Kisses on Tummy – TaeNy

“Stop it,” Tiffany snorts while her girlfriend still making some kisses noise on her tummy.

“I can’t help it,” she said. Taeyeon traces her finger along Tiffany’s sexy stomach, her not so obvious abs. At least to her, it is.

“You can. It just an excuse,” replied Tiffany. Taeyeon look up and sees her eyes hidden with the smile she just pulled of. Even cuter.

“Yes. But just because you’re cute,” she replied with a small laugh.

“How is it kissing my tummy…is cute again?”

Tiffany caress her girlfriend’s hair lightly. Taeyeon then lies her chin on Tiffany’s tummy after gave the last kissing noise to that body part.

“You workout, then this amazing part of yours showing the abs, and it make you sexy, cute, gorgeous in the same time,” she answered although whoever listen to that logic will make faces. Taeyeon smile widely.

Tiffany chuckled by the reason. “You really miss me, huh?”

Taeyeon look at her with pout. “Of course I miss– you so much. You don’t know how much I want to place my lips on every part of your body. Now, you’re coming with the killing abs, bare, long wide shoulder, I wanna keep yourself and never let you go,”

Taeyeon tighten her hug on Tiffany waist. She wouldn’t exactly know how much Taeyeon had missed her. Her girlfriend never been clingy and childish like this but, she doesn’t know what to feel about this woman. Or kid. Annoyed, or just love the clingy Taeyeon now.

“I misses you too, you know,” Tiffany replied.

Taeyeon from her tummy gets up and give a peck on Tiffany’s lips. “I know. Oh I didn’t say it today yet, right? I love you,” as Taeyeon look directly to her eyes. Tiffany knew that look.

Taeyeon is always sincere saying the words. It has been difficult for them to continue this long. Almost 7 years as best friends and 2 years officially being a couple, Tiffany has now felt differently about their relationship.

Couple years ago, Tiffany tried to convince Taeyeon that she was confused. Taeyeon probably didn’t meet any or befriend with guys.

Heechul oppa is another story. Although to Tiffany, he can be someone special for her but he said it himself, he sees Taeyeon only as his bestfriend. She is too, thought she couldn’t be Taeyeons’ girlfriend but Taeyeon did prove that she can be someone for her. And that makes Tiffany chose to stay with Taeyeon.

Other times they could be fighting over a little something but Taeyeon did not give up to make Tiffany fall for her again. And that’s why, Tiffany somehow, agreed that Taeyeon is part of her.

“Ppani? What are you thinking?” Taeyeon asks.

She looks at Taeyeon and raises her eyebrows. “Oh me? nothing. It just that..I’m still thinking about how we got here and what did I do to deserve you. Because Tae, you are so–” Tiffany paused. Looking at Taeyeon eyes deeply. Her hand automatically caress Taeyeon’s face slowly. Taking her fringe to put it behind her ear.

Taeyeon gave the wide smile. She pulls Tiffany closely and kiss her. Slowly and then passionately.

After several minutes on kissing, Taeyeon pulls her lips and kiss Tiffany’s forehead. “You shouldn’t have to think about that Ppani. If it is, should be me who needs to think what should I do to keep you around. You’re the best thing that ever happened to me and I’m glad you and me finally a couple. I should be the one who should worry because you, girl, you don’t know how much guys out there are waiting for me to breaking up with you, trying to snitch you from me,” Taeyeon paused when she sense Tiffany’s eyes keep looking at her. Amused. Smile appeared.

“You surely know how make me feel fluttered,” said Tiffany.

“I sure am. Just look at the girl I’m in love with,” said Taeyeon.

“Aish.. You’re always got the end,” replied Tiffany.

Suddenly, a buzz coming from Taeyeon’s smartphone on the table beside their bed.

“Emergency?” asks Tiffany as Taeyeon press some numbers to make a call.

“Hello. Inspector Kim Taeyeon here,”

Tiffany keep quite to let Taeyeon speaks on the phone.

“Oh. Cant it wait? I have some personal issues to take care of. Tomorrow it will be the first thing I do, sir,”

Tiffany sometimes dislike these. When she’s here, Taeyeon have some cases to solve. When she’s busy, Taeyeon would be free. Not always but sometimes. She even wish if they could be younger back and they would be meeting at the cafe and eat lunch together before going to their perspective class.

A kiss on the cheek woke her up. “Stop thinking Ppani. You are mine today. Not your brain, alright? ”

Tiffany suddenly hugs the smaller woman. Taeyeon caught off guard. “Thank you,”

Tiffany release the hug. “And I love you very very much too,”

Taeyeon smiled and shook her head slowly. “You’re like a child somehow,”

“Excuse me? who said kissing tummy because I’m cute earlier?”

Taeyeon laughs. She then pulls back Tiffany closer to her after finish laugh. “Now where should I begin with?”

Tiffany bit her lips. Taeyeon slowly reaches to Tiffanys’ right ear and whisper. “Maybe kissing on your tummy as start,”

Tiffany tightly close her eyes. Let Taeyeon start it.



It’s 3 a.m and Taeyeon can’t sleep.

All day Taeyeon went out, she tired herself but still, it is 3 in the morning and Taeyeon couldn’t sleep.

She picks up her phone and turn on the camera. She look herself in camera and playing with her hair. She huffed and sighed. She put her pout on and click. Snap her selfie. She thought of sharing it. She did. The caption read ‘I miss…’

She pulled a smile. Satisfied to say it. Doesn’t matter what the fans would guess but she did miss. Yes to her family of course. It almost two months without them because of miles away from.

But she is in home with her family so she is not miss her family.

The phone buzzing. Indicate that her photo just liked and comment by her fans. Then, she received a direct post in her instagram. She’s afraid it might be some inappropiate pictures but her guts tell her to open. She decides to open.

Suddenly appear a wide smile on her face. Below the photo of person who sent the direct post which she was just thinking of when she posted her pout picture, written ‘you should sleep, Tae. Miss you too (; ‘

Taeyeon replied “I did want too. but not until I know you’re alright,”

Then, her other social apps start to pop out.

“I’m fine. You’re with family now. We’ll have plenty time together,”

“I know. I can’t help but miss,”

“You’re so cute!! Later Taengoo. I’ll come back. Right now, go to sleep. Love you (; ”

Taeyeon smile widen. “Love you Yeppeuni. Be safe and miss me,”

Taeyeon gets blushing icon from her. She cant help but open the recent picture of someone she miss and kiss her phone.

