SeoTaeNy – Take it in your way

Taeyeon burst her laugh when Seohyun told her. “Ah Unnie! I’m serious! He wanted to come here!”

Taeyeon wipe the laugh tears. “I know you are serious. But I can’t stand to see how paranoid you are because he wanted to come here,” said Taeyeon. Seohyun whine and frowned. She looks down and fidgeting with her fingers.

Taeyeon smiled to see the maknae, the last member who always act tough is now nervous to face the situation. “Hey,” Taeyeon lift Seohyun’s face by the chin.

“It’s okay to be nervous but nervous like this much, you will get yourself no one,”

Seohyun raises her eyebrows. “You talking by your own experience unnie?”

Taeyeon smiled. “Yes I am. You know? I am so nervous that I can act normal in front the person I fell in love with. In return, I never get for myself  someone till now. Not even her,” Taeyeon mumbled at the last word. But Seohyun heard that last word.

“Her? the person you love–..” Seohyun try to registered what Taeyeon said earlier.

“Good evening! Oh hey! My Seobaby is here!” Tiffany said it in English. Her eyes appeared in the crescent shape. “Fany unnie, finally you are here!” Seohyun said as she stand and hug the shorter lady.

“Whoa. I never see you hug your sisters like this!” She chuckled. The hug Seohyun made still she didnt release it. Tiffany looked at Taeyeon over Seohyun’s shoulder. She gives the curious face to Taeyeon.

Taeyeon makes with her hands a figure of a man. She shows the love shape to Tiffany and arrow it to Seohyun. Tiffany can’t help but smile the way Taeyeon make the arrow to Seohyun.

Finally Seohyun release the hug. “So..what happen?” Tiffany asked as she doesnt know what happen to her. “You hug me like that so there must be something happen,”

Taeyeon steps forward and put her arms around Seohyun.  Makes sure Seohyun doesnt afraid to tell Tiffany about her problems.

“There is..this one guy,” Seohyun started. Seohyun tells Tiffany from A to Z about the guy who to extend wanted to come meet her in the dorm.

“I gave this address to him. Because I want to scare him. Try to dare him to come to the house. But turns out he agreed!”

Tiffany look at Taeyeon. They telepathically told each other in mind before giving one or two words.

“Taeyeon and I think…. you have to take it in your way,”

“I don’t understand, unnie,”

Taeyeon smiled again. “What is your Fany omma says is that if you like this guy the way he likes you, then why not? Bring him in. Introduce him to us, and to your parents,” she said.

“But if you think that you wanted to stay single then you shall tell him the truth. Hence, take it in your way. Which mean you decide it yourself or tell him what other ways he can take you,” Taeyeon added.

Seohyun paused before she saying. “I like him unnie but as you know me, I want to further my studies. I want to do more than what I have right now. He must know what my priority first,” Seohyun said.

“Say that to him like you said to us,” Tiffany pats her shoulder.

Seohyun look at both Taeyeon and Tiffany. “Thanks unnie. For your help,”

“Sure. But more to her though. Fany omma knows how to ease your mind,” said Taeyeon.

“Taeyeon appa does too,” added Seohyun innocently.

“Taeyeon appa? No no no. Taeyeon unnie,”

“Unnie. You need to be equal. If Fany unnie is a mom, then you should too. Ah! Taeyeon Mommy. You are Taeyeon Mommy and Fany is Fany Omma,”

“Yah. Shouldnt it Taeyeon Omma and I am Mommy?” Tiffany interrupt.

They paused. And then, Taeyeon laugh made them both laugh too.

“Wow. Taeyeon omma always know how to make us laugh,” Tiffany joked.

“It just the natural habit of mine. My daughter, Seo Juhyun. Dont be so nervous okay? Just take it in your way,”

“If he still wanted you even after what you say, then he’s the one for you,” Added Tiffany.

“I will do what you both say to me. Thanks again you two,”

“You’re welcome. How about stay with us tonight? It almost time for dinner,”

“We have spare clothes so you don’t need to worry about stay for tonight, ”

“..Sure unnie. I tell my friend that I’m staying for tonight,”

“Then let get started!” Tiffany claps and stand to go to kitchen.

“Take a shower in my bedroom. I need to help Fany Mommy,” she giggled.

“Alright Taeyeon Omma,” Seohyun replied. When she reached Taeyeon’s bedroom, finally her head registered who is ‘she’ that Taeyeon was mumbled.

She glanced what is going on in the kitchen. She saw Taeyeon eyes never failed to follow where ever the other girl steps into. Seohyun smile when she remember the advice Taeyeon gave her.

“You help me and I’ll help you back Taeyeon unnie,”


A/N : Just random shot that I have after trying to make fanart of TaeNy protect Seobaby from men idol and actors. Trying make a fanart. Which mean, my fanart isnt finish but this is what i did instead. Lol.


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