Random Babblings

its actually because lately on Taeyeons birthday, she mentioned about Tiffany said she misses her. What if their conversation becomes like this?

Taeyeon: Fany-ah, I just listened to your OST song. Wahhh daebak giya. Your voice that moment was awesome!! Are you going to against your leader now isnt it? Love it. the song.

Tiffany: haha very funny. listen. I really miss you tonight. Going to meet you soon okay?

Taeyeon: yah. I’m just saying i really liked your OST. why the sudden declaration of I miss you? kekekeke. I miss you too, Fany-ah. Come back soon~

Tiffany: kkekeke..My feeling right now is missing you. of course i need to say I misses you.

Taeyeon: Aigoo..sometimes I really dont understand you. but sometimes I understand what are you trying to say. You cant do this to my heart Fany-ah.

Tiffany: I love what we are having. To the point I dont mind if we go to the next step.

Taeyeon: What are you implying about? kekekeke.

Tiffany: I have been thinking lately Taeyeon. if you want, then I dont mind too. but you really need to think about your parents feeling. No matter what happen from here and then, you can return to your family.

Taeyeon: Are you saying that you want to have commitment with me?

Tiffany: Only if you want.

Taeyeon: I just wish I never born in Korea.

Tiffany: I am American after all. You wanna run away? with me?

Taeyeon: Yah! are you crazy?!

Tiffany: Just kidding with you Tae. but TaeNy is trending much more than usual because of you. You were taking care of me since the day I hurt my ankle. You’re the one who gets so hyper.

Taeyeon: I’m being the leader. Of course I need to take care of my members.

Tiffany: Gosh..baekhyunnie really deserves you.

Taeyeon: Nickhun too. He really deserves you a lot than me.

Tiffany: Thanks but really. if i need to save someone, I want that someone to be you, Tae.

Taeyeon: me too. I will save you too if you are that someone.

Tiffany: Thanks again Taeyeon. well..Gotta let myself sleep for another shooting tomorrow.. I miss you Tae. love you, wifey. kkkk.

Taeyeon: kk.. alright then. Love you too, Fany-ah.

Sunny cant sleep because of those typing sound came out from Taeyeon smartphone.

Sunny: I want to tell you the truth. I am somehow in the middle of knowing someone.

Taeyeon: Really? is he cool with you?

Sunny smiled. Sunny: I didnt say that person is a guy.

Taeyeon: Are you out of your mind?!

Sunny: Its become common already. so if you really love that someone, you better make sure she is worthy. I’m sure your parents loves you no matter what.

Ttaeyeon: t..Thanks.


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