Now, she really want to sleep so the day could be arrive to the day she will meet her and spending time together.

Yulsic – Point of View

Their eyes met. But no words come out from Yuri’s mouth. She averted her eyes from Jessica’s and walked away to enter the store. Jessica is sitting on the big bench, scrolling her smartphone while listening to the music on her headphone.

Yuri close the door of the store and moved to the computer at the counter in front.

Jessica knew what she would be doing on the counter. Jessica suddenly have the urge to smile, thinking about it.

She unplugged her headphone. She put down her smartphone and call out Yuri’s name.

“Yuri-ah. Can I talk to you?”

Yuri closes her eyes, frowning. “What did I say to you? Never ever talk to me. Which part don’t you get that?” said Yuri when she start to search what she want on computer. She doesn’t even look at Jessica when she replied.

“It’s your last day working here anyway. Is it hurt to have a talk with me on your last day?” asks Jessica.

“Seohyun will be here. Talk to her and I will tell her to talk to you. Stop talking to me,”

“This isn’t about work. This is about what’s going on last month. I want your answer. And I want to explain-…”

“There’s nothing to explain. You liked me, I don’t like you that way and you annoyed me. That’s why I don’t want you to talk to me,” said Yuri. Finally meet Jessica’s eyes again.

Jessica pucker her lips. “Please. For the last time Yul. All I want right now is some..closure. To forget and never repeat another mistake like this,”

Yuri tuck her hair behind her ear. She folded her arms and leaning to the counter. “Make it quick. Like you’ve said. This is the last time we ever talk,”

“Thanks…” Jessica made a line on her lips. Yuri waiting for Jessica’s question.

“…When you figure out that what I’m writing a post about you or to put in the easy that I like you..what is going on through your mind? What is that you see in me? What is your.. I don’t know.. your feeling when you know that I like you?”

Yuri keep her frown face. She sighed and look down before unfolded her arms and put her hand on the counter. “You are a lady. You are a lady that supposed to be with a man. You’re pretty and you should be with a man. That’s all. You aren’t supposed to like me. I’m just a you. When I figure that K.Y was me, all I ever think about is making you to realize that I’m not into you. What favor I did to you is because you are too nice that everyone take advantage from you. Not that I’m into you,”

Jessica still glued her eyes on Yuri. “This isn’t supposed to be happen. Because I’m just doing a favor. I’m helping you when you need me. Its not like I’m doing it because of you. I am this kind of person. I help when somebody wanted help. I’m not perfect either so you shouldn’t like me,”

“To answer you. it was that. I’m uncomfortable with you being clingy up to me. I don’t like you smile to the smallest thing ever happen to you. I don’t like the way you laugh and making those jokes. I don’t like when you exactly know how to fix something but you called me. I don’t like it. That’s why you need to stay far away from me. You are somewhat I call crazy and weird,”

Yuri rubbed her temple. “Please. You don’t have to explain. Just stop right here,”

“…You know what I see in you Yul?” Jessica voice crooked. She held tears when she heard what Yuri said about her.

“You’re like a shining stone to me. Which doesn’t do anything but shining and just bright my day. I wasn’t that easy to get. I know a lot of man, I mean.. a man would be right there for me. But I happened to fall for you right now. When I start to know that the shining stone belong to someone else, I can’t give you that easily somehow. That’s why I start to become clingy onto you,”

“Please.. Don’t cry, alright? I hate to see you cry,” Yuri turn around her head and ignore Jessica that sit on the bench.

“I’m sorry. I just need you to know that I’m not asking for the feeling. I like you because for that reason. And I know I become annoyed to you for that reason also,”

Yuri kept quite about it. She keeps searching what she wanted on the computer.

“….I’m just gonna go to the restroom for awhile. Thanks Yuri-ah. For talking to me,” said Jessica.

Yuri actually cant see anything on the computer. Because the tears that floating in her eyes prevent it.

“Unnie!” a voice surprised her.

Yuri pretend to rub her eyes. “Hey Alicia. What are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be school right now?”

“Duhh. its holiday. Its June alright?”

“Yeah right. I forgot. I’m sorry,”

“….Are you crying unnie?”

” No. of course not. My eyes itched,”

“I’m gonna sit at the bench behind. I want to meet Sica Unnie. She said she had one final magic trick I can show to my friends,”

“Oh really? Sica unnie and her magic trick again huh?” Yuri giggled.

“Yeah. I like Sica unnie. She is crazy and weird. You know what I saw before I enter this boutique? She slaps her face and showed me toothy smile through her way to the restroom,”

Yuri smiled. Imagine that sight. “Yeah.. she is a bit crazy and weird,”

“But thats what unique about her isnt it? Thats why I like her. Do you like Sica unnie like I did too?”

Yuri give a soft scoffed. “Probably the way you can’t imagine, little girl,” said Yuri as she smirks a little.

TaeNy – No More

Sunny look at Taeyeon sips on the coffee carefully.

She rolled her eyes and groan when she look at Taeyeon expression. Taeyeon look better-..or might even worse than she thought. She even smile. Taeyeon likes bitter coffee. That expression Sunny saw earlier on Taeyeon’s face didn’t change despite what happened 2 weeks ago.

“Yah Taeyeon,”

“What?” Taeyeon asked.

“Are you aware which state are you right now?”

“Ermmm.. I don’t understand,” Taeyeon give lines on her lips.

“She despised you. She doesn’t want to talk to you, look at you and even get a help from you. Did you know that?” Sunny look straight to Taeyeon’s eyes.

“She’s leaving in two weeks top Sunny-ah. I can handle it for a little longer. Thanks for your concern,” Taeyeon scroll up her smartphone.

“I’m not saying that you can’t handle it. The way I’m seeing it, torture me instead. You’re my best friend. I know you. But she doesn’t know you and she just judge you because you like her that way. As your best friend, I am mad for you at her but you seems…natural. It’s like you’re trying to act normal. When that…hurts you… A lot. I know because I’m your best friend Taeyeon,” Sunny ends.

“I’m alright. Okay Sunkyu?”

“No. You’re not. Sunkyu is the name you called me when you know I’m right,”

“Okay..Sunny. Listen to me. It’s….no more. Understand? For all I care right now, I want to end my career there and move on,”

“You’re lying,”

“What are you talking about?” said Taeyeon.

