TaeNy – Remind me.

Taeyeon raises her eyebrows.

“Yes!” Tiffany told her. Taeyeon still blurred.

“Its a yes!” Tiffany hugged her.

“You do?” Taeyeon asked.

“Of course Tae. Of course,” Tiffany tighten her hug on Taeyeon.

“Yes! She said yes!!” Finally registered in her mind.


5 years later.

“I said I want to eat Korean beef!”

“But Fany-ah, there is no market opened at this hour. Can I just buy it tomorrow?”

Tiffany cried instantly when Taeyeon just disobeyed her. Taeyeon rubbed her temple. She look at the clock. Another two hours before the markets open. She gets off from the bed.

“Whenever I’m mad at you, all you did is sleep on the couch. You never try to coax me,” Tiffany wipes her tears. She lying on the bed and give her back view to Taeyeon. Taeyeon wear her Cardigan. She takes her car keys and let Tiffany calmed herself down.

Taeyeon click the button and her car immidietly opened. She starts the engine and only think of one place that she can take Korean beef at this hour.


Ding dong~

Taeyeon press the doorbell again until someone open the door.

“Taetae? What are you doing here? Its only 3:30. In the morning,” Mrs. Kim yawned.

“I’m sorry mom but…your daughter in-law. She’s craving for..Korean Beef,” Taeyeon sheepishly smile at her mom. Then her father showed beside her mother.

“Oh dear. we just had the one with bones. Is it okay?”

“Its okay. As long as it stop her from crying right now,”

“You left her crying? That’s not good,” her father interrupt.

“Let me wrapped up for you dear. Come in first,” Mrs.Kim invite Taeyeon.

“So how’s my daughter in law?”

“Rather than craving for Korean beef, everything is alright dad,”

“I told you to pick up man,” her father said after giggled at Taeyeon’s troubled.

“I’m happy with her dad. No need to remind me about my choice, ok?”

“Whatever. But if you’re the one who carried it, I’m sure that your husband doesnt need to be come here late in the morning,” Mr.Kim added.

Taeyeon shook her head. She knew her parents wanted son in law. But what she can do when she felt it on Tiffany more. Not at random woman but only to Tiffany.

“Here you go. You can make soup from it, do I need to remind you how to make soup?”

“Thanks mom. Its okay. I remember how. I’m sorry for troubled you late in the morning,”

“No worries. You know. Actually, your father had did the same when I was carrying you,”

“No need to remind me that, Tae’s mother,”

“Ah. So even if I married a guy, he would do the same. My mother’s gene is inside my body,”

Mr. and Mrs.Kim laughed at her daughter. Even she an adult and married for five years now, there is still a little kid inside their daughter.

“Now go back to your home. Pity my daughter in law. She must be worried when you’re not there,”

“She must be asleep right now. Thanks for helping your daughter,”
Taeyeon hugged her parents before gets out hurrily.



Tiffany hear a voice.

“Wake up. I brought you Korean beef. And I made you soup. Open your eyes please,”

Tiffany rubbed her eyes. Taeyeon help her gets up. Tiffany saw a bowl of rice and still heated soup. Taeyeon gave her the spoon. Tiffany scoop the rice and soak it in the Korean beef soup.

“I’m sorry. About you say, I don’t know how to coax you. I’ll try to be better okay?”

But Tiffany still with eating. More faster and faster.

Taeyeon look amused. “Yah. Eat slowly. There is more in the kitchen,”

“I can’t. You made a great soup Tae. And your twins inside my belly are so hungry,”

Taeyeon laughed. She remembered how nervous Tiffany was when putting her eggs and pair it with the selected sperm they choose. It was a big step for both of these women.

“My twins, omma apologise. Alright? I promise to both of you that I will love you as much as I love your mommy,” Taeyeon rubbed Tiffany’s 5 months pregnant belly.

“Yah. As much you love me? You’re gonna love the twins as much you love me?”

“Is it wrong?” Taeyeon asked.

“Nothing. I carried yours so I think I need it more of your love. Not to  equal with,”

“Yah, you jealous with my twins,”

“Well… I’m your wife,”

Taeyeon laughed again. When she look at Tiffany, she stop eating, left the remain in her mouth, making it look pout. Taeyeon kissed her anyway. Tiffany chew slowly the remain in her mouth.

“Although I said I love you as much as the twins, there are something we both can’t share with them so the love can be more than the twins afterall ,”

“like what?”

“…You can give the twins directly your milk while I can’t,”

She swallowed. “What?”

“When I give some love to the twins, you will get more love than the twins can get,” Taeyeon bit her lips.

“……Oh my god. Tae!” She hit Taeyeon repeatedly.  Taeyeon only laugh away.

“GOD. Remind me why I ask that question,” Tiffany cover her face.

