TaeNy – In Love

“Are you serious Tae?” Sunny widen her eyes and look at the smile Taeyeon is having right now.

“I think I am. I am serious Sunkyu,” Taeyeon chuckled. Her heart seems to burst out after telling Sunny the biggest secret. Sunny was in silent.

“..Do you want to–..” Taeyeon didn’t finish the sentence instead she give the gesture hands so Sunny would give another reaction that dead-pan look.

Suddenly Sunny give the seagull claps along with laugh out laugh after.

Looking at the reaction Sunny gave, Taeyeon is now thinking she shouldn’t told her that. The red cheeks is now visible on Taeyeon.

“Oh God. You are so adorable!” Sunny pinched her nose.

“Aw! Not my nose,” Taeyeon rubs it, frown looking at Sunny that couldn’t loose the smile on her face. But then, Taeyeon gives small laugh.

“So what’s your plan?” Sunny asked.

“Er.. what plan?” Taeyeon asks Sunny back.

“..yah. are you for real Tae? You said you were serious so you should do something,” Sunny’s face from excited turn to dead-pan once again when Taeyeon said that.

“..I don’t have a plan. If I have a plan, then this thing isn’t call as a falling. It might be call as a condition,” Taeyeon replied.

“You are right,” Sunny leans back and folded her arms. “But since you know that you love her ,then you should have a plan,”

“I know..that’s why I’m here. You have to tell me what to do and what not. I mean.. you have the vibe of solving girlfriend and boyfriend thingy and..you have lots of wise ideas,” Tayeon mumbled the last word.

Sunny looks at the face-down Taeyeon. Taeyeon was right anyway. The girls look high up on her and she doesn’t know why. But what happened afterwards when she had advised them, all of them would be at ease. She’s not perfect either but if that is what her best friend need then she would give it.

“I made mistakes once in awhile. Like Maknae,” Sunny wanted Taeyeon knows that she is not expert in what they think she was.

Taeyeon lift up her face. She sees Sunny smiles. “So you need to know that.. if ever, something going wrong here, it was not my fault entirely. All I do is giving advice to you. The rest is on your own. Got it?” Sunny explain. Looks like Taeyeon is not looking the smile on Sunny’s face. She gulped before nod. Meaning she take the agreement.

Day 1

Sunny found Taeyeon staring at Tiffany drinking Starbucks and scrolling her phone. “Ehem,” Sunny made a sound. Tiffany look at Sunny. “Why Sunny? Do you need a drink?” Tiffany asks as she gesture to give Sunny the drink. “No. Nothing. It just that my throat blocked by saliva.” Sunny replied. “Oh. Okay then,” Tiffany said. She looks beside which Taeyeon was sitting. She put a smile and Taeyeon put a smile back.


Taeyeon look away when she knew that sound Sunny made was for her.

“Hey Tae. Did you know that elephant takes an hour to pump its heart to the whole body?” Tiffany lean the phone to Taeyeon.

“Oh really?” Taeyeon replied.

“Yeah. And you know how much different to humans? 59 minutes!” Tiffany giggles. “And I wonder something too. Do elephants fall in love? Or any animals fall in love? Like humans?” Tiffany look at both of them.

“Ermm.. well.. technically.. probably.. I guess..?” Taeyeon try to answer Tiffany.

“What about you Sunny?”

“I guess they do. You have seen dogs fall in love with anything. Even forbidden things like chocolate,”

Tiffany nodded, scrolling the smartphone again. “Oh. There is one about penguins! When male meet the female, they bowed to each other. Aww~ that is so sweet of penguins!” Tiffany said and show them the video of penguins that bowed to each other. Sunny respond but Taeyeon smile because of the reaction Tiffany made.

Sunny who see that keep sigh on her mind.

Day 2

“Lets be honest here. Are these good?” Tiffany tries the dress for the dinner she’s having tonight.

“I think it suited you, you know. You look good in red,” Sunny answered.

“Nah.. I prefer she dress in black and pull up her pony tail hair and have just those legs show up and not the tights,” Taeyeon answered. Sunny kicks her foot. Taeyeon give a what-face to her.

“..well I think this is to revealing too but..I dont have those dress Taeyeon described..let see what color I have in my cupboard,”

“What’s wrong with you?” Sunny hissed.

“What did I do? She simply off with those red dress. If she has another red dress that is not reveal her too much tights then maybe I would say its good. But it is not. Okay? And what is that dinner for? No. Its not for her to reveal her body but to honor someone else that deserve an award. You want her to take the spotlight and say her the girl who seeks attention? No. I will not let someone say she is,”

Before Sunny could reply, Tiffany comes out with another simply dress which not reveal her tights but more look innocent in the dress. Taeyeon approved instantly.

