TaeNy – Heart Racing

Taeyeon wakes up early knowing herself in a bed with the woman she loves. Every time when she looks at this woman, her heart never fail to skip a beat.

But she can’t do this. Or else she might do something that makes this woman to distance herself. She always reminded herself that this woman she loves has someone else. Like it or not, the woman she loves had pick the guy and she was coward to do anything about it. She slowly moving herself from the bed. She wears her Cardigan and opened the door.


Taeyeon was too late. She sighed. She put a smile and turn around. “Aish. I thought that you are dead sleep, Fany-ah. I was about to leave this place and decide to give you a message,” she said.

“Don’t go..” she said.

“Just don’t go yet, Tae.  Just lay beside me,” she added.

Taeyeon close the door. She walks to the bed and sit at the edge.

“I slept with you through the night. Isn’t it good enough?” Taeyeon asks without actually wanted to hear the answer.

“No. Not good enough,” Tiffany says as she moves to Taeyeon’s spot only to cling up to her.

“You’re quite a hugger that night. I can’t even breath,”

“There is no word hugger,” she said.

“I know you know what I meant, Fany-ah,” Taeyeon chuckled.

“Yeah.. probably.  Just.. stay with me for another night,’

“Another night? but that would be mean–,” Taeyeon look at her. widened her eyes.

“Fany-ah. It’s only 3 months. You already broke it off?’

“Not my fault,”

“i thought you said that you’re just having a fight,”

“A fight that let me realized some things,”

“What things?” Taeyeon raises one of her eyebrows.

“That I’m sure I can get you to stay with me,”

“What do you mean?”

“You love me,”

Taeyeon can feel her heart like going to racing pace.

Tiffany bolt herself and that makes her bounce a little on the bed. Tiffany look at her with the common thing that makes Taeyeon’s heart racing every time she sees her close. Her smile. Her crescent shape eyes smile.

“I never serious with those guys Tae,” Tiffany said.

“Wha- what are you talking about Fany-ah,” Taeyeon turn her face. Her cheeks were red.

Tiffany tilt her head to search for Taeyeon face. She thought that sight was cute.

She bit her lips. “I said, I never serious with those guys. That’s why you never see me cry over those guys because I’m sure that you will be with me after,”

Taeyeon finally turns her head to Tiffany.

“I have to let myself for the third time to assured, who is for me,”

“You mean, all those guys were just to test me what I will react?”

Tiffany hit her shoulder. “Aww! What is that for?”


“What do you mean?” Taeyeon frowned. Tiffany only bit her lips once more and smile after.

“I’m hungry. Shall we grab some breakfast?”

Tiffany rolled off from the bed, head to the door and close it, without waiting Taeyeon’s answer. All the time Taeyeon’s eyes were on Tiffany.

“Was that mean..her heart is racing like mine too? every time she look at me?” She murmured.

“Yah Fany-ah! you need to explain it to me! I’m confused!” Taeyeon run into the door.


A.N= yup.. indeed confuse. a random shot of me.


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A simple girl who runs blog about what's in mind, and try to convey with stories. :)

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