TiffBora – Likely To Be

TiffBora – Likely To Be


Girl group named Sistar finally came out with a new single and get interview by SBS production. Hyolyn, Dasom, Bora and Soyou were brought to dinner as they requested it to the MC who was in charge during the show.

There were questions predictable and Sistars’ members didn’t fail to give the MC, answers. The MC asked a question that commonly be questioned by every single group that they had interviewed so far.

“If you were happened to have a next life, would you rather to be in girl group or boy group?”

Hyolyn immediately said they wanted to be the boy group because they would be love more by various fans than what they have right now. The MC lady joked that Sistars’ leader is a bit greedy. Hyolyn played along saying she is.  Dasom and Soyou nodded and agreed by the statement, making the MC laughed. Bora kept eating after the question was asked. She smiled a little earlier because she had that dream to be a boy so the person she liked will like her back. But the same time, she realized that she doesn’t want too because she liked the way she is and she like the way her crush is.

“Bora?” The MC lady wakes Bora from zoning out and eat more.

“Yes?” Bora said with a mouth full.

“You seemed off to another world after we talking about would you rather to be in boy group or girl group in next life. And you have eaten almost of these meals. It was for your members too you know?”

Bora politely apologized; covered her mouth full. She put the rest meal down. “I’m sorry. I wasn’t aware that we are on interview suddenly. The meals look more interesting than this,”

“I guess next time we should banned bring Sistar to restaurant,”

“NO WAY!” Dasom and Soyou shouted.

“I am main vocalist! I am a leader! I need to eat much more! My voice came from what I eat! ” Hyolyn protested. Causing the scene looks funnier.

“So Bora-ssi. Did you hear your members agreed that they wanted to be in boy group in next life?”

“Yes I heard it..” Bora answered but the MC lady knew that was a tone of disagree.

“I sense that you don’t agree with them? It means you still want to be in girl group in next life?”

“I think I rather to be as myself. Even if I were born in the next life,” Bora answered.

“Then it would be something else isn’t it?”

“Unnie~ What do you mean?” Bora asked.

“You have somebody you liked. Aren’t you?”

Hyolyn, Dasom and Soyou were surprised by the conclusion the MC lady said. Bora felt the heat come up to her face.

“You do have someone you like aren’t you?” the MC face brighten up as she repeated her question. It looks like a big scoop for the entertainment.

“That person I liked is when I was 13 years old, unnie,” said Bora, try not to shows herself a sign of nervous, talking about her crush.

“10 years ago. So you and that person is history then? Would you mind to share with us, Bora-ssi?”

“Ah unnie! I don’ t want to talk about it. Its..embarassing,” as Bora cutely cover her face.

“It was 10 years ago. And you still can’t forget what you did? What did you do Bora-ssi? Just share a bit of it. Rating for this show will higher if you told us what did you do etc etc,” The MC lady encourage her.

Hyolyn, Dasom and Soyou try to persuade her. They were curious too since Bora didn’t share about had a crush.

“Just one little tiny detail?” Bora asked. The MC eagerly nods her head.

“I..almost give that person a love letter. That’s it! No more!” Bora laughed to cover her nervous. The rest of members gave her unsatisfied face. “When we get back, you need to tell us the whole story,” said Soyou.

“I guess that person has someone else, isn’t Bora? That’s why you don’t give him the letter right?” the MC gives her conclusion.

Bora put her point finger to her lips. “I won’t tell you,”

The interview goes for another 10 minutes before Hyolyn give the wrapped speech to keep continue supporting their album. They bowed to the staff and went to their van.

“You need to tell us tomorrow Yoon Bora-ah,” Dasom managed to whisper to Bora before they get into the van and sleep through the drive.


During lunch time after they finished practice dance, Dasom and Soyou sits beside Bora who kept messaging someone. Bora senses that they were grinned towards her.

“Ah unnie. Please~ you heard that I said I almost gave that person a love letter. What do you guys want now?”

“Of course about the whole story. You don’t think that we stop only right there, aren’t you?” said Dasom.

“So tell us both. What happened exactly?”


“Tell us or I will let Hyolyn unnie force you tell us,” Dasom try to glared and scare Bora.

“You aren’t serious are you?” Bora asked.

“We’ll see about that. Unless you tell about that crush,”

“Why you guys are so curious about my crush?”

“Because..To be honest with you, I thought that you were quiet type. I don’t think that you would wrote the letter to him too. Heck, I think that he should be the one who wrote for you,” Hyolyn said. They didn’t realize when Hyolyn standing in front of them. Hyolyn takes the spot to sit in front of Bora.

