YulSic – On these little things

Jessica rubs eyes and the sun slowly arise, hitting her face. She opens up her eyes and sees the empty bed on her left. She pouted and sigh. And then she smiled. “Yuri-ah,” she said. She never tired to say that every time she woke up. She inhales and off from her bed, wearing the simple sandals. She take a look on her right. Towel, simple t-shirt and long sweat pants hanging neatly. “Thanks,” she said. She took the towel and enters the bathroom.

She goes out while dry her hair with the towel provide. Jessica reaches the knob. She turns it clockwise slowly. Opened and tiply toe out from the bedroom. Her nose smells something nice while she tip toe-ing.

“Coffe and french toast today,” she shouted to Jessica.

Jessica pouted. Her plan didn’t work out. “How do you know that I’m out?” She place herself to the dine table.

“Sica, sit properly on the chair, not on the table,”

“You are not answering my question. And wow. How do you know that I sit on he table without seeing me,” as she takes some snack that already on the table while looking at Yuri, amused.

“Three years do the trick,” a simple, quick answer from Yuri.


“You said your girlfriend is lying? That’s not nice,” Yuri giggled. She turns around with a set of french toast breakfast.

“Here you go. Your french toast,” Yuri look at Jessica.

“What?” Yuri raises her eyebrows.

“You need to touch this,” said Jessica pointing to her lips.

“With your lips,” Jessica added.

“Yah. I’m stinky, sweat after jogged and cooked for you. Wait after I wash myself okay? And you need to get off from the table and sit in the chair like a normal person,” as Yuri ready to go to the bedroom.

“Lets..do thing differently,” as Jessica quick grabbed Yuri’s hand. She hop a little and touch the ground with her two feet.

“If we always do the same thing as we did three years ago..we’ll get boring with each other faster,” Jessica said as her hands slowly coming up from Yuri’s waist to snake it around her neck. Close the distance that visible.

“Can’t you smell?” Yuri smirked the way Jessica seducing her.

“I can only smell coffee and french toast,” she bring her lips close to Yuri’s neck.

Yuri giggled at the touch. “Stop.stop,” she pushed Jessica slowly. She smiles when she sees Jessica, pout, angry. Then Jessica pushes her. Yuri scoffs a little, seeing Jessica’s attitude. Jessica turns around and fold arms.

“I was trying to seduce you and what you did just laughed at me,” she sit on the chair and eat the french toast Yuri made.

Yuri shook her head slowly. She walk to Jessica and stood behind her. She hugs her but Jessica is still eating. Sulking because of what Yuri did earlier.

“And here you are. Eating the breakfast that I made for you,”

“Go away. You’re smelly,”

“Huh? A minute ago you said I’m not and now you take that back?”

“Correction. I said I can only smell french toast and coffee,”

Yuri was amused. She kissed Jessica’s head and let go of her hug. She move beside Jessica. Yuri kneel beside Jessica. Straight her arms on the table, tilting her head up to look at her.

“Hey,” Yuri called her.

Jessica raises her eyebrows while eating. Doesn’t look at Yuri.

“I rowve you,”

Jessica stopped eating and wide her eyes. Yuri gets up and kissed her cheeks. 

“I guess.. this count as totally different from any other of those three years after all?”

Yur walk towards their bedroom. She feels Jessicas’ eyes on her “But still though, I won’t do things with you before I get into shower,” she said. She turns the knob and let the door open.

Apparently Jessica was blushing madly after Yuri said ‘I love you’ to her in English. She covers her face and laughed a little.

“I rowve you. Pabo,” she bits her lips. These little things always made Jessica’s heart skip a beat.

She gets up from the chair and sees the door opened. “I can pretend shower again,” she bits her lips.





“Nothing! Give me some space! I’m coming! To shower with you!”



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