Taeyeon and Tiffany is a salesperson in a boutique. Tiffany had work in the boutique almost a month while Taeyeon is a permanent salesperson because she had work in it almost four months. Although Taeyeon and Tiffany had the difference between how long they work in his boutique, they become best friend quickly.

There was one thing Tiffany doesn’t know about Taeyeon. Taeyeon likes Tiffany. A lot. Then one day, Tiffany heard a conversation between Taeyeon and a little girl, which happened to be around when her mother busy taking business.

“Unnie? Why you look so tired these days? Is it because of that woman before Fany unnie?” she said innocently.

“That auntie isnt doing anything to me, Alicia. It just..” Taeyeon sighed before she continues.

“I’m just… fall in love lately,” Taeyeon look at the little girl.

“Ah.. you’ve just fall in love recently,” the girl repeat back.

Taeyeon nods with puckered lips. She swing her feet back and forth. “But I cant tell this person I love her. Because she just perfect to be my best friend. And I dont want to loose my best friend,”

Alicia look at Taeyeon, widen eyes. “Are you lesbian unnie?!” Alicia shouted. Taeyeon quickly covered her mouth. Tiffany slowly back off and go out from the boutique.

“Yah!” Taeyeon hissed. She slowly let go her hand from Alicia’s mouth.

“Aish. I forgot that kids these day knows what’s it meaning,” Taeyeon look around in case Tiffany had entered the boutique.

“So are you lesbian unnie?” This time Alicia hissed to her.

Taeyeon smile to Alicia. She patted Alicia’s right shoulder. “Its complicated Alicia. I’m not saying that I’m not that. But I prefer if no one label it. I just happen to fall in love and it happens to be her. Only she’s the one that I feel love for. You know, I am hard to fall in love. I do have lot of crush like you have to boys but I don’t easily love someone,” Taeyeon try to explain. Alicia blushing when she remembered how many boys she had told Taeyeon and Tiffany.

“Did Fany unnie knows this?” Alicia asked. Forget instantly about the boy she having crush right now.

Taeyeon shook her head. “Of course not. Its better like this Alicia. I don’t want her to get uncomfortable with all she have done with me. I mean..she’s the touchy one. Someone who loves to have the skin ship. I’m not saying I don’t like it but at the same time, I love the part where she gave that to me,”

Alicia suddenly shook her head. “That part unnie. I don’t understand. I’m sorry,”

Taeyeon laughed at the not so innocent girl. “Its okay. Now you know the reason why I’m being tired these days. Because part of me want her to know that I love her. But another part of me saying its better to have the relationship like this. I’m just letting myself a hard time,”

Alicia nods away. After awhile, Alicia had to go and Tiffany come in. Taeyeon smiled to her but the response Tiffany gave was looking away and let Taeyeon tilt her head, wondering why.


It’s been a week since the incident. About Taeyeon told a little girl about her feeling for Tiffany. Taeyeon do notice some change about Tiffany. If Tiffany can, she would avoid being with Taeyeon sitting with her.

“Hey Fany-ah. At the last stock update we had done two weeks ago, which clothes do we need to repeat stock?” Taeyeon’s question awake Tiffany from daydreams.

“I’m sorry?”

“Which clothes do we need to repeat stock?”

“Oh. I’m sorry. I’ll give it to you in 10 minutes,”

Taeyeon nods as response. But Tiffany seems off made Taeyeon wonder what happen. So she boldly put her right hand on Tiffany’s head to see if Tiffany had a fever or something else.

Tiffany was shocked by the touch so she quickly revert away. Taeyeon seems surprised how quickly Tiffany moves away from her hand. “I-I’m sorry Fany-ah. I just want to see if you’re alright. Maybe you have fever or something,” Taeyeon tells the truth.

“I’m alright. Thanks for the concern Tae,” Tiffany back to do things Taeyeon required.

“…Do you still consider me as your best friend Fany-ah? Why are you avoiding me suddenly over these past week?” Taeyeon blurted out. It has been a tough day for Taeyeon too. She wanted to tell Tiffany about her day but Tiffany always seems so busy with something so she keep it on her own.

“If you do have some trouble, I’m here Fany-ah,” Taeyeon look at her.

“I’m okay. I’m just tired into over thinking. I’m sorry if you feel that way. I promise. I’ll tell you next time. I just need to be sure about it,”

“….alright then,” the only words came out from Taeyeon’s mouth.

Then they’re back to work again.


Taeyeon was having a little break by testing her new phone when Tiffany came across and sit beside her. Taeyeon smile a little.

“Tae. What I’m about to ask you, I hope you don’t get mad at me?”

Taeyeon look at her right. “Do you ever seen me get mad at you Fany-ah?”

“No. Not at all for these couple months,” Tiffany answered.

“Then you are free to ask me anything,”

“…I heard about you having crushes to girls lately. Is it true?”

Taeyeon giggled at the question. “No. I’m not. Who told you that?” she asked Tiffany back.

“No one… Let me rephrase that back. I heard that you like girls. Is it true?”

“…about that. I guess its true. Did Alicia tells you?”

“I don’t want to involve anyone in these. I heard a lot about you being this. You’re being that. So I just need to hear it from yours directly,”

Taeyeon back to her phone. “So it is Alicia told you about me,” she put her phone on silence and face to Tiffany.

“What else she told about me?”

“..you tell her that you want to love a guy because loving a girl is too much…”

Taeyeon smile.

“Thats right. Why? Am I make you uncomfortable?”

“….I heard the conversation..between you and Alicia, that two weeks ago,” Tiffany fidgeting with her fingers.

“…oh,” the only word came out from Taeyeon.

“I’m sorry Tae. I really think we should be friends. We’re best friend now and I don’t think I can…you know,”

Taeyeon chuckled the way Tiffany try to conveyed.

“I understand Fany-ah. Just so you know, my treat to you would never change okay? If you want me, I’ll be right out for you,” Taeyeon said with assured smile she is alright.

“..Thanks Tae,”

“No.. I should say it to you. Thanks. For letting me be your best friend,” Taeyeon showed her hand for handshake. And Tiffany accepted it.

a/n: yep. end here. nyie~


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