Yulsic – Point of View

Their eyes met. But no words come out from Yuri’s mouth. She averted her eyes from Jessica’s and walked away to enter the store. Jessica is sitting on the big bench, scrolling her smartphone while listening to the music on her headphone.

Yuri close the door of the store and moved to the computer at the counter in front.

Jessica knew what she would be doing on the counter. Jessica suddenly have the urge to smile, thinking about it.

She unplugged her headphone. She put down her smartphone and call out Yuri’s name.

“Yuri-ah. Can I talk to you?”

Yuri closes her eyes, frowning. “What did I say to you? Never ever talk to me. Which part don’t you get that?” said Yuri when she start to search what she want on computer. She doesn’t even look at Jessica when she replied.

“It’s your last day working here anyway. Is it hurt to have a talk with me on your last day?” asks Jessica.

“Seohyun will be here. Talk to her and I will tell her to talk to you. Stop talking to me,”

“This isn’t about work. This is about what’s going on last month. I want your answer. And I want to explain-…”

“There’s nothing to explain. You liked me, I don’t like you that way and you annoyed me. That’s why I don’t want you to talk to me,” said Yuri. Finally meet Jessica’s eyes again.

Jessica pucker her lips. “Please. For the last time Yul. All I want right now is some..closure. To forget and never repeat another mistake like this,”

Yuri tuck her hair behind her ear. She folded her arms and leaning to the counter. “Make it quick. Like you’ve said. This is the last time we ever talk,”

“Thanks…” Jessica made a line on her lips. Yuri waiting for Jessica’s question.

“…When you figure out that what I’m writing a post about you or to put in the easy that I like you..what is going on through your mind? What is that you see in me? What is your.. I don’t know.. your feeling when you know that I like you?”

Yuri keep her frown face. She sighed and look down before unfolded her arms and put her hand on the counter. “You are a lady. You are a lady that supposed to be with a man. You’re pretty and you should be with a man. That’s all. You aren’t supposed to like me. I’m just a lady..like you. When I figure that K.Y was me, all I ever think about is making you to realize that I’m not into you. What favor I did to you is because you are too nice that everyone take advantage from you. Not that I’m into you,”

Jessica still glued her eyes on Yuri. “This isn’t supposed to be happen. Because I’m just doing a favor. I’m helping you when you need me. Its not like I’m doing it because of you. I am this kind of person. I help when somebody wanted help. I’m not perfect either so you shouldn’t like me,”

“To answer you. it was that. I’m uncomfortable with you being clingy up to me. I don’t like you smile to the smallest thing ever happen to you. I don’t like the way you laugh and making those jokes. I don’t like when you exactly know how to fix something but you called me. I don’t like it. That’s why you need to stay far away from me. You are somewhat I call crazy and weird,”

Yuri rubbed her temple. “Please. You don’t have to explain. Just stop right here,”

“…You know what I see in you Yul?” Jessica voice crooked. She held tears when she heard what Yuri said about her.

“You’re like a shining stone to me. Which doesn’t do anything but shining and just bright my day. I wasn’t that easy to get. I know a lot of man, I mean.. a man would be right there for me. But I happened to fall for you right now. When I start to know that the shining stone belong to someone else, I can’t give you that easily somehow. That’s why I start to become clingy onto you,”

“Please.. Don’t cry, alright? I hate to see you cry,” Yuri turn around her head and ignore Jessica that sit on the bench.

“I’m sorry. I just need you to know that I’m not asking for the feeling. I like you because for that reason. And I know I become annoyed to you for that reason also,”

Yuri kept quite about it. She keeps searching what she wanted on the computer.

“….I’m just gonna go to the restroom for awhile. Thanks Yuri-ah. For talking to me,” said Jessica.

Yuri actually cant see anything on the computer. Because the tears that floating in her eyes prevent it.

“Unnie!” a voice surprised her.

Yuri pretend to rub her eyes. “Hey Alicia. What are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be school right now?”

“Duhh. its holiday. Its June alright?”

“Yeah right. I forgot. I’m sorry,”

“….Are you crying unnie?”

” No. of course not. My eyes itched,”

“I’m gonna sit at the bench behind. I want to meet Sica Unnie. She said she had one final magic trick I can show to my friends,”

“Oh really? Sica unnie and her magic trick again huh?” Yuri giggled.

“Yeah. I like Sica unnie. She is crazy and weird. You know what I saw before I enter this boutique? She slaps her face and showed me toothy smile through her way to the restroom,”

Yuri smiled. Imagine that sight. “Yeah.. she is a bit crazy and weird,”

“But thats what unique about her isnt it? Thats why I like her. Do you like Sica unnie like I did too?”

Yuri give a soft scoffed. “Probably the way you can’t imagine, little girl,” said Yuri as she smirks a little.


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2 thoughts on “Yulsic – Point of View”

  1. hi,i’m new reader,,
    is it end? at the ending,yuri like jessica too,am i right?,,excused me to read another ff,,

    1. yep.. at the end Yuri likes Jessica too. but to Yuri, Jessica deserved someone much more than her. that is why Yuri told Jessica to stay far away so she can forget her feelings towards Jessica. Thanks for reading. :)

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