“You still like her, don’t you? Even she is like that to you, you still want to be there for her, don’t you?”

Taeyeon knows that Sunny was right. Having this girl for 6 years as best friend in her life made the tricks.

“….Yes. Despite what she did to me, I still like her. She’ll leave. Alright Sunny? I will forget about her and move on eventually. I promise that I’ll stay till next month. We agreed,” said Taeyeon.

“Tae, that was promise you made with her when she didn’t know that you like her. Now, she knew you like her, she didn’t even bother to look at you. Quit the job. That kind of girl wouldn’t remember things like this anymore. She is mad and dislike things around you,”


Sunny sighed. She look up.

“There is no reason you continue to stay. I heard that even if you try to have a talk with her, she goes away. What do you expect? That one day, before she leave, she realized that you didn’t ask for this feeling? You’ve never be in love before? That she’s the first girl you’d never thought you would see love when you see her? and she’ll talk to you again?”


Sunny rubs her temple. She can’t say anything else if Taeyeon decided.

“I cried every night,”


“I cant be mad at her so I cried. I hate the way she despise me. But my heart felt guilty. Because of me, her smile disappeared–…”

“That’s the cue! You shouldn’t be there!”

“How can I? What reason should I tell my parents? My siblings? They didn’t know about my preference, alright? How can I break their hearts saying that I like a girl in my work place when they gave everything to me?”

Sunny closed her mouth.

“You don’t know how miserable I am when I happened to like her. I tried to stay far from her. But everything she does, everything she speaks about, everything..make me like her more. I became greedy. I need her to know that I like her. Knowing that she’s gonna marry a guy after she quit this month-…”

“Wait.. what? She wanna marry? Already?” Sunny widens her eyes.

Taeyeon paused. she looks down before answer Sunny. “…yes. and that’s why I need her to stay away far from me,”

Sunny furrows her eyebrows.

“She needs to stay away from you? Not the other way around?” asked Sunny.

“…” Taeyeon in silence.

“She already told me that she dislike people who cant think through. People who does not have faith in God. She dislike people who cant change for themselves. She dislike people who don’t know manners and shames…And to answer your question why I still want to stay there, is because I want to make her realize. There is nothing she should be afraid with me. I’m like any other girl. I cried, sensitive. Love to watch romance, reading novels. Beside all of that, what reason should I give to my family anyway if I want to quit,” Taeyeon stopped. She made the cup in front of her spinning by fidgeting her fingers to it.

“Tell them the truth, Taeyeon. They’re your family. They would understand,” said Sunny.

Taeyeon look at Sunny. She chuckled bitterly. She shook her head.

“Remember that old slut before Fany worked with me?”

Sunny nod. “What about that slut?

Taeyeon look down. “My family didn’t even try to encourage me to quit the job because of what that old slut did to me. How can I convince them that I really want to quit just because she despise me? They probably saying ‘Oh Taetae, many girls would be like that because they are jealous. Continue your work. If you don’t like it, try search for the new job right now and then you can leave it. You cant quit a job then find another job.'” Mocked Taeyeon.

“They would repeat another same sentences all over again. Believe me. What choice do I have?”

Sunny frown. Taeyeon smile to see her friends’ face.

“Do you understand my dilemma now? I know she despise me. But she will quit in two weeks top. Because she’ll be marry. But what do I get if I quit right now? It’s not like I’m gonna marry someone. I do pity her because she needs to see this face everyday. I do feel guilty inside. I do want to quit before her. But I can’t. Because on the other side, my family didn’t know about my preferences so if I happened to quit suddenly, they would say I’m an idiot. I waste the paid they gave me,”

Sunny can sense that Taeyeon hold another tears.

“Second of all, I want her to talk me back. Because no matter how much she despise me, my heart still flattered, beating fast for her. Yes. Like you’ve said, part of me want her to know that I don’t ask for this feeling and she is the first girl who I happened to see what love is. And before she quit for real, I want to talk to her one last time, I want to say I’m sorry for feeling this way and I want to say thanks for all what she had done to me,” continued Taeyeon.

“Believe me…It’ll be no more of it after that. She’ll leave and I’m gonna move on,”

Sunny sighed again. “It’s your decision anyway. I’m not saying you should but if there are no results after what you did, after all those sincere you’ve given to her, I think that you must be an idiot from the beginning. You are hopeless,” she stopped.

“..Lets talk about another thing. Please Sunkyu,” Taeyeon then reaches her smartphone.

Sunny scoffed in silent. She then smirk a little. She shook her head and thinking how this girl stuck her own self like this while Taeyeon knows she’s right.

TaeNy – Follow Your Heart

Taeyeon walks towards a restaurant that she promised to meet Tiffany. She stops at first and looks between window display before decided to come in. She sees Tiffany waited for her on the seat. Finally Taeyeon entered. Taeyeon patted Tiffany’s shoulder. Once Tiffany turn, Taeyeon already on the other side. She turns another way and sees Taeyeon sits in front of her. “Hi,” Tiffany gave her eyes smile when she got trick by Taeyeon. Taeyeon smile widely and Tiffany stands up a bit and throw her a hug. Taeyeon laughed. She misses the throw hug. She misses Tiffany Hwang.

“It’s been three years and you still can’t stop throwing a hug on me,” Taeyeon said as she moves forward to look at Tiffany better.

“I will never stop,” the simple answer Tiffany gives her. They called the waitress. “I’m having what’s shes’ having,” quickly Tiffany said. Taeyeon shook her head slowly and say to the waitress what she wants. The waitress go with the order.

“’s your years in States?” asks Taeyeon.

“Hmmm.. I see a lot of your face,” answered Tiffany.

“Huh? Why me?” Taeyeon raised her eyebrows.

“Because..I missed you for that three years,” Tiffany shows her puppy eyes.

“Aww. thank you Fany-ah,” Taeyeon replied.

Tiffany chuckled. She slaps Taeyeons’ hand. “And you! how dare you get a boyfriend before me. We promised right? to get one at the same time,”

Taeyeon chuckled. “We’re not that young Fany-ah and he happened to asks me, so I agreed on it. I mean..what could happen. And I believe, you got more dates than me so why when I get boyfriend, it now becomes a big deal?”

