Kisses on Tummy – TaeNy

“Stop it,” Tiffany snorts while her girlfriend still making some kisses noise on her tummy.

“I can’t help it,” she said. Taeyeon traces her finger along Tiffany’s sexy stomach, her not so obvious abs. At least to her, it is.

“You can. It just an excuse,” replied Tiffany. Taeyeon look up and sees her eyes hidden with the smile she just pulled of. Even cuter.

“Yes. But just because you’re cute,” she replied with a small laugh.

“How is it kissing my tummy…is cute again?”

Tiffany caress her girlfriend’s hair lightly. Taeyeon then lies her chin on Tiffany’s tummy after gave the last kissing noise to that body part.

“You workout, then this amazing part of yours showing the abs, and it make you sexy, cute, gorgeous in the same time,” she answered although whoever listen to that logic will make faces. Taeyeon smile widely.

Tiffany chuckled by the reason. “You really miss me, huh?”

Taeyeon look at her with pout. “Of course I miss– you so much. You don’t know how much I want to place my lips on every part of your body. Now, you’re coming with the killing abs, bare, long wide shoulder, I wanna keep yourself and never let you go,”

Taeyeon tighten her hug on Tiffany waist. She wouldn’t exactly know how much Taeyeon had missed her. Her girlfriend never been clingy and childish like this but, she doesn’t know what to feel about this woman. Or kid. Annoyed, or just love the clingy Taeyeon now.

“I misses you too, you know,” Tiffany replied.

Taeyeon from her tummy gets up and give a peck on Tiffany’s lips. “I know. Oh I didn’t say it today yet, right? I love you,” as Taeyeon look directly to her eyes. Tiffany knew that look.

Taeyeon is always sincere saying the words. It has been difficult for them to continue this long. Almost 7 years as best friends and 2 years officially being a couple, Tiffany has now felt differently about their relationship.

Couple years ago, Tiffany tried to convince Taeyeon that she was confused. Taeyeon probably didn’t meet any or befriend with guys.

Heechul oppa is another story. Although to Tiffany, he can be someone special for her but he said it himself, he sees Taeyeon only as his bestfriend. She is too, thought she couldn’t be Taeyeons’ girlfriend but Taeyeon did prove that she can be someone for her. And that makes Tiffany chose to stay with Taeyeon.

Other times they could be fighting over a little something but Taeyeon did not give up to make Tiffany fall for her again. And that’s why, Tiffany somehow, agreed that Taeyeon is part of her.

“Ppani? What are you thinking?” Taeyeon asks.

She looks at Taeyeon and raises her eyebrows. “Oh me? nothing. It just that..I’m still thinking about how we got here and what did I do to deserve you. Because Tae, you are so–” Tiffany paused. Looking at Taeyeon eyes deeply. Her hand automatically caress Taeyeon’s face slowly. Taking her fringe to put it behind her ear.

Taeyeon gave the wide smile. She pulls Tiffany closely and kiss her. Slowly and then passionately.

After several minutes on kissing, Taeyeon pulls her lips and kiss Tiffany’s forehead. “You shouldn’t have to think about that Ppani. If it is, should be me who needs to think what should I do to keep you around. You’re the best thing that ever happened to me and I’m glad you and me finally a couple. I should be the one who should worry because you, girl, you don’t know how much guys out there are waiting for me to breaking up with you, trying to snitch you from me,” Taeyeon paused when she sense Tiffany’s eyes keep looking at her. Amused. Smile appeared.

“You surely know how make me feel fluttered,” said Tiffany.

“I sure am. Just look at the girl I’m in love with,” said Taeyeon.

“Aish.. You’re always got the end,” replied Tiffany.

Suddenly, a buzz coming from Taeyeon’s smartphone on the table beside their bed.

“Emergency?” asks Tiffany as Taeyeon press some numbers to make a call.

“Hello. Inspector Kim Taeyeon here,”

Tiffany keep quite to let Taeyeon speaks on the phone.

“Oh. Cant it wait? I have some personal issues to take care of. Tomorrow it will be the first thing I do, sir,”

Tiffany sometimes dislike these. When she’s here, Taeyeon have some cases to solve. When she’s busy, Taeyeon would be free. Not always but sometimes. She even wish if they could be younger back and they would be meeting at the cafe and eat lunch together before going to their perspective class.

