A:n :- imagine it was a vlog by Taeyeon

*press record*

“Hi! It’s me, Taeyeon. Kim.Tae.yeon,”

“As you know, my songs has been released by Tehirob Entertainment. Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity. My fans. Without you guys, I’ll never make it. It’s been two weeks and I have received letters and gifts. So.. Thank you very much,”

Taeyeon relaxed her voice. She looks at her camera and smiles. Then laugh.

“It’s really…. I don’t know how to start. I may have did so many vlogs already but as I signed the contract three months ago, this is like a new whole of me. We’re both…me and my company I I am now under them, decided that we will close this account. To those who seen this live, I would like to tell you guys. That you guys have three days before I completely shut this vlog,” said Taeyeon as she knows her fans could save her vlog, easy.

Taeyeon sighed. She read the comment under her live vlog. But her smile to her fans still there. She looks at the camera again.

“Everyone, I’m sorry for closing this account. Because..This account is not under the company. Instead, you will be watching me live in their website,” Taeyeon said as she covering her mouth.

“You guys shocked aren’t ya?” Taeyeon asked her fans. She’s typing on her laptop while her camera recording her. She gaze back to it.

“Unfortunately, like I said other videos will be deleted. You guys will be watching a new whole side of me,” as Taeyeon nods like a eager 5 years old girl. Taeyeon read again the comments below.

“For my followers who had followed me through the beginning, do not worry at all. I’m still the same and I hope you guys still love me as I love you. Even after becoming an artist. Don’t forget that! You hear me?!” Taeyeon said as she point at the camera. She smiles widely.

She whined. “Ah, I should listen to her. I should write it down,” she murmured.

“Everyone. I am so sorry. I almost forgot some parts of my speech for today,”

She’s typing on her laptop once again.

“Oh. Sooyoung-ssi! I have to say thank you so much for not give up on me. Sunny-ssi, my best friend, who supported me from the beginning. Umma, Appa, Oppa. For believe in me,”

She laughed again. “Aish…I really need to refresh my thoughts again,”

She caress her hand onto her platinum-dye hair and bit her lips.

“Oh for those fans who are new here, I would like to say thank you. And I read some comment that not many people know about this company. Well for the introduction, Tehirob Entertainment is one of Sunny’s friend’s company. They just built around a year ago and recruiting other rookie as well as me to their company. Sunny is my best friend. I told you that already, right? So.. three months ago, we, my followers slash my friends, Sooyoung, Yuri, YoonA feels like I need to have some courage to perform this songs alive in Tehirob Entertainment. One lead to another, her friend liked it and asks me if I can debut instantly. I was really not expecting that but…I’m a bit shy to be honest. I was thinking I need to be prepare first. So after half a month passed, I agreed. I thought of what Sunny said to me before. And If not because Sooyoung, YoonA’s courage towards me, maybe I won’t sign the contract,” as she looks away for a moment.

“I’ve met Sooyoung and YoonA. Yuri on the other, only through video-chat. Sunny’s friend who had a share with Tehirob Entertaiment, gave her card to me. That’s where I know that Sunny is Yuri’s friend too and her brother once worked in Tehirob Entertaiment. And then we go dinner. That is when Sunny’s friend gave her card,”

Taeyeon bit her lips again and gives a wide smile.

“I shouldn’t do this. It’s because..” she sigh again before lit a giggle.

“For everyone who had followed me…they know my preference..I really thankful that my parents love me as I am. They..believe that I can go further. They knew about it when I bring my special friend that day,”

Taeyeon start twirled her chair. She read the comment below.

She smiles. “Yes, I’m already taken,” She looks at the camera. “Sorry guys…And I attend to keep this relationship as long as we shall live,”

Taeyeon typing again. “I know. It’s not always rainbow or butterfly anyway. But I will try to keep it,”

Some comments that read by Taeyeon were asking, who is the person. That she’s willing to take a risk.

“Like I said, Tehirob Entertainment is my best friend, Sunny’s friend company. So I can put my own rules and their rules. I agreed and they agreed so we signed together,”

“Thank you for making my dreams come true, everyone. If it’s not because of you, I may not be here,”

Suddenly, Taeyeon put her hands in front of her mouth.

“And to my love one,”
she whispered.

“I love you so much,”

“You’re the reason I wrote this lyrics. You’re the reason my music has been accepted,” as she continued whispering.

She suddenly giggled by her own chessines.

“Omo. I don’t know why I did that. I want to express my love. My fans, My followers, my best friends, my family. My love. Thank you all so much,”

She finally don’t have much word to say. She begins typing.

“I’ll be off record this video. Let’s reply each other as in now,”

She looks directly, passed a smile and waved before turn it off.

Before it completely off, there was a smiley-eyes girl snake her arms around Taeyeon’s neck and bite her ear playfully. Taeyeon loud voice was heard too.


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