Tiffany crinkle her nose. “At least you should have more dates before chose him,”

Taeyeon held her hands and smile. “I’m sure you’ll get one sooner,” Taeyeon somehow felt uneasy when she said that to Tiffany.

“…Yeah right. Since you mentioned that we are not young anymore, my confidence from this high to this low,” as Tiffany gesture with her right hand. Both of them giggles.

“So what time your boyfriend will come here?” Tiffany asked.

“He said to me that he’s gonna be late due to his work. Lets… just forget him for a moment. This time is about you and me,” Taeyeon smiled. She has been missing her for that three years too. Probably more than Tiffany can imagine.

They talked about how suddenly they become strangers to each other for the six months earlier after Tiffany went to States. On how they become closer with Skype, Facebook and Twitter after. Then not long after the conversation started, Taeyeons’ boyfriend came. Taeyeon waves to her and Tiffany turn around to see him finally. “gosh TaeTae. No wonder you agreed immedietly. He’s hot,”

“Just don’t say that in front of him, he will keep bragging about it and tell me I’m not wrong in choosing him,”

Taeyeon’s boyfriend kissed Taeyeons’ cheeks. Taeyeon got surprised nonetheless and that makes Taeyeon widens her eyes. She isn’t good with affections publicly. She smile nervously and her face is in heat.

“Aww~ Taeyeon is blushing when you kissed her! That’s rare,” Taeyeons’ boyfriend chuckled by Tiffany statement. He introduced himself. “I’m Jongeun. Choi Jongeun. And that was her first time. I try to impress someone who is dearly to my girlfriend,”

“Well..Bond. James Bond. I’m kidding. Tiffany. Hwang Tiffany. Nice to meet you personally Oppa,” she shakes her hands with Jongeun. “You really shouldn’t have, you know. You just made me jealous more, that’s for sure,” Tiffany said it in joke manner.

“Nice to meet you too. Taeyeon can’t stop talking about how close you are. How long is your friendship now?” As Jongeun take his seat and order a set of food.

“It’s been 13 years since highschool. Right, Tae?” Tiffany avert her eyes to Taeyeon.

“Yup. 13 years of blissful,”

“Oh yeah. And Taeyeon did mention to me that you don’t have a boyfriend yet,” said him. Tiffany gasped and glares at Taeyeon. Taeyeon hit Jongeun shoulder. Taeyeon who just take a drink almost choked. “Yah oppa. I told you that was a secret!”

“Haha. Ouch! I’m sorry. I’m sorry Tiffany.”

“It’s okay. I just can’t find my soulmate yet except Taeyeon here,” Tiffany points out. Taeyeon just giggled by that statement.

“l happen to have a friend that throw party this weekend. If you want to go, maybe you’ll find another soulmate other than Taeyeon. I can’t share Taeyeon with you,”

“Choi Jongeun,” Taeyeon glared.

Tiffany chuckled. She was taken back when Jongeun said she cant share Taeyeon. “…You know what? Yeah. You’re right. Maybe I should come to the party. Taeyeon, can you be my side that day? Because I don’t know anyone yet,” Tiffany asked.

“Okay. Don’t worry. I will stick with you as much as long as you wanted. As punishment to my boyfriend because he teased my best friend, I’ll stick with you till the end,”

“Baby, please spare me alright? You told me everything about Tiffany first,” Jongeun try to backfired his girlfriend. Before Taeyeon could say anything, Jongeun cut her words first.

“So it’s confirmed. Tiffany will join us. And do you happen to have costume party Tiffany?”

“Costume party?” Tiffany raised her eyebrows.

“Where are my order?”


The day of the party, Jongeun as Dumbledore, Taeyeon as Harry Potter and Tiffany as Hermoinee. “Oh my God Tae, I never thought Jongeun loves Harry Potter like us!” She whispered as they enter the party and Jongeun greets everyone there.

“uhuh.. That’s one reason why I like him. We have this movie night routine and you know what? He can quote every single line of Dumbledore and Harry Potter,”

Tiffany nod in amusement. Jongeun called for Taeyeon. Taeyeon brought Tiffany along. He then introduce his friends, Taeyeon and Tiffany. Some friend knew that Tiffany playing Hermoinee. “Tiffany, why don’t you bring Ronald along with you?” A lady who probaly one or two years older than her asked.

“Oh that. Unfortunately, he hasn’t exist yet,” Jongeun make his voice like Dumbledore. “He’s missing. Its not hasn’t exist. And thats why we came here. To save Ronald Weasly,” Taeyeon gave another answer. Causing other people laughed.

Someone asked Taeyeon what character she bring and she show the scar painting that got covered with her hair so they knew she was Harry Porter. Some friend said she should be Weasly family because of her hair. “And you should just be the Ronald Weasly. This Dumbledore here needs to find Harry Potter,” one of the friend added.

Tiffany laughed and other were giggled. Taeyeon just shrugged her shoulder. “If that so then I should seek for Harry Potter. He is very important to me,” Jongeun mocking Dumbledore again and making people around him laughed again. During the party, Tiffany held Taeyeon’s hand. Tiffany already blend with the party but somehow Tiffany still need Taeyeon presence.

Since it was her boyfriend’s friend party, she let Tiffany hold onto her and Jongeun to greet everyone else.

“Tiffany? Is that you?” A voice coming from back. Taeyeon and Tiffany turn around. “wha-Nick!? am I imagining?!” Tiffany release her hand from Taeyeon and hugged the guy. “Oh gosh you look so neat and handsome in this robot costume. Where is your girlfriend?”

“We broke up,”

“What? how?”

“It just… we have some issues and I can’t take it. We cant take it. Hence, the broke up,” Nick said bitterly.

“Aww. I’m sorry to hear that. I am sure you’ll find one someday.” she said.

“No worries,”

Taeyeon touch Tiffanys’ back. Tiffany turn around.

“I forgot. This is Taeyeon. My best friend. I’m sorry to say but no hitting on her because she already has a boyfriend,” she said.

“Fany-ah, I’m gonna go to my boyfriend,” Tiffany gives the assured smile. All along, her eyes never leave Tiffany until she makes sure the crescent shape eyes appeared. Jongeun called her and she went back to him. Jongeun introduce her with his friends. Taeyeon nod along and having converstaion lightly.