A kiss on the cheek woke her up. “Stop thinking Ppani. You are mine today. Not your brain, alright? ”

Tiffany suddenly hugs the smaller woman. Taeyeon caught off guard. “Thank you,”

Tiffany release the hug. “And I love you very very much too,”

Taeyeon smiled and shook her head slowly. “You’re like a child somehow,”

“Excuse me? who said kissing tummy because I’m cute earlier?”

Taeyeon laughs. She then pulls back Tiffany closer to her after finish laugh. “Now where should I begin with?”

Tiffany bit her lips. Taeyeon slowly reaches to Tiffanys’ right ear and whisper. “Maybe kissing on your tummy as start,”

Tiffany tightly close her eyes. Let Taeyeon start it.



A:n :- imagine it was a vlog by Taeyeon

*press record*

“Hi! It’s me, Taeyeon. Kim.Tae.yeon,”

“As you know, my songs has been released by Tehirob Entertainment. Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity. My fans. Without you guys, I’ll never make it. It’s been two weeks and I have received letters and gifts. So.. Thank you very much,”

Taeyeon relaxed her voice. She looks at her camera and smiles. Then laugh.

“It’s really…. I don’t know how to start. I may have did so many vlogs already but as I signed the contract three months ago, this is like a new whole of me. We’re both…me and my company I I am now under them, decided that we will close this account. To those who seen this live, I would like to tell you guys. That you guys have three days before I completely shut this vlog,” said Taeyeon as she knows her fans could save her vlog, easy.

Taeyeon sighed. She read the comment under her live vlog. But her smile to her fans still there. She looks at the camera again.

“Everyone, I’m sorry for closing this account. Because..This account is not under the company. Instead, you will be watching me live in their website,” Taeyeon said as she covering her mouth.

“You guys shocked aren’t ya?” Taeyeon asked her fans. She’s typing on her laptop while her camera recording her. She gaze back to it.

“Unfortunately, like I said other videos will be deleted. You guys will be watching a new whole side of me,” as Taeyeon nods like a eager 5 years old girl. Taeyeon read again the comments below.

“For my followers who had followed me through the beginning, do not worry at all. I’m still the same and I hope you guys still love me as I love you. Even after becoming an artist. Don’t forget that! You hear me?!” Taeyeon said as she point at the camera. She smiles widely.

She whined. “Ah, I should listen to her. I should write it down,” she murmured.

“Everyone. I am so sorry. I almost forgot some parts of my speech for today,”

She’s typing on her laptop once again.

“Oh. Sooyoung-ssi! I have to say thank you so much for not give up on me. Sunny-ssi, my best friend, who supported me from the beginning. Umma, Appa, Oppa. For believe in me,”

She laughed again. “Aish…I really need to refresh my thoughts again,”

She caress her hand onto her platinum-dye hair and bit her lips.

“Oh for those fans who are new here, I would like to say thank you. And I read some comment that not many people know about this company. Well for the introduction, Tehirob Entertainment is one of Sunny’s friend’s company. They just built around a year ago and recruiting other rookie as well as me to their company. Sunny is my best friend. I told you that already, right? So.. three months ago, we, my followers slash my friends, Sooyoung, Yuri, YoonA feels like I need to have some courage to perform this songs alive in Tehirob Entertainment. One lead to another, her friend liked it and asks me if I can debut instantly. I was really not expecting that but…I’m a bit shy to be honest. I was thinking I need to be prepare first. So after half a month passed, I agreed. I thought of what Sunny said to me before. And If not because Sooyoung, YoonA’s courage towards me, maybe I won’t sign the contract,” as she looks away for a moment.

“I’ve met Sooyoung and YoonA. Yuri on the other, only through video-chat. Sunny’s friend who had a share with Tehirob Entertaiment, gave her card to me. That’s where I know that Sunny is Yuri’s friend too and her brother once worked in Tehirob Entertaiment. And then we go dinner. That is when Sunny’s friend gave her card,”

Taeyeon bit her lips again and gives a wide smile.

“I shouldn’t do this. It’s because..” she sigh again before lit a giggle.

