It’s 3 a.m and Taeyeon can’t sleep.

All day Taeyeon went out, she tired herself but still, it is 3 in the morning and Taeyeon couldn’t sleep.

She picks up her phone and turn on the camera. She look herself in camera and playing with her hair. She huffed and sighed. She put her pout on and click. Snap her selfie. She thought of sharing it. She did. The caption read ‘I miss…’

She pulled a smile. Satisfied to say it. Doesn’t matter what the fans would guess but she did miss. Yes to her family of course. It almost two months without them because of miles away from.

But she is in home with her family so she is not miss her family.

The phone buzzing. Indicate that her photo just liked and comment by her fans. Then, she received a direct post in her instagram. She’s afraid it might be some inappropiate pictures but her guts tell her to open. She decides to open.

Suddenly appear a wide smile on her face. Below the photo of person who sent the direct post which she was just thinking of when she posted her pout picture, written ‘you should sleep, Tae. Miss you too (; ‘

Taeyeon replied “I did want too. but not until I know you’re alright,”

Then, her other social apps start to pop out.

“I’m fine. You’re with family now. We’ll have plenty time together,”

“I know. I can’t help but miss,”

“You’re so cute!! Later Taengoo. I’ll come back. Right now, go to sleep. Love you (; ”

Taeyeon smile widen. “Love you Yeppeuni. Be safe and miss me,”

Taeyeon gets blushing icon from her. She cant help but open the recent picture of someone she miss and kiss her phone.

Now, she really want to sleep so the day could be arriveĀ to the day she will meet her and spending time together.