“oh my gosh! Jessie! you’re here too?!” Taeyeon look at the sight and Tiffany hugged a woman. Taeyeon excuse herself and made her way to Tiffany who is she with.

“Taeyeon!” Tiffany gesture her hand to Taeyeon.

“Taeyeon. I want you to meet Jessica! She was one of the top popular girl in my previous highschool before I had to go to Korea and meet you,” Tiffany introduced the girl to Taeyeon excitedly.

“Hi. Tiffany is exeggrated. I’m not that popular,”

“And more over to that she is humble and still is I see,”

Taeyeon shakes her hand with Jessica.

“Jessica was my best friend before I had to move to Korea and met you. Well.. since you are here, I guess we can be once again?” Jessica nods and Tiffany hug the woman again.

Jessica accidentally look at Taeyeons’ eyes and sees that she’s hurting. “Fany-ah, I think my boyfriend called me. I was just checking you. I don’t want you go with the stranger,” Taeyeon joke and giggled forcely.

She looks unsecure to leave her Korean American best friend with another Korean American friend. “Taeyeon-ah.I’m a big girl okay,” she chuckled.

“I know. Just want you to be careful,” she bowed a little and go to her Dumbledore boyfriend again. Tiffany eyes too never leave Taeyeon until she is with her boyfriend. Jessica somehow notice something. Tiffany turn around and sees Jessica smile to her. “Oh. Sorry. I just..well. lets talk about you. Do you have boyfriend Jessica?”

“huh? Oh about that. actually….,”

The party was over and Tiffany ride home was with Taeyeon and Jongeun. Taeyeon was quite along the way. She only responded if one of them asked her. Tiffany is now arrived at the front of her house. Tiffany was waiting for Taeyeon to bid her goodnight. Jongeun nudged Taeyeon. “Your friend is waiting baby,”

“oh. I’m sorry,” Taeyeon opens the door and tiffany hug the shorter.

“Thank you for the lovely night Taeyeon,”

“You’re welcome,” she said. After release the hug, Tiffany asked if she’s okay. Taeyeon just lied saying that she never good with alcohol and its now kicked in.

Tiffany buying it although she know that was not the reason. “Jongeun oppa, take care of my Taetae this night. Do not let her sick,” Tiffany told him. He gives the okay sign. Taeyeon felt her heart prick when she heard Tiffany refered her as hers. Jongeun promised. Taeyeon on the way home keep smiling.


Jongeun arrived at Taeyeon’s apartment.

“I should accompany you upstairs. I don’t want my Harry Potter sick,” Taeyeon chuckled to hear that.

“It’s okay oppa. You have done enough,” Taeyeon try to walk out when Jongeun held her hand. Taeyeon was confused at first. Then he pointed to his lips. Taeyeon knew it and somehow, she hesitatedly leaning forward to kiss the guy.

Then her lips met his eventually. Taeyeon felt her heart racing. She close her eyes and all she sees is Tiffany. Her brain telling her what if she was kissing Tiffany right now and suddenly those kiss that meant to be just awhile become a passionate one.

They both broke it up after Jongeun needs some air. “whoa.. that is one hell of the kisses. why are you exciting right now but not in any of our dates?”

Taeyeon doesn’t know what to say. She smiled nervously and open the door. “Go-good night oppa,” Taeyeon gets out from his car. She closes the door but Jongeun open the window. “Taeyeon–..,”

“I’m sorry. I don’t know what comes on my mind–. Kissing you like that is not my –..”

“Hey. You don’t have too. Beside, we’ve been knowing each other for two years and you are now my girlfriend. So.. thanks Taeyeon, for your.. bluntness, ” Jongeun bit his lips.

“Thanks to you too oppa. For being with me,” Taeyeon replied. Jongeun reverse his car and drive away from Taeyeons’ apartment.

She unlock her door. Put her costume party into the laundry basket and after that, Taeyeon get into the shower. She recaps her mind about what happened earlier.

“I never want to kiss him like that. What’s got into you, Taeyeon?” She asked herself. She remember how she met Jongeun for the first time. Jongeun keep asking her to have a lunch. That day she was furious mad and Jongeun quickly changed her mood. After a year of knowing each other, Taeyeon accept his proposal to make her his girlfriend. Jongeun really put her at ease.

Suddenly, variety images of Tiffany throwing hug to her isn’t so bad. She has love it for a long time as thirteen of their friendship. She smiled widely because she loves the feel of all the throwing hug that Tiffany gave to her. “It has been awhile since she called me Taetae,”


Taeyeon on the next day had a date with Jongeun. They walking out together when Taeyeon sees Tiffany is with Jessica. Jongeun suddenly called Tiffany. Tiffany heard and realizes the couple. She immediately throw her hug to Taeyeon after Jongeun noticed them. Taeyeon smile when she knew that Tiffany doesn’t forget after all. She smiled like that because she wanted to show Jessica that Tiffany chosen her to be her wonderful best friend than her.

Jessica knew the face Taeyeon gave to her. She is now wanted Taeyeon knows her true feelings about Tiffany. Tiffany also has been observe by Jessica. She wanted Tiffany to know her true feeling about Taeyeon.
“Hey. Since we meet here, in front of a restaurant, would you like to eat lunch with us?” Jongeun asks. “Sure. Why not. Right, Tiff? If Taeyeon doesnt mind having me with Tiff,” asks Jessica.
“Of course she doesnt mind. Right sweety?” Jongeun reply.
“Huh? yeah. of course. Sure,”
“Thanks. Shall we, Tiff?” Jessica links her arm with Tiffany. Tiffany felt weird for a moment but Jessica always like that before.

The awkwardness arised when Taeyeon suddenly prick the way Jessica is like flirting Tiffany. Jongeun sees that and try to console Taeyeon, but the shorter girl can’t handle any longer. Taeyeon brought Jongeun out after. Tiffany felt guilty and confused at the same time.


That night she tries to call Taeyeon but Taeyeon didn’t answer. Tiffany call her several times. Jongeun came to her apartment with a rose and a cupcake but Taeyeon isn’t in the mood. Jongeun thought it must because of Tiffany. He finally said that Taeyeon should let Tiffany explain.

“Tiffany is your best friend that longer than any friends she had. You are not that meany right? Who knows, that Tiffany cried a lot. You once told me, when her mother died, she cried a lot. Do you want she cried like that again?” Taeyeon look at Jongeun. She doesn’t want Tiffany cried like that. She held Jongeun’s hand.

