TaeNy – Oblivious or…

She is sitting in the couch, as Tiffany walked by her and have a sit next to her.

“What are you watching, Taeyeon?” Tiffany asks.

“Woman in Desires,” Taeyeon answered.

“Give me the remote,” Tiffany pointed to the remote control beside Taeyeon.

“Why? I want to watch this show,”

Tiffany stares at Taeyeon for a long time. Suddenly she chuckled. “Yah, since when do you like this kind of drama, Taeyeonnie?”

“Since you’re busy with those work,” Taeyeon gets up for few seconds, back with plastic wrapper contained jellyworms and eat it.

“Hey, those work is my stepping stone. I wouldn’t have this kind of house if I didn’t do any of those work,”

“So quit the job and stay with me. I can give you a job. Be my personal assistant,” as she chewed on jellyworms.

“Taeyeonnie, we talk about this,”

“No. We don’t,”

“Are you seriously want to do this again? Really?” Tiffany frowned. Even Taeyeon doesn’t look at her properly. She focused on a drama.

“I am not gonna let my best friend, use her power to give me a job while I want to have a job because of my effort,” as Tiffany took some of jellyworm from Taeyeon.

“You just did the opposite. You stole my jellyworm without any effort to get it from me,”

“How does that act applicable to your situation, asking me to work with you again?” ask Tiffany.

“You should ask me if I want to share with you my jellyworms,”

Tiffany squint her eyes to Taeyeon. “Just why should I ask you? You’re my best friend. Best friend share anything,”

“No. Best friend don’t share anything. If you want to share anything with someone, at least you are part of family, or you have a relationship with someone,” as Taeyeon luckily found the longest jellyworm in the wrapper.

“Wow! You’re lucky,” Tiffany said when Taeyeon showed that jellyworm. She then chuckled when Taeyeon let the longest jellyworm hanging on her lips.

“So..what kind of relationship should I be with you then?” ask Tiffany.

Taeyeon raise her eyebrows while the jellyworm still hanging on her mouth. She sees the chance to do it.

“Eat this,” said Taeyeon, shows the end of the jellyworm.

Tiffany smiled. She followed what Taeyeon said.

Tiffany sense Taeyeon getting closer and closer. She doesn’t want Taeyeon take all of it so Tiffany start chewing too. Taeyeon did not let her eyes missing Tiffany’s eyes smile.

At one centimeter long between Taeyeons’ lips and Tiffany’s, Taeyeon did a leap to capture Tiffany’s lips.

That one moment, Tiffany is stun by Taeyeon’s action. She widens her eyes while Taeyeon just cutted the jellyworm between her captured lips.

“Be mine, if you want to share anything with me,” said Taeyeon.

Tiffany didn’t realize that Taeyeon has let go her lips, chewing the rest of the jellyworm, smiling. Or she is showing smirks. She still surprise at the bold Taeyeon of doing it like that.

“Are you sure?” ask Tiffany.

“..huh? What kind of question is that?” Taeyeon frowned. Supposed Tiffany should say why or what but she ask if she sure about that or not.

“I kissed you.. O-of course I am sure!”

“Wow..you’re blushing. Kinda cute,” said Tiffany, cover her lips, giggled.

“..yah.. please tell me..what is-..your answer,” Taeyeon stutters. 6 years of befriending with Tiffany, and this is really not her being shy, and completely blushing in front of her. Yes, sometimes she did then and now but this is like a whole different things going on.

“Are you oblivious or plain stupid, Kim Taeyeon?” said Tiffany.


“If I were not into you, I would be running by now. You wouldn’t get to call me for like one week. We are not talking like this, we’re not fighting like this, we’ll be like avoiding each other if I’m not into you, you’ll be miss me if I did tha-..”

Taeyeon kiss her once again. This time with motions. Up and down, tongue collides and steady the kisses by putting the right hand behind Tiffany’s neck.

Taeyeon let go of the kiss once she needs the air.

“Sorry..You talked too much,” said Taeyeon, showing her wide smile.

“Sorry..I talk less if you want,”

“No. You dont have too. I like it. It just, I’ve been wanting to kiss you like this,”

Tiffany peck her lips. “Thanks Taeyeon. I’m glad to be part of your family,”

Taeyeon widen her eyes. “What? No! I don’t say be part of my family, I want you to be mine in a relationship. Sisters don’t kiss like this!”

“Yah! Really? You’re being plain stupid or-..!”
Tiffany sentences get shut by Taeyeons’ point finger.

“They did say, when a person fell in love, their intelligence dropped to zero. Don’t blame me if I start being stupid,” replied Taeyeon.

“I don’t know you being stupid or being corny, cheesy person-..”

“Would you like to spend your whole life for this person?”

“…Fine. Because you’re cute,”

“Cute only?”

“And I love you,”

Taeyeon smile at the last word. “I love you too, Miyoung.” she replied. They shared another kiss.

“oh,” Taeyeon suddenly pull herself between the kisses.

“What?” Tiffany asked.

“The P.A thing I talked earlier still open for you,”

Tiffany rolled her eyes. “Shut up and kiss me Taeyeon,”

“Glad to,”