“Because you’re jealous,”

“I’m not asking Tae,” Tiffany glared at her wife.

“I know. I’m just kidding,”

Then Taeyeon hugged her wife from the back. “Thank you for this Fany-ah. I love you very very much,” she kissed Tiffanys’ cheek.

“You’re welcome. And I’m sorry though. My craving at it worst,”

“Don’t mention it,”

“Next time, I will cook for you okay?”

“And next time you will let me carried the baby in my belly okay?”

“Excuse me?! The twins aren’t good enough?”

“They said the more, the merrier,” Taeyeon stick her tongue out.

“Oh god why. Remind me please, why I said yes to you,”

“I dont know either. It just do right?”

“Its not a–..”

“A question. I know,” Taeyeon smiled.

“Now eat. I can take more if you want,”

Tiffany shook her head looking at her cute yet a dork wife. She continued what she left.


SeoTaeNy – Take it in your way

Taeyeon burst her laugh when Seohyun told her. “Ah Unnie! I’m serious! He wanted to come here!”

Taeyeon wipe the laugh tears. “I know you are serious. But I can’t stand to see how paranoid you are because he wanted to come here,” said Taeyeon. Seohyun whine and frowned. She looks down and fidgeting with her fingers.

Taeyeon smiled to see the maknae, the last member who always act tough is now nervous to face the situation. “Hey,” Taeyeon lift Seohyun’s face by the chin.

“It’s okay to be nervous but nervous like this much, you will get yourself no one,”

Seohyun raises her eyebrows. “You talking by your own experience unnie?”

Taeyeon smiled. “Yes I am. You know? I am so nervous that I can act normal in front the person I fell in love with. In return, I never get for myself  someone till now. Not even her,” Taeyeon mumbled at the last word. But Seohyun heard that last word.

“Her? the person you love–..” Seohyun try to registered what Taeyeon said earlier.

“Good evening! Oh hey! My Seobaby is here!” Tiffany said it in English. Her eyes appeared in the crescent shape. “Fany unnie, finally you are here!” Seohyun said as she stand and hug the shorter lady.

“Whoa. I never see you hug your sisters like this!” She chuckled. The hug Seohyun made still she didnt release it. Tiffany looked at Taeyeon over Seohyun’s shoulder. She gives the curious face to Taeyeon.

Taeyeon makes with her hands a figure of a man. She shows the love shape to Tiffany and arrow it to Seohyun. Tiffany can’t help but smile the way Taeyeon make the arrow to Seohyun.

Finally Seohyun release the hug. “So..what happen?” Tiffany asked as she doesnt know what happen to her. “You hug me like that so there must be something happen,”

Taeyeon steps forward and put her arms around Seohyun.  Makes sure Seohyun doesnt afraid to tell Tiffany about her problems.

“There is..this one guy,” Seohyun started. Seohyun tells Tiffany from A to Z about the guy who to extend wanted to come meet her in the dorm.

“I gave this address to him. Because I want to scare him. Try to dare him to come to the house. But turns out he agreed!”

Tiffany look at Taeyeon. They telepathically told each other in mind before giving one or two words.

“Taeyeon and I think…. you have to take it in your way,”

“I don’t understand, unnie,”

Taeyeon smiled again. “What is your Fany omma says is that if you like this guy the way he likes you, then why not? Bring him in. Introduce him to us, and to your parents,” she said.

“But if you think that you wanted to stay single then you shall tell him the truth. Hence, take it in your way. Which mean you decide it yourself or tell him what other ways he can take you,” Taeyeon added.

Seohyun paused before she saying. “I like him unnie but as you know me, I want to further my studies. I want to do more than what I have right now. He must know what my priority first,” Seohyun said.

“Say that to him like you said to us,” Tiffany pats her shoulder.

Seohyun look at both Taeyeon and Tiffany. “Thanks unnie. For your help,”

“Sure. But more to her though. Fany omma knows how to ease your mind,” said Taeyeon.

“Taeyeon appa does too,” added Seohyun innocently.

“Taeyeon appa? No no no. Taeyeon unnie,”

“Unnie. You need to be equal. If Fany unnie is a mom, then you should too. Ah! Taeyeon Mommy. You are Taeyeon Mommy and Fany is Fany Omma,”

“Yah. Shouldnt it Taeyeon Omma and I am Mommy?” Tiffany interrupt.

They paused. And then, Taeyeon laugh made them both laugh too.

“Wow. Taeyeon omma always know how to make us laugh,” Tiffany joked.

“It just the natural habit of mine. My daughter, Seo Juhyun. Dont be so nervous okay? Just take it in your way,”

“If he still wanted you even after what you say, then he’s the one for you,” Added Tiffany.

