TaeNy – My Strength

Taeyeon is doing her job as a regular police traffic. Taking a note, checking the road and give a sue letter to anybody who broke the rule. She looks carefully to any suspicious behavior like if someone parked at the occupied place. Taeyeeon look at the opposite of road and sees a struggling woman with her big purse. She sees the car, parking at the hydrant.  Looking concern to what ever happen to that woman, Taeyeon walks, crossing the road to get a talk with her.


The woman lift up her face and sees Taeyeon in the police traffic suit. She half opened her mouth in surprised. Taeyeon is awed how pretty that sight was. Her lips was on the place, her messy bang just make her eyes looks big and the long hair falls perfectly beside her shoulder.

So pretty. So.. milky-white skin. she thought.

“umm.. Is there anything wrong, Miss? What ever it is, this is not my car. It’s the truth,” she pointed to the car in front. And she’s back on the searching in her big purse.

“No no. I was just looking around and I see you’re struggling with your bag,”

The woman sighed and look up. “Why must now..” she murmured.

“What did you try to get anyway Miss?” Taeyeon asked.

“My purse. I swear it was here when I– God! I’m such an idiot. Thanks Miss!” as she rushing back to the building behind.

“I didn’t–” Taeyeon doesn’t get to say that she didn’t help. Taeyeon look at her right and let before she wanted to crossing the road again. On her way she tries to cross the road, someone hardly brush her shoulder to enter the same building that the woman entered.

“Yah!” Taeyeon rub her shoulder.

Taeyeon cross the road again and wait there to find an offender.

noticed a suspicious guy walk over and entered a bank nearby. She called some guy that she know in police department to checked on. Before she can even warned everybody to execute, the bank explode and she was flying away with the woman. Taeyeon twisted her shoulder while the woman she met injured on the head.

After two days, Taeyeon woke up with Sunny and Yuri beside her. She asked what time is it. Put a joke like what year. Sunny and Yuri hugged her for being saved. She spend the night at the hospital. She asked about the girl, named Miyoung at the counter. The nurse showed the way. but she look at the girl far away, feeling sorry because if only she did not stop her right in front of the bank.

The day she can back home, she made a little visit. Miyoung recognise her. but she doesn’t recognized everybody there. The doctor explained the medical condition and Taeyeon said she had nothing to do with explosion. Taeyeon had to meet several police. Luckily, Sooyoung, Sunny and Yuri was there to help her. Taeyeon still under police’s sight . Taeyeon again visited Miyoung. She sees a guy in there and just told that he was Miyoung fiance.

“We always call her Tiffany.” her mother stated. taeyeon a bit disappointed but seeing Miyoung is a bit uncomfortable thinks that maybe something were off back then. She think she had a chance to make Tiffany notice her.

The day where Tiffany wanted to go home, she met jessica. Taeyeon was there to witness how close they were. Jessica told everything about Tiffany. Listening to it, Taeyeon triggered more in love with this American girl. she prove it by try to change her course of work. During the interview, she nailed everything. someone asked her what changed her mind. and she simply say Miyoung.

Sunny, Yuri talked about the possibilities.

“she may not yours in the future,”

but Taeyeon wanted to try. Sooyoung talk about that over again.

“Long time ago. I never wanted to fight what I wanted. but now I had the chance to do so. even if not because of this woman, one day, I will be still thankful for her because she made her realize something,” Taeyeon said.

Taeyeon take a job being a consultant for the police. She takes questions and determine herself to do her best. Taeyeon had Miyoung around because of Sunny and Jessica was a good friend in high school.  Sooyoung and Yuri tagged along.

Not long enough, Tiffany regain her memories. She was having a fever and her parents bought her to the hospital. She remember what happen. She thanks Taeyeon for saving her life. Taeyeon said if she saving her she probably don’t loose her mind that day. Then, Tiffany’s fiance come over. She wanted to talk about he did, taking advantage at her pre-concious.

Taeyeon felt heavy heart to leave her alone with that guy. Sunny secretly told Jessica about Taeyeon liking at Miyoung. Jessica finally revealed a secret. “Miyoung fiance broke her up a month before the explosion,”

jessica did tell him the possibilities that Miyoung might remember after this but he said give him another chance since she doesn’t response to hate on him.

Jessica never thought that he will come back for real until the day that Miyoung gonna discharged from hospital. She shocked too but the guy said he will treat her better.

then after a long conversation, the guy out and tiffany hugged him. sunny jessica and taeyeon look at the sight. taeyeon excuse herself. she try to take pieces. hold herself up. should i continue where i left off? she thought of herself.

the next day she receive a ltter from police department. she got a job for being consultant. she told yuri sooyoung sunny about it. that night, she throw a party. jessica and tiffany tagged along. taeyeon didnt say about not inviting. taeyeon look cutely stupid when she don’t know what to do. tiffany unleashed her giggle every time she sees Taeyeon does things.

the party slow down at 1 a.m taeyeon says that they can sleep over here. taeyeon goes to the balcony and catch up some air. tiffany stay beside her. tiffany heard the rumor that taeyeon got the job because someone encourage her. taeyeon nodded.

tiffany say who was. taeyeon look  away. tiffany sense that someone was her. taeyeon look at her and smile. “yes indeed.”

tiffany says she grateful to hear that and says something about  what she did that makes taeyeon want to do this. taeyeon just shrugged away.

“i dont know either. when i found you that day, i never felt this way. i never felt how to fall in love. but that day my heart burst out and i just think that you are the one,” taeyeon stopped.

looking at tiff smiling. feel flattered. then tiffany kissed her. “do your best kim taeyeon. show that you are worth to be love by me,” taeyeon was shocked. she knew that tiffany walk away but her feet dont move from that spot.

three months in the police department, taeyeon shows off her skills to determine and being eye eagle to surrounding. she manages to spend time with her friends and her act as consultant solve many cases. taeyeon made a move but never tiffany reject it. and finally taeyeon asked to be her girfriend. tiffany accepted. asked what the next step. taeyeon promise to make her as fiance.

A:N = I’m lazy to spread and correct the vocabs and detail this. I am so full of laziness. >.<


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