TaeNy – No More

Sunny look at Taeyeon sips on the coffee carefully.

She rolled her eyes and groan when she look at Taeyeon expression. Taeyeon look better-..or might even worse than she thought. She even smile. Taeyeon likes bitter coffee. That expression Sunny saw earlier on Taeyeon’s face didn’t change despite what happened 2 weeks ago.

“Yah Taeyeon,”

“What?” Taeyeon asked.

“Are you aware which state are you right now?”

“Ermmm.. I don’t understand,” Taeyeon give lines on her lips.

“She despised you. She doesn’t want to talk to you, look at you and even get a help from you. Did you know that?” Sunny look straight to Taeyeon’s eyes.

“She’s leaving in two weeks top Sunny-ah. I can handle it for a little longer. Thanks for your concern,” Taeyeon scroll up her smartphone.

“I’m not saying that you can’t handle it. The way I’m seeing it, torture me instead. You’re my best friend. I know you. But she doesn’t know you and she just judge you because you like her that way. As your best friend, I am mad for you at her but you seems…natural. It’s like you act..you’re trying to act normal. When that…hurts you… A lot. I know because I’m your best friend Taeyeon,” Sunny ends.

“I’m alright. Okay Sunkyu?”

“No. You’re not. Sunkyu is the name you called me when you know I’m right,”

“Okay..Sunny. Listen to me. It’s….no more. Understand? For all I care right now, I want to end my career there and move on,”

“You’re lying,”

“What are you talking about?” said Taeyeon.

“You still like her, don’t you? Even she is like that to you, you still want to be there for her, don’t you?”

Taeyeon knows that Sunny was right. Having this girl for 6 years as best friend in her life made the tricks.

“….Yes. Despite what she did to me, I still like her. She’ll leave. Alright Sunny? I will forget about her and move on eventually. I promise that I’ll stay till next month. We agreed,” said Taeyeon.

“Tae, that was promise you made with her when she didn’t know that you like her. Now, she knew you like her, she didn’t even bother to look at you. Quit the job. That kind of girl wouldn’t remember things like this anymore. She is mad and dislike things around you,”


Sunny sighed. She look up.

“There is no reason you continue to stay. I heard that even if you try to have a talk with her, she goes away. What do you expect? That one day, before she leave, she realized that you didn’t ask for this feeling? You’ve never be in love before? That she’s the first girl you’d never thought you would see love when you see her? and she’ll talk to you again?”


Sunny rubs her temple. She can’t say anything else if Taeyeon decided.

“I cried every night,”


“I cant be mad at her so I cried. I hate the way she despise me. But my heart felt guilty. Because of me, her smile disappeared–…”

“That’s the cue! You shouldn’t be there!”

“How can I? What reason should I tell my parents? My siblings? They didn’t know about my preference, alright? How can I break their hearts saying that I like a girl in my work place when they gave everything to me?”

Sunny closed her mouth.

“You don’t know how miserable I am when I happened to like her. I tried to stay far from her. But everything she does, everything she speaks about, everything..make me like her more. I became greedy. I need her to know that I like her. Knowing that she’s gonna marry a guy after she quit this month-…”

“Wait.. what? She wanna marry? Already?” Sunny widens her eyes.

Taeyeon paused. she looks down before answer Sunny. “…yes. and that’s why I need her to stay away far from me,”

Sunny furrows her eyebrows.

“She needs to stay away from you? Not the other way around?” asked Sunny.

“…” Taeyeon in silence.

“She already told me that she dislike people who cant think through. People who does not have faith in God. She dislike people who cant change for themselves. She dislike people who don’t know manners and shames…And to answer your question why I still want to stay there, is because I want to make her realize. There is nothing she should be afraid with me. I’m like any other girl. I cried, sensitive. Love to watch romance, reading novels. Beside all of that, what reason should I give to my family anyway if I want to quit,” Taeyeon stopped. She made the cup in front of her spinning by fidgeting her fingers to it.

“Tell them the truth, Taeyeon. They’re your family. They would understand,” said Sunny.

Taeyeon look at Sunny. She chuckled bitterly. She shook her head.

“Remember that old slut before Fany worked with me?”

Sunny nod. “What about that slut?

Taeyeon look down. “My family didn’t even try to encourage me to quit the job because of what that old slut did to me. How can I convince them that I really want to quit just because she despise me? They probably saying ‘Oh Taetae, many girls would be like that because they are jealous. Continue your work. If you don’t like it, try search for the new job right now and then you can leave it. You cant quit a job then find another job.'” Mocked Taeyeon.

“They would repeat another same sentences all over again. Believe me. What choice do I have?”

Sunny frown. Taeyeon smile to see her friends’ face.

“Do you understand my dilemma now? I know she despise me. But she will quit in two weeks top. Because she’ll be marry. But what do I get if I quit right now? It’s not like I’m gonna marry someone. I do pity her because she needs to see this face everyday. I do feel guilty inside. I do want to quit before her. But I can’t. Because on the other side, my family didn’t know about my preferences so if I happened to quit suddenly, they would say I’m an idiot. I waste the paid they gave me,”

Sunny can sense that Taeyeon hold another tears.

“Second of all, I want her to talk me back. Because no matter how much she despise me, my heart still flattered, beating fast for her. Yes. Like you’ve said, part of me want her to know that I don’t ask for this feeling and she is the first girl who I happened to see what love is. And before she quit for real, I want to talk to her one last time, I want to say I’m sorry for feeling this way and I want to say thanks for all what she had done to me,” continued Taeyeon.

“Believe me…It’ll be no more of it after that. She’ll leave and I’m gonna move on,”

Sunny sighed again. “It’s your decision anyway. I’m not saying you should but if there are no results after what you did, after all those sincere you’ve given to her, I think that you must be an idiot from the beginning. You are hopeless,” she stopped.

“..Lets talk about another thing. Please Sunkyu,” Taeyeon then reaches her smartphone.

Sunny scoffed in silent. She then smirk a little. She shook her head and thinking how this girl stuck her own self like this while Taeyeon knows she’s right.


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