TaeNy – Remind me.

Taeyeon raises her eyebrows.

“Yes!” Tiffany told her. Taeyeon still blurred.

“Its a yes!” Tiffany hugged her.

“You do?” Taeyeon asked.

“Of course Tae. Of course,” Tiffany tighten her hug on Taeyeon.

“Yes! She said yes!!” Finally registered in her mind.


5 years later.

“I said I want to eat Korean beef!”

“But Fany-ah, there is no market opened at this hour. Can I just buy it tomorrow?”

Tiffany cried instantly when Taeyeon just disobeyed her. Taeyeon rubbed her temple. She look at the clock. Another two hours before the markets open. She gets off from the bed.

“Whenever I’m mad at you, all you did is sleep on the couch. You never try to coax me,” Tiffany wipes her tears. She lying on the bed and give her back view to Taeyeon. Taeyeon wear her Cardigan. She takes her car keys and let Tiffany calmed herself down.

Taeyeon click the button and her car immidietly opened. She starts the engine and only think of one place that she can take Korean beef at this hour.


Ding dong~

Taeyeon press the doorbell again until someone open the door.

“Taetae? What are you doing here? Its only 3:30. In the morning,” Mrs. Kim yawned.

“I’m sorry mom but…your daughter in-law. She’s craving for..Korean Beef,” Taeyeon sheepishly smile at her mom. Then her father showed beside her mother.

“Oh dear. we just had the one with bones. Is it okay?”

“Its okay. As long as it stop her from crying right now,”

“You left her crying? That’s not good,” her father interrupt.

“Let me wrapped up for you dear. Come in first,” Mrs.Kim invite Taeyeon.

“So how’s my daughter in law?”

“Rather than craving for Korean beef, everything is alright dad,”

“I told you to pick up man,” her father said after giggled at Taeyeon’s troubled.

“I’m happy with her dad. No need to remind me about my choice, ok?”

“Whatever. But if you’re the one who carried it, I’m sure that your husband doesnt need to be come here late in the morning,” Mr.Kim added.

Taeyeon shook her head. She knew her parents wanted son in law. But what she can do when she felt it on Tiffany more. Not at random woman but only to Tiffany.

“Here you go. You can make soup from it, do I need to remind you how to make soup?”

“Thanks mom. Its okay. I remember how. I’m sorry for troubled you late in the morning,”

“No worries. You know. Actually, your father had did the same when I was carrying you,”

“No need to remind me that, Tae’s mother,”

“Ah. So even if I married a guy, he would do the same. My mother’s gene is inside my body,”

Mr. and Mrs.Kim laughed at her daughter. Even she an adult and married for five years now, there is still a little kid inside their daughter.

“Now go back to your home. Pity my daughter in law. She must be worried when you’re not there,”

“She must be asleep right now. Thanks for helping your daughter,”
Taeyeon hugged her parents before gets out hurrily.



Tiffany hear a voice.

“Wake up. I brought you Korean beef. And I made you soup. Open your eyes please,”

Tiffany rubbed her eyes. Taeyeon help her gets up. Tiffany saw a bowl of rice and still heated soup. Taeyeon gave her the spoon. Tiffany scoop the rice and soak it in the Korean beef soup.

“I’m sorry. About you say, I don’t know how to coax you. I’ll try to be better okay?”

But Tiffany still with eating. More faster and faster.

Taeyeon look amused. “Yah. Eat slowly. There is more in the kitchen,”

“I can’t. You made a great soup Tae. And your twins inside my belly are so hungry,”

Taeyeon laughed. She remembered how nervous Tiffany was when putting her eggs and pair it with the selected sperm they choose. It was a big step for both of these women.

“My twins, omma apologise. Alright? I promise to both of you that I will love you as much as I love your mommy,” Taeyeon rubbed Tiffany’s 5 months pregnant belly.

“Yah. As much you love me? You’re gonna love the twins as much you love me?”

“Is it wrong?” Taeyeon asked.

“Nothing. I carried yours so I think I need it more of your love. Not to  equal with,”

“Yah, you jealous with my twins,”

“Well… I’m your wife,”

Taeyeon laughed again. When she look at Tiffany, she stop eating, left the remain in her mouth, making it look pout. Taeyeon kissed her anyway. Tiffany chew slowly the remain in her mouth.

“Although I said I love you as much as the twins, there are something we both can’t share with them so the love can be more than the twins afterall ,”

“like what?”

“…You can give the twins directly your milk while I can’t,”

She swallowed. “What?”

“When I give some love to the twins, you will get more love than the twins can get,” Taeyeon bit her lips.

“……Oh my god. Tae!” She hit Taeyeon repeatedly.  Taeyeon only laugh away.

“GOD. Remind me why I ask that question,” Tiffany cover her face.

“Because you’re jealous,”

“I’m not asking Tae,” Tiffany glared at her wife.

“I know. I’m just kidding,”

Then Taeyeon hugged her wife from the back. “Thank you for this Fany-ah. I love you very very much,” she kissed Tiffanys’ cheek.

“You’re welcome. And I’m sorry though. My craving at it worst,”

“Don’t mention it,”

“Next time, I will cook for you okay?”

“And next time you will let me carried the baby in my belly okay?”

“Excuse me?! The twins aren’t good enough?”

“They said the more, the merrier,” Taeyeon stick her tongue out.

“Oh god why. Remind me please, why I said yes to you,”

“I dont know either. It just do right?”

“Its not a–..”

“A question. I know,” Taeyeon smiled.

“Now eat. I can take more if you want,”

Tiffany shook her head looking at her cute yet a dork wife. She continued what she left.


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