“Tell us, what happened? What is the reason behind you decide to give him the letter?” Hyolyn scoot over. They practically had squish Bora.

“It wasn’t him. It never been him,” Bora think she should tell the truth. They have been together for 3 years and the members take care of her well too.

“Huh?” Hyolyn, Dasom and Soyou raise her eyebrows.

“She is. The person is a she. A lady,” Bora hesitated said about her crush.


10 years ago

Bora sees her senior seated at the place where they met for the first time. Bora gets closer to her senior because like herself,  she loves to be in quite place. Those days, Bora and her senior would be meeting and they would share stories together.  Bora looks at her hand, holding the love letter she wanted to give to her senior. She walks slowly to the place and decides to give the hug she always did.

“Unnie!” as  Bora hug the fairy skin girl from her back.

“Arggh!” the fairy skin girl screamed because she was surprised by the hug.

 “Yah! YoonBo! You want me to die because of heart attack?!” she said, hit Boras’ shoulder as Bora takes her spot beside the fairy skin girl.

“I love unnies’ screaming,” Bora said, only to receive another hit. But she can’t stay mad with Bora so she gave the girl the side hug. She didn’t know that her side hug effected Bora; cause Bora skip a beat and then her heart turn into the fast pace.

“Unnie,” Bora let out the voice after she thought they have been quiet for minutes.

“Hmm?” she looks at Bora.

“Errr..” Bora gulped before she landed her gaze back to her free hands which holding a love letter.

“Huh? What is that?” she saw the letter in Bora’s hands.

“Is that what I think it was? Love letter?” she said; widen her eyes.


“Waaaa… I thought that my YoonBo never be like someone other than me,”


“So who’s the lucky guy?” she asked Bora.

Bora didn’t know what to say. She personally wanted to give that to her. It’s all because of her friends said that if one should have skip a beat once in her heart t, she should give a love letter. Telling how brighten her days are after falling in love. She was innocent like that.

“My friend..T-they said if I feel my heart skip a beat or heart rushing to someone, I should at least let that person know how’s my life change after,” Bora look at her.

“Really? Well..your friend told the truth. I would do the same as you too,” she said to Bora while swinging Bora with her side hug. She smiled. She thinks that it wasn’t weird if she gave this letter to her then.

“So.. this letter–..”


Bora looked back and she found a good looking boy smiling to her senior, Tiffany from a far.

“Hey Nick!”

Bora felt her senior who two years older let go of her hug and gives the eye smile whenever Bora manage to get her laugh. The boy is running towards them.

Tiffany and Bora standing up and the boy finally reach to Tiffany; standing in front of her.

“There is something I need to tell you,” Nick gives a smile to Tiffany. He takes Tiffany’s hand and held it firmly.

“What is?” Tiffany said with a bright smile.

Bora hides her letter behind her back.

“Unnie. I think he wanted to say something important. I-I should go. See you later,” Bora bowed to both of them and run without looking at Tiffany.

“W-wait. YoonBo!”


9 years later

“Last call about flight to Los Angeles. Passengers need to be in flight 10 minutes before departure,”

There it goes. The announcement for Tiffanys’ flight. Tiffany was waiting for Bora to say goodbyes. Since Tiffany accepted to be Nick’s girlfriend, Bora always avoided her. Bora said the reason is because she wanted Nick and her have more spend time together.

“Passengers for Los Angeles flight. This is last call,”

“You should go Fany-ah. I think she won’t come,” her boyfriend try to persuade her to go right now.

“I will send your regard to her, alright?”

Tiffany was about to walk at the security door when she decide to turn head for the last time.


Tiffanys’ face brighten when she found Bora running to her.

“Unnie! I’m sorry! I went to audition earlier and it taking like forever because of the traffic here,” Bora catching her breath. Tiffany hugs her after.

“Thank you for coming YoonBo,”

“Of course I would come, Unnie. You’re my favorite senior, my best friend,” Bora return Tiffany’s hug.

As Tiffany let go of the hug, Bora reach to Tiffanys’ hands. She held Tiffanys’ hands firmly. It takes a lot of courage to do after this. Bora tipped her toes since she’s little shorter than Tiffany and then she gave a kiss on Tiffanys’ forehead.

“Be careful there unnie,” Bora said and gives her sad smile to let Tiffany back to her home.

Tiffany was surprise by the gesture but then she gives her sincere and return back the kiss Bora gave on her forehead.

“Thanks. I’ll come back one day,”

“I’ll be waiting then,” Bora said.




Dasom, Soyou and Hyolyn fall silent to hear the story from Bora. Bora looking at her members.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry if I–..make you guys feel uncomfortable,” Bore looked down and avoid looking at their eyes.