“Thanks Oppa,” as she peck his lip but nothing electric feelings over her.

“Now go to her apartment and apologise. I don’t want my taetae marrying me with this face,” she chuckled when the guy use that word.

“okay. I’ll apologise to her,”



Taeyeon called Tiffany.

“Tae! how dare you! you make me mad right now. You are so selfish! You didnt pick up my call and tell me why you just run off with your boyfriend like that?”

The knocks came from the door. “Whoever you are, just comeback later! i’m busy!”

“Its me fany-ah! Open the door,” Tiffany wipes her tears. She opened the door, looking at Taeyeon holding a flower boquet and chocolate, with two famous brand ice cream in her hand. She made line at her lips and apologise. Tiffany took the bouquet and wipes her tears. “I’m sorry. Ice cream?” asks Taeyeon.
Tiffany replied by hugging her tightly.

“I cant breath fany-ah,”

“please dont leave me Taeyeon,”

“I wont do that again. I’m really sorry,”

Their relationship became so much stronger after that. Taeyeon always makes time for Tiffany and Jongeun never said anything because everytime Taeyeon come to him, she would be treat Jongeun with kisses and wonderful things and Jongeun likes it.


One day when Jongeun playing snooker with some friends, his friend remind Jongeun to becareful. “You should keep your girlfriend far from her,”

“How could I do that? they have been best friends for 13 years. even I want to make our relationship like that,”

“Suit you,” one of his man said.

“Whatever buddy. But I believe, no matter what she did to you is because she can’t express herself towards her best friend,” another friend support the reason.

“What?” he giggles. “You mean like kiss or something?” Jongeun joked. “Who knows. 13 years. That is a lot to me. Women are so different from guys you know? They are..what you should call it?.. sensitive,” his friend replied. Jongeun reaches his glass, digesting the words his friends conveyed.

Taeyeon called Jongeun and ask him how was his day. Jongeun told her everything includes the conclusion that his friend made. “but I told you right? my family, my friends, then you,” replied Taeyeon.

“I know, but suddenly I felt that I neglected by my own girlfriend,”

“okay oppa, what do you want then?”

“have a special date with me,”

“why you must call it special?”

“you’ll see,”


At the same time Tiffany is meeting Jessica. “you love her!”

“no! I dont love her that way!”

“You sure are!”

“Okay. Fine. Even if I did love like you said, Taeyeon didn’t love me. she has boyfriend Jessi,”

“Yeah sure. She has a boyfriend, but her heart belong to someone else and that’s you,”

“How can you be so sure about this?”

“I know because right now I’m in a relationship with a woman, Tiff,”

Tiffany stops what she was doing and folded her arms. Jessica reach to her spot and continues. “The way you look at her, the way you whine to me about her, you know everything about her. and that eyes of you, of Taeyeon, she’s longing for you, and you are longing for her too. And those ran off with her boyfriend when I’m playing with you,”

“You’re crazy,”

“I’m not but both of you are. you guys are crazy because you guys cant see this is love,”

“Alright. I’m outta here,” Tiffany storm out from Jessica’s house.

“Look i’m sorry to say this but think back what Taeyeon did to you!” jessica scream a little.


Tiffany wanted to prove that Jessica is wrong. She called Taeyeon that night. Taeyeon brought ice cream and some chocolate for her. Tiffany didnt tell what happened in Jessicas’ house but she blurted out about she was in States when she went out with a guy.

“He asked me for a date. should I go with him?” Tiffany asked. Taeyeon takes time to answer. She think hard. She find deeply in her mind she actually didnt want Tiffany date the guy.

“Taeyeon, I need your opinion about this,”

“is he a good guy?”

“of course!”

“have exes before?”

“Two but its was like years ago,”

“You cant date easily,”

“What? why?”

“You need to find a guy that suit you the most,”

“Taeyeon. Just tell me the truth,”

“that’s the truth. You need to find the suit one. like Jongeun,”

“I dont like his type,”

“okay then. another guy. not him,”

“You dont see him yet,”

“I don’t want him okay!” Taeyeon raised her voice.

“so its true,”

“What is? what are you talking about?”

“Jessie told me something,”

“about what?,”

“She said that you have a crush on me,” answered Tiffany. Taeyeon widens her eyes and scoffed.

“That is ridiculous,”

“So you dont have a crush on me?” she asked. Taeyeon avoid her eyes from meeting Tiffany’s eyes.

“Look at me and tell me that you dont feel something more than love for a best friend,”

“No. I don’t. happy?” Taeyeon look at her. But instead of glad with Taeyeon answer, Tiffany felt her heart cutting in two. That angry face of Taeyeon telling her telepathically that she even didnt know what is her feeling. she caught taeyeon’s lips and kissed her, passionately. taeyeon didnt reject but instead she grabbed Tiffany’s neck and invite her tongue into Tiffany’s mouth.

Tiffany pull taeyeon’s shirt and pushed her on to couch and start kissing again. Taeyeon hand reached to Tiffany’s hip and squeeze it gently. she takes off Tiffany’s pants. They dont know how long it was.

Suddenly something fall on the floor. Taeyeon stopped and look her smartphone vibrates. it flashing Jongeun. Tiffany look at their position. She quickly gets off from Taeyeon who only left with bra. Taeyeon answered the phone.

“Hey. Are you in Tiffany house?”

“….yeah oppa,”

“Ah.. no wonder. Probably she was talking bad about me,”


“I came by to your apartment. I brought ice cream. Too bad that you are in Tiffany’s house,”

Tiffany senses that she should not be here but before she even go further, taeyeon grabs her wrist hand.

“Oppa can we talk later? I have something to do first,”

“…sure. I’ll be back home then,”

“thanks oppa,”

“hey.. you know I never said this to closest friend even in my family but.. I want to say this to you…i love you,”


“I just want to say it. It’s not like i want you to say right now. Whenever you are ready. see ya Tae!” He hanged up.

Taeyeon touched the red button. “Sit down Fany-ah,”

“I think Jessica is right. We’re both keep on denying. We’re both crazy,”

“Wait..are you saying that you have feelings for me too?”

“I dont know. Remember when i say that i see you everywhere in these three years?”


“It’s so hard okay. You tell me that you have found someone the day I decided to come back here. I don’t want to be like the first six months awkwardness so I continued everything. I thought we are okay but.. do you know how hard it was to keep on smiling?”