Day 3

“Maybe I shouldn’t. . But again maybe I don’t have too,” Jessica replied Tiffany.

“Oh come on Jess! I have forever wanted to go there. Please!”

“Hey. What the fuss?” Sunny came towards them. She greet Jessica with the kiss on cheeks. “Its been forever since I see you here Sica,”

Jessica chuckled. “My baby Krystal going out with bunch of friends. That’s why I am here,”

“Then go out with me! I need to go to that place!”

“What place?” Sunny asks.

“There this new restaurant that just opened a week ago. I happened to see lot of girls come down. Almost every girls group we knew said that they serve good meals. I asked Jessica because she is good with tasting the food,” Tiffany made a puppy face after.

“I’m sorry. I can’t. Beside.. YoonA and Yuri will pick me up after this,”
Jessica is typing on her smartphone.

“Then bring them along! Sunny cant go because her sister is in town,” Tiffany said and Sunny approved the reason.

“..Sooyoung and Seohyun already went to fashion fair and Hyoyeon already with Min to God know where,”

“Sorry. We can’t. Yoona wanted me and Yuri to their party. A private party anyway. And I don’t know why she allowed to take just two members,”

“Then I’ll go with you,” Taeyeon said. Out of nowhere came between them.

“See? Problem solved. You should asked Taeyeon from the beginning,” Jessica bids her goodbye afterwards.

“I thought Taeyeon said she has stomach ache. Right Tae?” Sunny look straight to Taeyeon eyes.

“No I didn’t. So what time should we go?”

“Great! Thanks Tae!” Tiffany proceed to hug her. Taeyeon was stunned for awhile.

“About an hour? Get ready! Now!” Tiffany went to her bedroom.

“Alright. I’m done,” Sunny blurt out. She entered her bedroom too. Left Taeyeon grab a drink. “What is wrong with Sunny,” she thought as she drink. Then she remembered. Taeyeon almost spit her drink when she realized what she had to do this day.

Day 4

“You failed all three advice I gave,”

“I know,”

“The compliment, the honesty and the don’t -sell-yourself-too-cheap thing,”

“I know. But she’s Tiffany. She’s my whole life. I can’t ignore her request,”

“Then do not find me for an advice. You can do it on your own I suppose,”

“But you made me in sane. Or I will try to make a fool of myself in front of her,”

“Nope. I’m done. You are on your own,” Sunny left Taeyeon alone.


“Hey. Where is Tae?”

“I left her on the cafeteria,” Sunny answered with flat tone.

“Ouh. Did she say something bad? You looks like you have give up on her,”

“I am,” she slumps herself on the couch near.

“Hey. Is it bad if I talk to you right now?”

“…its okay. You can talk to me,” Sunny put out the best smile.

“I think.. I’m in love,” Tiffany confessed.

“Oh no,” as Sunny close her eyes tightly.

“Oh no? Why?” Tiffany didn’t understand.

“Nothing. So you’re in love?”


“With whom?”

“I just thought that this person has been around me all the time so after time to time, it makes me wonder that what I feel right now, no doubt that I have fall in love,”

“With whom Tiff..I did not say a word about describing the person,” Sunny said. Tiffany has been known as social butterfly so being in love with someone else other than Taeyeon is a ‘might be’. Sunny just need to hear the name in Tiffany’s mouth.

“Ermm..its Tae,”

Sunny pucker her lips. She knew but she just wanted to tease Tiffany.

“Taecyeon? Taeyang? Taemin?”

“Yah! Of course it Taeyeon. Who else?!” Tiffany hit Sunny shoulder.

“Since that day, when she agreed to come with me, I felt, what more do I need? She try to answer my question even though she doesn’t know. She honest with me about those dress.. I just can’t keep her out of my mind after. I don’t know..even when she staring at me, I don’t feel like I’m uncomfortable. I feel..safe,” Tiffany fidgeting her fingers. “And yeah. I know what I felt. I love her,”

Sunny smiled. “Just go to the cafeteria and meet her,”

“What? What should I say then?”

“You don’t need any advice from me. I made mistakes in giving advises too you know,” Sunny pat Tiffany’s knee after.

“I’m too tired. I need some sleep. Call me when you want to go home,” Sunny put herself sleep on the couch after. And Tiffany went to see Taeyeon in cafeteria.


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