“For everyone who had followed me…they know my preference..I really thankful that my parents love me as I am. They..believe that I can go further. They knew about it when I bring my special friend that day,”

Taeyeon start twirled her chair. She read the comment below.

She smiles. “Yes, I’m already taken,” She looks at the camera. “Sorry guys…And I attend to keep this relationship as long as we shall live,”

Taeyeon typing again. “I know. It’s not always rainbow or butterfly anyway. But I will try to keep it,”

Some comments that read by Taeyeon were asking, who is the person. That she’s willing to take a risk.

“Like I said, Tehirob Entertainment is my best friend, Sunny’s friend company. So I can put my own rules and their rules. I agreed and they agreed so we signed together,”

“Thank you for making my dreams come true, everyone. If it’s not because of you, I may not be here,”

Suddenly, Taeyeon put her hands in front of her mouth.

“And to my love one,”
she whispered.

“I love you so much,”

“You’re the reason I wrote this lyrics. You’re the reason my music has been accepted,” as she continued whispering.

She suddenly giggled by her own chessines.

“Omo. I don’t know why I did that. I want to express my love. My fans, My followers, my best friends, my family. My love. Thank you all so much,”

She finally don’t have much word to say. She begins typing.

“I’ll be off record this video. Let’s reply each other as in now,”

She looks directly, passed a smile and waved before turn it off.

Before it completely off, there was a smiley-eyes girl snake her arms around Taeyeon’s neck and bite her ear playfully. Taeyeon loud voice was heard too.


It’s 3 a.m and Taeyeon can’t sleep.

All day Taeyeon went out, she tired herself but still, it is 3 in the morning and Taeyeon couldn’t sleep.

She picks up her phone and turn on the camera. She look herself in camera and playing with her hair. She huffed and sighed. She put her pout on and click. Snap her selfie. She thought of sharing it. She did. The caption read ‘I miss…’

She pulled a smile. Satisfied to say it. Doesn’t matter what the fans would guess but she did miss. Yes to her family of course. It almost two months without them because of miles away from.

But she is in home with her family so she is not miss her family.

The phone buzzing. Indicate that her photo just liked and comment by her fans. Then, she received a direct post in her instagram. She’s afraid it might be some inappropiate pictures but her guts tell her to open. She decides to open.

Suddenly appear a wide smile on her face. Below the photo of person who sent the direct post which she was just thinking of when she posted her pout picture, written ‘you should sleep, Tae. Miss you too (; ‘

Taeyeon replied “I did want too. but not until I know you’re alright,”

Then, her other social apps start to pop out.

“I’m fine. You’re with family now. We’ll have plenty time together,”

“I know. I can’t help but miss,”

“You’re so cute!! Later Taengoo. I’ll come back. Right now, go to sleep. Love you (; ”

Taeyeon smile widen. “Love you Yeppeuni. Be safe and miss me,”

Taeyeon gets blushing icon from her. She cant help but open the recent picture of someone she miss and kiss her phone.

Now, she really want to sleep so the day could be arriveĀ to the day she will meet her and spending time together.

TaeNy – Oblivious or…

She is sitting in the couch, as Tiffany walked by her and have a sit next to her.

“What are you watching, Taeyeon?” Tiffany asks.

“Woman in Desires,” Taeyeon answered.

“Give me the remote,” Tiffany pointed to the remote control beside Taeyeon.

“Why? I want to watch this show,”

Tiffany stares at Taeyeon for a long time. Suddenly she chuckled. “Yah, since when do you like this kind of drama, Taeyeonnie?”

“Since you’re busy with those work,” Taeyeon gets up for few seconds, back with plastic wrapper contained jellyworms and eat it.

“Hey, those work is my stepping stone. I wouldn’t have this kind of house if I didn’t do any of those work,”

“So quit the job and stay with me. I can give you a job. Be my personal assistant,” as she chewed on jellyworms.

“Taeyeonnie, we talk about this,”

“No. We don’t,”

“Are you seriously want to do this again? Really?” Tiffany frowned. Even Taeyeon doesn’t look at her properly. She focused on a drama.

“I am not gonna let my best friend, use her power to give me a job while I want to have a job because of my effort,” as Tiffany took some of jellyworm from Taeyeon.

