YulSic – Together in Bed

Jessica awake by the buzz sound that come out from her phone. She reached for it and dismiss the alarm. She put down the phone back to its place and tuck the pillow back to her head as well her body start find another peace-comfort lie on the bed again.

She about to enter her dreamland when she looks at the person beside her.

So messy. Jessica smile at that sight. She bits her lips and decide to take that sight as a memory in her phone.


The camera on her phone shutter. “Oh shi–” Jessica pretend to sleep after.

The person start to shift her body to Jessica side. She moan as her hand start to roam searching Jessica’s waist.

“Yah! Its tickle Yuri-ah,” Jessica squeal.

“Then do not ever think to capture me when I’m asleep,”

Turn out Yuri has waken earlier.