Taeyeon cup her cheek and force Tiffany to look at her. “do you want to be with me Fany?”

“I is more than you could imagine,” Tiffanys’ eyes had tears. Taeyeon approach her again and slowly kisses her and pinned Tiffany against the couch.


The next day, Taeyeon woke up and see Tiffany intertwine their hand together. she smiled and kiss her nose. Tiffany felt tickles.

“Good morning,”

“Good morning my Tae,”

“I love it when you say that,” Tiffany cuddle closer to Taeyeon.

“You want some breakfast?” Taeyeon asked.

“I don’t have anything in fridge,”

“Bread and jam even?”

“That’s on the upper cabinet,”

Taeyeon try to gets up but Tiffany climb on top of her. “Fany-ah,”

She point to her lips. Taeyeon knows what she wanted and she gladly take it. She put her hand behind Tiffany’s hair and lean forward. “its not that bad right? my morning breath?” Tiffany asked.

“It isn’t but I personally love if we brush our teeth first,” Taeyeon pushes Tiffany to the side and peck her lips before she gets up.

“I need to tell jongeun about this,”

Only then Tiffany realized she forgot about Taeyeon’s boyfriend. “oh Jongeun oppa…. I’m sorry Taeyeon,”

“It’s okay. I should be the one who needs to apologise,” she reaches her phone and start to type the message. “I’ll be meeting him after lunch,”

“Should I come too?”

“I will bring you once I said what I feel okay?” tiffany did not shook or even nod.

Taeyeon knew what Tiffany worried. “Breakfast first. We’ll talk about this later,”

Tiffany typing message to Jessica. “You’re right,” and quickly the reply came to her. “What did I tell you? how do you know after all?”

“I see you after lunch,”


“Aww~ its cute! i don’t know that you are this creative,” Tiffany give her lovely eyes smile. “You know what Fany-ah. That was the most sincere eyes smile I ever seen after months,”

“I’m sorry that I’m a coward,”

“No. I’m the coward. i wasn’t dare to say what we have been feeling were more than best friend,”

There was silence after Taeyeon confessed. Tiffany should’ve known. They should’ve known that these means more.

“I love you,” Tiffany doesnt care if this is too soon to say the three words, eight letters.

Taeyeon smile when she heard it. She finds her heart wants to burst all butterflies and flowers. She cupped Tiffanys’ face and glued their head together.She pecks several time Tiffanys lips before saying the extra words after the three words. “I love you too, Fany Hwang Miyoung,”

Tiffany in that moment already in tears because she thought that Taeyeon isnt ready to say those words. Turns out she wanted to proves Tiffany, she felt the same way. Taeyeon received a hit from Tiffany because mentioned her korean name.


Taeyeon reaches her keys to her apartment. Then she sees Jongeun standing there with the boquet of flower. “it took you long. i know we have to meet in lunch but I can’t wait. Here. Flower for you,” Taeyeon reluctant to take those flower.

“Oppa, before we continue–..”

“Dont say another word,”

Jongeun give his elbow to Taeyeon cling on it. “Please. Oppa, we have some serious thing to talk to,”

“Then wait it till the end. I just wanted to give something after these two years of becoming mine. I promise that I will never ever say anything after this,”

“But this is about between us. you have too–…” Jongeun kiss her to shut her up. Taeyeon just reflex to slap him. Jongeun was shocked. Jongeun finally registered why Taeyeon become like this.

“Oppa, I’m sorry,”

Jongeun fused mad and get away from her. “Oppa!” Taeyeon face palmed herself.

Tiffany was with Jessica, telling her the story. “stop right there. i dont have to hear that!”

“It was just second base. I just want you to know that we actually have kept it for a long time,”

“What about her boyfriend Tiff?”

“…she said she wanted to talk about it in lunch,” Tiffany smartphone rings.

“Excuse me. Its taeyeon. hello?” Tiffany excuse herself from Jessica.


“Hey Tae. what is it?,”

“Jongeun oppa,”  she said. she take a deep breath and loudly sighed.

“hey, are you alright?”

“I made a mistake.,”


“I slapped him.. it was on reflex. I want to say something and he kept–…” taeyeon stopped.

“I probably will not see him this couple of days,”

“So how? what do yo want to do?”

“I guess I just bring you with me. I tell him the truth right away,”

Tiffany bit her lips. “Are you sure about this?”

“It has to be done soon or later right?”

“okay. just take it slow. dont rush on anything. i felt guilty about the whole things too you know,”

“No. dont be. I choose you remember? and this was suppose to be on me…I just want to tell you that. I hope you will be with me when I tell him,”

“Sure, of course Tae,”

“…thanks Fany-ah,”

“You are welcome Taeyeon. always…I love you,”

“Love you too,” Taeyeon hang up and dialed Jongeun number. She wanted to solve the problem as soon as possible. She reached her car keys and trying to find Jongeun.

“Oppa if you hear this, I want to say that i’m sorry that i slapped u. I’m sorry for everything. Its about our relationship. You have to hear me out. I dont want you and me will regret the decision that you and me both know how it end. I have to say to you face to face. Pick up. Please. You need to hear me out,” Taeyeon starts to cry. She doesnt want jongeun mad at her like this but at the same time she knew she supposed to deserve this. She loved him. He care about her. He was there when nobody around her. He was with her a lot.


Jongeun drink his alcohol for the nth time. he sees the flash from his smartphone. “You dont want to pick it up?” the bartender who served him said.

“…My girlfriend finally went to her best friend,” he scoffed bitterly.

“Uff..look like you lose to him,”

“if only I lose to him, my heart will not breaking like this!”

“You meant… that best friend is a she?”

“13 years of relationship. I’m an idiot right? if i do know, I would easily give up. I’m hurting because all she did to me because of that girl. Her best friend!”

Jongeun throw the glass on the floor. “Hey buddy, I know you are fusing mad with your ex but that glass is expensive too,” Jongeun walk out and nobody ever heard from him anymore.

Taeyeon try to call and search for him but no answer. She went to his apartment but no one was there. Taeyeon dont know what to do. She touched her forehead and hoping she would see Jongeun for the last time.


Five years flew away like that. Taeyeon and Tiffany still together and they adopted a baby girl. They have been live happily after. Tiffany promised Taeyeon that when she find Jongeun soon, she will be there.