“You just did the opposite. You stole my jellyworm without any effort to get it from me,”

“How does that act applicable to your situation, asking me to work with you again?” ask Tiffany.

“You should ask me if I want to share with you my jellyworms,”

Tiffany squint her eyes to Taeyeon. “Just why should I ask you? You’re my best friend. Best friend share anything,”

“No. Best friend don’t share anything. If you want to share anything with someone, at least you are part of family, or you have a relationship with someone,” as Taeyeon luckily found the longest jellyworm in the wrapper.

“Wow! You’re lucky,” Tiffany said when Taeyeon showed that jellyworm. She then chuckled when Taeyeon let the longest jellyworm hanging on her lips.

“So..what kind of relationship should I be with you then?” ask Tiffany.

Taeyeon raise her eyebrows while the jellyworm still hanging on her mouth. She sees the chance to do it.

“Eat this,” said Taeyeon, shows the end of the jellyworm.

Tiffany smiled. She followed what Taeyeon said.

Tiffany sense Taeyeon getting closer and closer. She doesn’t want Taeyeon take all of it so Tiffany start chewing too. Taeyeon did not let her eyes missing Tiffany’s eyes smile.

At one centimeter long between Taeyeons’ lips and Tiffany’s, Taeyeon did a leap to capture Tiffany’s lips.

That one moment, Tiffany is stun by Taeyeon’s action. She widens her eyes while Taeyeon just cutted the jellyworm between her captured lips.

“Be mine, if you want to share anything with me,” said Taeyeon.

Tiffany didn’t realize that Taeyeon has let go her lips, chewing the rest of the jellyworm, smiling. Or she is showing smirks. She still surprise at the bold Taeyeon of doing it like that.

“Are you sure?” ask Tiffany.

“..huh? What kind of question is that?” Taeyeon frowned. Supposed Tiffany should say why or what but she ask if she sure about that or not.

“I kissed you.. O-of course I am sure!”

“’re blushing. Kinda cute,” said Tiffany, cover her lips, giggled.

“..yah.. please tell me..what is-..your answer,” Taeyeon stutters. 6 years of befriending with Tiffany, and this is really not her being shy, and completely blushing in front of her. Yes, sometimes she did then and now but this is like a whole different things going on.

“Are you oblivious or plain stupid, Kim Taeyeon?” said Tiffany.


“If I were not into you, I would be running by now. You wouldn’t get to call me for like one week. We are not talking like this, we’re not fighting like this, we’ll be like avoiding each other if I’m not into you, you’ll be miss me if I did tha-..”

Taeyeon kiss her once again. This time with motions. Up and down, tongue collides and steady the kisses by putting the right hand behind Tiffany’s neck.

Taeyeon let go of the kiss once she needs the air.

“Sorry..You talked too much,” said Taeyeon, showing her wide smile.

“Sorry..I talk less if you want,”

“No. You dont have too. I like it. It just, I’ve been wanting to kiss you like this,”

Tiffany peck her lips. “Thanks Taeyeon. I’m glad to be part of your family,”

Taeyeon widen her eyes. “What? No! I don’t say be part of my family, I want you to be mine in a relationship. Sisters don’t kiss like this!”

“Yah! Really? You’re being plain stupid or-..!”
Tiffany sentences get shut by Taeyeons’ point finger.

“They did say, when a person fell in love, their intelligence dropped to zero. Don’t blame me if I start being stupid,” replied Taeyeon.

“I don’t know you being stupid or being corny, cheesy person-..”

“Would you like to spend your whole life for this person?”

“…Fine. Because you’re cute,”

“Cute only?”

“And I love you,”

Taeyeon smile at the last word. “I love you too, Miyoung.” she replied. They shared another kiss.

“oh,” Taeyeon suddenly pull herself between the kisses.

“What?” Tiffany asked.

“The P.A thing I talked earlier still open for you,”

Tiffany rolled her eyes. “Shut up and kiss me Taeyeon,”

“Glad to,”

Random Babblings 2

Yeap..its another random babbles from me.

This is what I feel after I see the smokey makeup on Taeyeon when she performed Shake that Brass with Amber.