“I will do what you both say to me. Thanks again you two,”

“You’re welcome. How about stay with us tonight? It almost time for dinner,”

“We have spare clothes so you don’t need to worry about stay for tonight, ”

“..Sure unnie. I tell my friend that I’m staying for tonight,”

“Then let get started!” Tiffany claps and stand to go to kitchen.

“Take a shower in my bedroom. I need to help Fany Mommy,” she giggled.

“Alright Taeyeon Omma,” Seohyun replied. When she reached Taeyeon’s bedroom, finally her head registered who is ‘she’ that Taeyeon was mumbled.

She glanced what is going on in the kitchen. She saw Taeyeon eyes never failed to follow where ever the other girl steps into. Seohyun smile when she remember the advice Taeyeon gave her.

“You help me and I’ll help you back Taeyeon unnie,”


A/N : Just random shot that I have after trying to make fanart of TaeNy protect Seobaby from men idol and actors. Trying make a fanart. Which mean, my fanart isnt finish but this is what i did instead. Lol.

YulSic – On these little things

Jessica rubs eyes and the sun slowly arise, hitting her face. She opens up her eyes and sees the empty bed on her left. She pouted and sigh. And then she smiled. “Yuri-ah,” she said. She never tired to say that every time she woke up. She inhales and off from her bed, wearing the simple sandals. She take a look on her right. Towel, simple t-shirt and long sweat pants hanging neatly. “Thanks,” she said. She took the towel and enters the bathroom.

She goes out while dry her hair with the towel provide. Jessica reaches the knob. She turns it clockwise slowly. Opened and tiply toe out from the bedroom. Her nose smells something nice while she tip toe-ing.

“Coffe and french toast today,” she shouted to Jessica.

Jessica pouted. Her plan didn’t work out. “How do you know that I’m out?” She place herself to the dine table.

“Sica, sit properly on the chair, not on the table,”

“You are not answering my question. And wow. How do you know that I sit on he table without seeing me,” as she takes some snack that already on the table while looking at Yuri, amused.

“Three years do the trick,” a simple, quick answer from Yuri.


“You said your girlfriend is lying? That’s not nice,” Yuri giggled. She turns around with a set of french toast breakfast.

“Here you go. Your french toast,” Yuri look at Jessica.

“What?” Yuri raises her eyebrows.

“You need to touch this,” said Jessica pointing to her lips.

“With your lips,” Jessica added.

“Yah. I’m stinky, sweat after jogged and cooked for you. Wait after I wash myself okay? And you need to get off from the table and sit in the chair like a normal person,” as Yuri ready to go to the bedroom.

“Lets..do thing differently,” as Jessica quick grabbed Yuri’s hand. She hop a little and touch the ground with her two feet.

“If we always do the same thing as we did three years ago..we’ll get boring with each other faster,” Jessica said as her hands slowly coming up from Yuri’s waist to snake it around her neck. Close the distance that visible.

“Can’t you smell?” Yuri smirked the way Jessica seducing her.

“I can only smell coffee and french toast,” she bring her lips close to Yuri’s neck.

Yuri giggled at the touch. “Stop.stop,” she pushed Jessica slowly. She smiles when she sees Jessica, pout, angry. Then Jessica pushes her. Yuri scoffs a little, seeing Jessica’s attitude. Jessica turns around and fold arms.

“I was trying to seduce you and what you did just laughed at me,” she sit on the chair and eat the french toast Yuri made.

Yuri shook her head slowly. She walk to Jessica and stood behind her. She hugs her but Jessica is still eating. Sulking because of what Yuri did earlier.

“And here you are. Eating the breakfast that I made for you,”

“Go away. You’re smelly,”

“Huh? A minute ago you said I’m not and now you take that back?”

“Correction. I said I can only smell french toast and coffee,”

Yuri was amused. She kissed Jessica’s head and let go of her hug. She move beside Jessica. Yuri kneel beside Jessica. Straight her arms on the table, tilting her head up to look at her.

“Hey,” Yuri called her.

Jessica raises her eyebrows while eating. Doesn’t look at Yuri.

“I rowve you,”

Jessica stopped eating and wide her eyes. Yuri gets up and kissed her cheeks. 

“I guess.. this count as totally different from any other of those three years after all?”

Yur walk towards their bedroom. She feels Jessicas’ eyes on her “But still though, I won’t do things with you before I get into shower,” she said. She turns the knob and let the door open.

Apparently Jessica was blushing madly after Yuri said ‘I love you’ to her in English. She covers her face and laughed a little.

“I rowve you. Pabo,” she bits her lips. These little things always made Jessica’s heart skip a beat.

She gets up from the chair and sees the door opened. “I can pretend shower again,” she bits her lips.





“Nothing! Give me some space! I’m coming! To shower with you!”