Random Babblings 2

Yeap..its another random babbles from me.

This is what I feel after I see the smokey makeup on Taeyeon when she performed Shake that Brass with Amber.

Yes.. call me pervert if you want. The moment I see her eyes with that hot smokey eyes makeup, I felt like Tiffany has the urge to kiss her harshly.

if this was a real story, I felt like Tiffany would suddenly grabs Taeyeon into the corner and find herself passionately kiss those lips.

its like Taeyeon eyes smokey effect turned her on.

And Taeyeon just perplexed why the hell that kind of kiss come from. moreover its Tiffany, not her boyfriend. hahaha.

yeah. my mind right now for TaeNy is more monsterous than it should.

I just felt that Tiffany knew how Taeyeon feelings to her but at the same time, she is afraid if she mistaken Taeyeon doesnt even have feelings for her like that.

Tiff, it takes two hands to clap you know.

I think Taeyeon did or maybe still have some feelings that one to be true. I mean she had those feeling for Tiff. but she always knew what happened if she did receive Tiff feelings.

Look what happened about those two had couple. Fanwars.


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