Yes.. call me pervert if you want. The moment I see her eyes with that hot smokey eyes makeup, I felt like Tiffany has the urge to kiss her harshly.

if this was a real story, I felt like Tiffany would suddenly grabs Taeyeon into the corner and find herself passionately kiss those lips.

its like Taeyeon eyes smokey effect turned her on.

And Taeyeon just perplexed why the hell that kind of kiss come from. moreover its Tiffany, not her boyfriend. hahaha.

yeah. my mind right now for TaeNy is more monsterous than it should.

I just felt that Tiffany knew how Taeyeon feelings to her but at the same time, she is afraid if she mistaken Taeyeon doesnt even have feelings for her like that.

Tiff, it takes two hands to clap you know.

I think Taeyeon did or maybe still have some feelings that one to be true. I mean she had those feeling for Tiff. but she always knew what happened if she did receive Tiff feelings.

Look what happened about those two had couple. Fanwars.

Random Babblings

its actually because lately on Taeyeons birthday, she mentioned about Tiffany said she misses her. What if their conversation becomes like this?

Taeyeon: Fany-ah, I just listened to your OST song. Wahhh daebak giya. Your voice that moment was awesome!! Are you going to against your leader now isnt it? Love it. the song.

Tiffany: haha very funny. listen. I really miss you tonight. Going to meet you soon okay?

Taeyeon: yah. I’m just saying i really liked your OST. why the sudden declaration of I miss you? kekekeke. I miss you too, Fany-ah. Come back soon~

Tiffany: kkekeke..My feeling right now is missing you. of course i need to say I misses you.

Taeyeon: Aigoo..sometimes I really dont understand you. but sometimes I understand what are you trying to say. You cant do this to my heart Fany-ah.

Tiffany: I love what we are having. To the point I dont mind if we go to the next step.

Taeyeon: What are you implying about? kekekeke.

Tiffany: I have been thinking lately Taeyeon. if you want, then I dont mind too. but you really need to think about your parents feeling. No matter what happen from here and then, you can return to your family.

Taeyeon: Are you saying that you want to have commitment with me?

Tiffany: Only if you want.

Taeyeon: I just wish I never born in Korea.

Tiffany: I am American after all. You wanna run away? with me?

Taeyeon: Yah! are you crazy?!

Tiffany: Just kidding with you Tae. but TaeNy is trending much more than usual because of you. You were taking care of me since the day I hurt my ankle. You’re the one who gets so hyper.

Taeyeon: I’m being the leader. Of course I need to take care of my members.

Tiffany: Gosh..baekhyunnie really deserves you.

Taeyeon: Nickhun too. He really deserves you a lot than me.

Tiffany: Thanks but really. if i need to save someone, I want that someone to be you, Tae.

Taeyeon: me too. I will save you too if you are that someone.

Tiffany: Thanks again Taeyeon. well..Gotta let myself sleep for another shooting tomorrow.. I miss you Tae. love you, wifey. kkkk.

Taeyeon: kk.. alright then. Love you too, Fany-ah.

Sunny cant sleep because of those typing sound came out from Taeyeon smartphone.

Sunny: I want to tell you the truth. I am somehow in the middle of knowing someone.

Taeyeon: Really? is he cool with you?

Sunny smiled. Sunny: I didnt say that person is a guy.

Taeyeon: Are you out of your mind?!

Sunny: Its become common already. so if you really love that someone, you better make sure she is worthy. I’m sure your parents loves you no matter what.

Ttaeyeon: t..Thanks.

YulSic – Together in Bed

Jessica awake by the buzz sound that come out from her phone. She reached for it and dismiss the alarm. She put down the phone back to its place and tuck the pillow back to her head as well her body start find another peace-comfort lie on the bed again.

She about to enter her dreamland when she looks at the person beside her.

So messy. Jessica smile at that sight. She bits her lips and decide to take that sight as a memory in her phone.


The camera on her phone shutter. “Oh shi–” Jessica pretend to sleep after.

The person start to shift her body to Jessica side. She moan as her hand start to roam searching Jessica’s waist.

“Yah! Its tickle Yuri-ah,” Jessica squeal.

“Then do not ever think to capture me when I’m asleep,”

Turn out Yuri has waken earlier.