“I-I should go then,” Bora stand up herself, ready to go to her restroom and cry, feeling regret to tell them the story about her and her crush.

“Is she pretty?” Dasoms’ voice cracked the silent. Bora stops her way to restroom. She turn around and look at Dasom.

“Yah. Dasom asked you. Is she pretty?” Soyou repeat the question.

“Y-yes. She’s pretty,”

“You have her picture?” Hyolyn said.

“I—had only one,”

“Then show us. Why did you keep it for yourself? We’ve been together for three years for god sake. How could you let yourself torture with our boring story,”

Bora dropped a tear. Right now, it wasn’t a tear of regret telling but tears of happy to know that the members’ love to her didn’t change.


The cycle promotion for Sistar 4th album almost to the end. Bora and her members become closer after those confession Bora made. They win triple crown in the music show. They were celebrating when the manager told them another good news.

“Okay girls. I just got a call from popular fashion magazine, they decided to make all of you as their models for next month!” the manager told them.

Sistars’ can’t believe they finally encounter the first offer from a popular fashion magazine. It always they’re the one who came and asked to be the model.

“Congratulations girls!” said a lady behind Sistars’ manager.

“Oh. I forgot to introduce you. This is Tiffany Hwang. The one who created the dress for you girls in fashion magazine,”

Hyolyn, Dasom and Soyou quickly bowed while Bora is still like a statue. Can’t believe what she sees in front of her right now. Hyolyn patted her thigh, order her to bow but Bora still look at the lady in front of her.

“Yah. YoonBo, I’m still senior,you know that right? So bow then,” said the lady as she folded her arms and give her simper smile. Her eyes smile visible too when she can see how surprise Bora was, seeing her after 10 years.


“Take your spot ladies,” the photographer gave the order to the members. Bora on the other hand can’t take of her eyes from Tiffany. Tiffany felt that Bora was looking at her. She points her finger to Bora. Bora smiles sheepishly. She then gesture her two fingers at Bora and ordered her to look at the photographer, not her. Bora shook her head. Tiffany crinkled her nose and folded her arms. Someone beside Tiffany patted her shoulder and Tiffany start to talking to that person.

“Look here girls! 1! 2! 3!” The photographer counted.

That day, Bora can’t talk to her because Tiffany has to go to some other places. She didn’t get her phone number and today after the shooting, she hoped she would get Tiffany’s phone number and catch up of those ten years they passed.


Tiffany was spreading the jam on the bread. She heard the beep sound indicate somebody entered her house. She knew that was Bora who entered but what comes after, she still can’t expect it.

“Unnie!” Bora gives the back hug to Tiffany. And as Bora expected, Tiffany would scream.

“Yah! 10 years! We’re grown up ladies! Can you stop give me that kind of back hug?!” Tiffany hit Boras’ shoulder.

“I love to hear you scream,” she takes a bite of Tiffanys’ bread jam. It’s been three months after their first met in ten years. Since Bora know where Tiffany lived, she would spend time with Tiffany almost every day except if she needs to record variety shows, record for the next album and practiced new choreographer.


“Unnie! Call me Bora. It’s been ten years! We’re grown up ladies! Can’t you stop call me YoonBo?!” Bora said. She teased Tiffany the way she talked earlier. Tiffany gave another hit to Boras’ shoulder.

“I love to call you that. Its like… I call you ‘Yaebo’,” Tiffany chuckled after she gives the reason why she called Bora that.

Bora’s heart skipped a beat when she heard it. She tries to hide her blush face from Tiffany. She went to Tiffanys’ couch and read the magazine left on the table, let Tiffany finish what she was doing. After several minutes, Tiffany came to sit beside Bora.

“I watched Youtube yesterday,” as Tiffany place the bread and juice on the table in front of Bora.

“For you,”

“Thanks. So what did you watched?” Bora asked as she put down the magazine and take the drink.

“Your interview during your forth album was still in promotion,” Tiffany said, showing suddenly her eye smiles.

“We have a lot. Which one made you want to tell about you watched it yesterday?”

“You tell about that love letter you showed me ten years ago,” Tiffany answered. Bora almost choked the bread.

“Yah! Be careful when you eat!” Tiffany gives the juice to her.

Boras’ cough slowly fades after Tiffany rubs her chest. Aware of that, she almost slapped Tiffanys’ hand but she manage to held Tiffany’s hand firmly.

“What is it?” said Tiffany when she found Bora was staring at her. Bora let go Tiffany’s hand.

“Nothing,” Bora avoids her eyes looking at Tiffany again.

