TaeNy YoonSic – Forever

YoonA noticed her phone vibrate when she was watching television. There are unknown number flashing. She frowned at it first but then she decided to take it. She slide the green icon.


“Hey. It’s me. Taeyeon,”

YoonA bolt up and sit straightly after knowing who is calling her.

“H-hey. What’s up? It’s been awhile since you called in,” YoonA said.

“Are you good, Taeyeon- Unnie?” YoonA called her Taeyeon unnie since she is younger than Taeyeon.

“Never been better,” Taeyeon replied, biting her lips.

“Never been better?” YoonA chuckled by Taeyeon’s reply.

“Did anyone tell you this, Unnie? You are not very good liar. I even know you’re biting your lips,” YoonA added.

Taeyeon closes her eyes and sighed. She grabbed her phone tightly. She’s never good at lying. Never. And that’s why, YoonA can detect her easily. Sunny did tell her before.

“How’s Jessica?”

“Ermm.. Still locking herself in her bedroom, for today,”

“Did she eat well?”

“Yes. I did give her porridge and she ate it a lot,”

“Ah.. that’s a relief,” Taeyeon smile weakly. There was a pause that feels like minute for Taeyeon. She wanted to know about her, but she needs to know about it after YoonA gives a hint that she has forgot her.

“Taeyeon unnie, can I ask you a question?”

Taeyeon leans on her chair to make her comfortable although the question might not the good one. “Sure. You can, YoonA. I just wanted to call you because.. I want to know how’s she doing,”

YoonA smiled at the thoughts. Taeyeon can never forget her ex, or she should call Jessica as Taeyeon’s special ex-girlfriend. This person who YoonA doesn’t know how to describe it. She never get jealous or anything because Jessica made it clearly that she wanted her. And she also said that Jessica is the only woman she wanted. YoonA back to the conversation in phone.

“When are you gonna meet her?” YoonA finally ask the question. Taeyeon feels half of her relieved to YoonA question. But her another half of her is like begging that YoonA never uttered that question.

“Did she forget all bout me?”

“Not in totally. Oh. I showed her the necklace you’ve been gave to her for her birthday. She doesn’t remember that,”

“I see.. Apart from that, did she mention anything?”

“Like what?” YoonA asked her back.

“Probably she remembered about breaking up with me?”

“No. Nothing like that,” YoonA answered.

“…I have to go first. If anything does happen, don’t forget to tell me okay, YoonA?”

“Sure. I’m glad that you call. Even though it’s about Jessica unnie,” YoonA chuckled.

“I’m sorry. I’ll make it up to you. I’m so glad that you are taking care of her. I’m such a loser,”

“No. don’t say that, unnie,”

“If only I had known Yoong. I’m so glad that she found you. I can’t thank you enough,”

“It’s just a small matter. At least we’re good now, right?”


“Okay then. Like you said unnie. You have to go so..Goodbye. Promise that you’ll make it up for me,”


“Make it up to Jessica unnie too,” YoonA said before Taeyeon could say the word.

“I promise to you only,”

“Yes, you are. But basically Jessica unnie is my girlfriend, therefore, she is too,” YoonA make a point.

“O-okay, sure.. I will make it up for both of you,”

YoonA look at her phone’s screen and press the red button. She sighed and turn her face to the bedroom where Jessica, her girlfriend is sleeping.


“YoonA! Stop it!” Jessica warned her. She can’t contain her laugh after the younger girl tickled her.

“Not until you said sorry for that word again!” YoonA start to tickles her again.

“I can’t breath properly so how can I say sorry!” Jessica try to defense herself in YoonA’s tickles attack.

“Okay. I’ll stop in 3. 2. 1..” YoonA stop tickling her.

“I–I-I’m sorry,” Said Jessica in heavy breath after giving all the energy to defense YoonA’s attack.

“Good,” YoonA says.

Jessica gives a grin smile. “I’m sorry that I won’t stop saying the words again!”

“What!? Oh no you didn’t!” YoonA start to attack her once more. But not with tickles, instead she grabs both of Jessica’s hands and pin her up to the couch they were sitting to watch the movie earlier before Jessica gets the idea to call her names.

“What are you doing?”

“Something that you already know. They always show this on television,” YoonA sheepishly smile to Jessica.

Jessica can’t help but chuckled to that statement. “But this position..Should I be the one on top?”

“Nope. it should be me because I’m in control,”

“Hey. I’m older than you,” Jessica pouted.

“Older doesn’t make someone in control,” she smile again to Jessica.

“Then YoonA, what is your wish?” Jessica purposely bitten her lower lip.

“I want to take a bite. Every part of your body,” YoonA smirked.

A:N = just a random shot, I don’t know what i’m thinking. lols.. -..-


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