to. She traced once she got a better picture in her mind. She draws it carefully. She bit her lower lip when she has the full concentrate on her canvas, a set of the mind.

She reaches another color coal. Blue, yellow, and chocolate for coat to describe the people are wearing right now. She added a bit of white and red stripes line on the canvas to represent the train that people were waiting for. She takes another last piece of coal to make a shade behind the train and a bit of shadow of people.

She always has been there every day, every morning and evening. Her canvas will sell to a company like a thousand or two dollars for a piece. This is what Taeyeon do for living. Although she can do anywhere or just simply bring back her imagination to her house, she loves to wait and see people around. Nobody ever asked her for painting, that’s what makes Taeyeon wonder why. She loves to share what was in her mind but apparently, no one comes near her.

Apart from that, she loves to sit there. Taeyeon sits on the very specific spot where a sound can be reflect to her back. A lot of secrets she had captured. Sometimes like a nervous man practicing on how to ask his girlfriend to marry him, and sometimes like a dark secret where a man was drunk and blabbered about his cheating wife.

It was past an hour, Taeyeon do the last touch when suddenly a strong scent made her sneeze. She rubs her nose. “Oh no,” she said when she realize she mess up her canvas. She tries to cover it up with more color. Luckily, that fast think of her saved her piece. She smiles. “I thought that I mess you up,” as she blows just to feel the perfectness of her art.

“No way!”

A sudden shouted voice makes Taeyeon and other people look at her and her friend. “Sorry!” she shouted once again. “You are embarrassing!” Taeyeon heard her friend hissed. She shook her head. “Okay, time to go to your new owner,” she said to her canvas. She put down the canvas beside her and get down the tool, everything.

“Oh my gosh,”

As Taeyeon turns around, she found a lady and her friend staring at her canvas. The one who Taeyeon heard shouted voice. “This is beautiful,” she said as she looks at Taeyeon. Her eyes just turn into a perfect crescent shape and Taeyeon thought she has never seen before. “Can I buy this from you?” she asked Taeyeon. Taeyeon blinks her eyes. Looking at the clueless Taeyeon, she chuckled. “I’m sorry. I ask you again then. Can I buy this from you Miss?” she repeats her question.

“…I’m sorry. Someone just bought this before you,” Taeyeon answered honestly. “Aww..too bad, I like this charcoal painting already,” she gives her frown look at her friend. Somehow, that frown urging Taeyeon to do something.

“But if you want too, I will give you another one tomorrow. Better one. If you don’t mind,” Taeyeon’s answer makes her and her friend turn back to her. She released another reverse moon crescent eyes.

“Really?” she was surprised by Taeyeon’s offer. Taeyeon replies with nod. “Jessie, can I stay for one night? Just one more for this charcoal painting,” she begged her friend. She looks at Taeyeon. Taeyeon responds with awkward smile.

“Fine, just one more night,”


She turns her head to Taeyeon. “So I’ll be right here in the same time as right now. 5:50,” she said. “Okay. I’ll wait here,” Taeyeon assured her.

“Right. See you tomorrow then. Goodbye,” as she cling her arm with her friend she called Jessie and turn.

 Taeyeon sits on the very specific spot where a sound can be reflect to her back. A lot of secrets she had captured. Sometimes like a nervous man practicing how to ask his girlfriend to marry him, and sometimes like a dark secret where a man was drunk and blabbered about his cheating wife. This is the moment where she accidentally heard what both of them talk about her.

“Are you sure you want to wait for that painting from a homeless person?”

“Why not? That was better than what I saw in the gallery you brought me to. That art of her was clearly much better. She put her heart into it,” she’s backing Taeyeon up. 

“And also much cheaper,”

The second last sentences from make Taeyeon stunned. She’s being a homeless person and saying her art a lot cheaper made her jaw drop. She sold her piece of her art like thousands per piece actually.

After that, a train comes. She and her friend took that train. She managed to wave her hand to Taeyeon before the train goes forward and disappeared.

“A homeless person?” Taeyeon look at what she wore.

“What is homeless person with this coat? This is expensive okay,” she puckered her lips.

“Is this because of this scarf? Or this thing in my head? Or my hair?” she looks at her every part. Suddenly vibrates from her pocket pants.

 “Uh-oh, I’m getting late,” she put up everything in once and carefully lifted up her canvas. 


“Coming through,” she said as she entered an art gallery. “I’m sorry Sooyoung, I just got caught up. For the first time, someone ask for my coal painting personally,”

“Oh God Taeng, you look like a hobo,”


“Take a look at yourself in the glass,” Sooyoung turns her around to the tinted glass. She can see herself clearly.

“Omo, when did I get this?” she rubs her nose. Suddenly she remembered what happened.

“So that’s why she thought I’m a homeless person then,” she murmured.

“I’ll take it from here. You can go home. Don’t forget to take your dog,”


“I’m serious. Last time I checked, he almost didn’t recognized you. Because you are always with the painting lately,”

“Okay, okay. I picked him up. Thanks Sooyoung,” she gives her wide dork smile. Sooyoung shook her head after Taeyeon disappeared from her sight.

 On the way, she still thinking about the girl who mistaken her as homeless person. She smile when she remembered the girl’s eyes.

“Wait,” she stopped after that.

She runs back to the store and search for Sooyoung. “Sooyoung, can I take that painting back!?”

“What the–” Sooyoung still holding the painting Taeyeon did. Taeyeon grabbed it.

“Hey! you sold that to me!” Sooyoung said.

“Sorry! I just need this one. I promise you that I’ll give you another one. Three days top,” as she already pushing the door using her back.

“You promise!” Sooyoung shouted since Taeyeon had go out from her store.

“I promise!” Taeyeon bid a goodbye after.

——The End——

Yup. I stop it right here. :P