“You’re acting weird YoonBo,” Tiffany chuckled. She was about to go to kitchen when Bora held her elbow.

“That love letter–..”

“Huh?” Tiffany raises her eyebrows. Bora didn’t look at her straightly though.

“That love letter was meant to sent to–..”

Before Bora wanted to tell the truth, Tiffany’s home phone rings. Tiffany excuse herself to pick up the phone. Bora stand up as Tiffany pick up the phone.

“Oh hi baby!” said Tiffany in English.

Baby? Her boyfriend huh? I should’ve known. Fany unnie is pretty. She should have one. She would have one.

“I’m fine. I’m with a friend. Next week? 3:00 P.M? Okay. I’ll tell you if I get the flight or not. Alright. Bye baby,” Tiffany put down the phone to its’ place.

“Sorry. Its work,” Tiffany smiles.

“So that love letter was meant to be for whom? Last time; 10 years ago, you would avoid telling me or change the subject to something. Now, you can’t run away,” as Tiffany steps forward and give Bora the side hug. When Tiffany did that, Bora covered her face.

“Wah. My ‘Yaebo’ is feeling shy I see,” Tiffany chuckled.

“No worries. If that letter was meant to Nick, I won’t mad right now. Nick and I broke up 8 years ago,” Tiffany tries to appease Bora.

“I should have known why you avoid me whenever Nick was around,” Tiffany assumed it was because of Nick 8 years ago. Bora shook her head. “No unnie…I’m not–..”

“I’m glad that you still think of me as your best friend, your favorite senior even though I kind of took away him from you,”

“He’s the one who took you away from me,” Bora finally talked. She doesn’t want Tiffany misunderstand the situation happened ten years ago.


Without any warning, Bora presses her lips onto Tiffany. She doesn’t know how she got the courage to kiss Tiffany suddenly. But she did know that the words ‘Baby’ Tiffany used earlier triggered her. She just wanted Tiffany to know that she loves her till now.

Sensing that Tiffany doesn’t move a bit, she pulled her lips from Tiffany.

“I-I’m sorry! Unnie! I’m sorry!” Bora quickly bowed and she went to the front door. Tiffany is still dazed from the kiss Bora gave to her.

“Wrong password. Please try again,” the door system tells Bora.

“Aish! Not now,” she hissed.

“Wrong password. Last attempt and this system will automatically go to police,” the door system tells Bora.

“Don’t go Yoon Bora,”

Bora stopped what she was doing. She sees Tiffany standing with folded arms and eyes gazed to her. Tiffany walks closer to her.

“What is that?” Tiffany asked

“I-I –..”

“You need to tell me. Now,”

Bora let go the knob and tries hard to let her eyes look at Tiffany’s eyes.

“That letter m-me-meant to be for you. But Nick oppa came and I kinda know that my friends meant. That the love letter just for guy you crush on. N-not a girl,”


“When you need to go far away, my heart feels hurt unnie. I think I want some closure maybe, t-that’s why I kissed you forehead so I knew that you’ll be great and have happy live with guy there. But you came back and I start to feel what I felt 10 years ago,”

Tiffany’s face turns from serious to wide smile. It was the same smile Bora sees when Tiffany loving her pink stuff or things.

“Pabo. You don’t remember? You kissed my forehead, and what I did after?” Tiffany smirked.

“Y-you kissed my forehead too,”

“Then? You think you could go away without my turn to give you one?”


“You kissed me and I shall give you back,” Tiffany cupped Bora cheeks and she kissed Bora.

It took like 3 seconds before Bora return the kiss Tiffany gave. She slowly put her arms around Tiffany’s waist and Tiffany snake her arms around Boras’ neck.

“If we don’t stop return this kisses, we would stuck forever ‘Yaebo’,” Tiffany said between the kisses.

“I wouldn’t mind,” Bora said between the kisses too.

“So you don’t want to hear my story then?”

The question stopped Bora from kiss the older girl more. She sees the older girl give the mischievous smile.

“What do you mean, unnie?”

“That I start to like you more after you gave me kiss on the forehead?”

Bora widened her eyes. “I must be crazy as you too Yoon Bora. When you debut for the first time with Sistar, I just work harder to get in touch with you again. Lucky that my fashion sense was accepted here in Korea and I request the magazine to make all of you as models for my design,” Tiffany stopped. She wanted Bora to know that she share the same feelings.

Bora pecked Tiffany lips after. “Thanks for being as crazy as me,”

“You’re welcome. Please take care of me then, ‘YaeBo’,” Tiffany chuckled.

“I will. Forever,” Bora replied.


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