TaengSic – Too Hurt

Jessica put on the coat and smile to her mirror. She inhale and exhale before takes place on set.

“Jessica-ssi, please try squeeze a little to Taeyeon,” the photographer ordered. She nods as understood by the order. Part of her doesn’t want discomfort her but as the order came from the photographer, she can’t disagree on that.

“Just don’t get to close,” Taeyeon hissed discreetly and smile to the camera.

“I’m sorry,” Jessica replied and try hard not to show her sad emotion to the camera.

Since Taeyeon accidentally know that every single post she made in her private blog, Taeyeon tries to get away far from her. Almost that everything that Jessica involve, she would make an excuse.

Jessica on the other hand, didn’t know about it until that one day:

Jessica asked her what Taeyeon did in weekend. She wanted to take Taeyeon to watch a movie that she once mention, want to watch it badly. Taeyeon replied an excuse but Jessica, to Taeyeon had seems to force her going out.

“I don’t wanna go a date with you if that what are you thinking off,” Taeyeon replied when Jessica keep sending massages.

“What are you talking about?? I just want to spend time with you more. This is not a date,” Jessica sent after that replied Taeyeon gave.

Jessica did not get the message instantly from Taeyeon. Jessica start to think that Taeyeon finally know about her feelings for her.

She bits her lips hard. At that time, all she wanted Taeyeon to know that she didnt asked for this feeling. She just happened to like her. Just before she about to give the long message to Taeyeon, Jessica sees ‘typing…’ below the chat.

“I know that everything that you have been updated in your private blog was about me. ‘I need you to know that I’m always there for you. Just give me a chance to enter your life T.K.’ and those ‘Amused by T.K laugh again and again’. what is this Jessica??

Look. I don’t want you to get any near me. Just do your own stuff. I don’t any of this again. I am never swing that way. All of those things you see me doing with anyone in this group is never real, alright? I have never been that way.

So I want you to stay away and never talk to me again. I’ve had enough of this,”

Jessica can’t believe what she had read. How did Taeyeon accessed into her blog. How did Taeyeon know that T.K was her.

Krystal came and pat her shoulder that moment. Jessica’s tears fall automatically.


2016 April 1st.

“We will be continue with solo activities. No matter how pack our schedule one day, we promise that we will meet each other. SNSD never leave in us and we’ll be forever SNSD,” Seohyun wrapped up everything.

Finally SNSD at the peak of closure. Korean wave still making the biggest music industry and some of group make it to Billboard.

Jessica almost bumped out with Taeyeon on the stage when she mistaken the exit is on the left.

“That way..” Taeyeon almost want to laugh but she hold it in

“Thanks. And sorry Taeyeon,”


Jessica almost let out the laugh when she sees Taeyeon confused face.

Lets talk about this behind,” said Jessica.


“And like I said. Thank you very much for your hard work. Thank you for being my lovely 8 sisters,” Seohyun makes a group hug.

20 minutes after those conference, they had to split because of some members had recording schedule.

Left behind Sunny, Jessica and Taeyeon and Tiffany.

“Fany-ah, care to join me to have a dinner?” Sunny ask.

“Sure. He becomes busy with Japan Tour anyway. I need a best friend right now,” Tiffany gave the eye smile and put her arm around Sunny.

“You guys go ahead, I’m gonna head to home,” Taeyeon said. She found Jessica with her iPhone.

“What are you sorry for?”

“Huh?” Jessica only lift up her head after that question.

“You said sorry. Why?”

Jessica smile and stand opposite of Taeyeon.

“I’m sorry for everything. I shouldn’t let you discomfort about what I felt last 9 years ago to you and I shouldn’t thought that the feelings I had is mutual. And..I want to say thanks too. Because during our latest album, you didn’t make me feel like I’m stupid. You respond to me although you have said don’t ever talk to you again,”

Taeyeon pucker her lips and nod. Jessica suddenly give her a hug. Taeyeon widen her eyes for a second there. After 3 seconds, Jessica let go of the hug.

“I’m sorry for that. But.. you don’t even have to see me again. I will be back to my hometown in San Francisco. Since k-pop get all around the world, so I got some model work there,”

“You mean…,”

“Yeap. Maybe built my family there too. You know falling for a handsome guy and he return my feelings. I might come back here for vacation so lets see if we meet. With our boyfriends or husband already that time,”

Jessica iPhone vibrate. “I should take this call,” Jessica smile. And she excuse herself.

Before Jessica turn to the exit, Taeyeon called her.

Jessica turn around her face. “Yes?”

“I’m sorry I can’t return your feelings. But I finally..and actually know how your feelings towards me…”

“…it was her?”

“You already know that?”

“So it wasn’t acting at all? You like it don’t you?”

Taeyeon sighed and nod.

“But its alright. I’m gonna meet her one last time this night and explain that I shouldnt let my heart think that this is mutual. Beside she has boyfriend so…we both will be safe there,”

“I’m sure you’ll be alright Tae. You are much stronger that I thought anyway,”

“Yeah. So no worries,”

“Just cry if you want too. More ease,” Jessica try to give the little tip.

“I will. Thanks Sica,”


Taeyeon let Jessica went to the exit.


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