Speaking of the devil, Taeyeon did found Jongeun. He kept beard around and he looks more matured and neat than when he with Taeyeon. Jongeun changed his name to Joosung and thats why Taeyeon cant find him.

Joosung told Taeyeon that he find a beautiful girl and they were once best friend when he was 5. A miracle thing happen and they are fond of each other after.

Taeyeon want to have a little talk with Jongeun. tiffany went with Joosung wife. Jongeun said he is in fault too because Taeyeon warned him.

“But I guess the relationship we had before make us realize the surrounding or someone who does meant to us,” Jongeun added.

They hugged after. Tiffany smile. Also Joosung wife. After dinner, Tiffany and Taeyeon went away.

“Should you said that I was your wife?”

“I need to say it or she will forever guilty,”

“She should. You told me what happened and now she is happy with her partner. She supposed to suffer,”

“Sound like you protest your own gender Shannon,” Joosung joked.

“I’m not. It just.. unfair to you,”

“Taeyeon is special girl. You can mad at her but it cant stay long I guess,”

“Then you should fight for her not–…”

“Nah. Even if I did, you will see that girl beside her in our daily lives till you sick of it so one of us need to back up. And I volunteered myself,”

“Suit you,” Shannon smirked. She was about to go away when Joosung stop her.

“hey, Shannon,”


“Thank you,”

“You’re welcome. i’m sure you will find someone who deserves you,”

Joosung smile and said it in the soft voice. “I did,”

A/N = this is the longest shot i have ever done but i’m lazy to edit more. Forgive me. Thanks for reading. and I’m sorry that I use Harry Potter. this shot I did when Taeyeon still in her blonde hair and visit those theme park. >.<

TaeNy – Remind me.

Taeyeon raises her eyebrows.

“Yes!” Tiffany told her. Taeyeon still blurred.

“Its a yes!” Tiffany hugged her.

“You do?” Taeyeon asked.

“Of course Tae. Of course,” Tiffany tighten her hug on Taeyeon.

“Yes! She said yes!!” Finally registered in her mind.


5 years later.

“I said I want to eat Korean beef!”

“But Fany-ah, there is no market opened at this hour. Can I just buy it tomorrow?”

Tiffany cried instantly when Taeyeon just disobeyed her. Taeyeon rubbed her temple. She look at the clock. Another two hours before the markets open. She gets off from the bed.

“Whenever I’m mad at you, all you did is sleep on the couch. You never try to coax me,” Tiffany wipes her tears. She lying on the bed and give her back view to Taeyeon. Taeyeon wear her Cardigan. She takes her car keys and let Tiffany calmed herself down.

Taeyeon click the button and her car immidietly opened. She starts the engine and only think of one place that she can take Korean beef at this hour.


Ding dong~

Taeyeon press the doorbell again until someone open the door.

“Taetae? What are you doing here? Its only 3:30. In the morning,” Mrs. Kim yawned.

“I’m sorry mom but…your daughter in-law. She’s craving for..Korean Beef,” Taeyeon sheepishly smile at her mom. Then her father showed beside her mother.

“Oh dear. we just had the one with bones. Is it okay?”

“Its okay. As long as it stop her from crying right now,”

“You left her crying? That’s not good,” her father interrupt.

“Let me wrapped up for you dear. Come in first,” Mrs.Kim invite Taeyeon.

“So how’s my daughter in law?”

“Rather than craving for Korean beef, everything is alright dad,”

“I told you to pick up man,” her father said after giggled at Taeyeon’s troubled.

“I’m happy with her dad. No need to remind me about my choice, ok?”

“Whatever. But if you’re the one who carried it, I’m sure that your husband doesnt need to be come here late in the morning,” Mr.Kim added.

Taeyeon shook her head. She knew her parents wanted son in law. But what she can do when she felt it on Tiffany more. Not at random woman but only to Tiffany.

“Here you go. You can make soup from it, do I need to remind you how to make soup?”

“Thanks mom. Its okay. I remember how. I’m sorry for troubled you late in the morning,”

“No worries. You know. Actually, your father had did the same when I was carrying you,”

“No need to remind me that, Tae’s mother,”

“Ah. So even if I married a guy, he would do the same. My mother’s gene is inside my body,”

Mr. and Mrs.Kim laughed at her daughter. Even she an adult and married for five years now, there is still a little kid inside their daughter.

“Now go back to your home. Pity my daughter in law. She must be worried when you’re not there,”

“She must be asleep right now. Thanks for helping your daughter,”
Taeyeon hugged her parents before gets out hurrily.



Tiffany hear a voice.

“Wake up. I brought you Korean beef. And I made you soup. Open your eyes please,”

Tiffany rubbed her eyes. Taeyeon help her gets up. Tiffany saw a bowl of rice and still heated soup. Taeyeon gave her the spoon. Tiffany scoop the rice and soak it in the Korean beef soup.

“I’m sorry. About you say, I don’t know how to coax you. I’ll try to be better okay?”

But Tiffany still with eating. More faster and faster.

Taeyeon look amused. “Yah. Eat slowly. There is more in the kitchen,”

“I can’t. You made a great soup Tae. And your twins inside my belly are so hungry,”

Taeyeon laughed. She remembered how nervous Tiffany was when putting her eggs and pair it with the selected sperm they choose. It was a big step for both of these women.

“My twins, omma apologise. Alright? I promise to both of you that I will love you as much as I love your mommy,” Taeyeon rubbed Tiffany’s 5 months pregnant belly.

“Yah. As much you love me? You’re gonna love the twins as much you love me?”

“Is it wrong?” Taeyeon asked.

“Nothing. I carried yours so I think I need it more of your love. Not to  equal with,”

“Yah, you jealous with my twins,”

“Well… I’m your wife,”

Taeyeon laughed again. When she look at Tiffany, she stop eating, left the remain in her mouth, making it look pout. Taeyeon kissed her anyway. Tiffany chew slowly the remain in her mouth.

“Although I said I love you as much as the twins, there are something we both can’t share with them so the love can be more than the twins afterall ,”

“like what?”

“…You can give the twins directly your milk while I can’t,”

She swallowed. “What?”

“When I give some love to the twins, you will get more love than the twins can get,” Taeyeon bit her lips.

“……Oh my god. Tae!” She hit Taeyeon repeatedly.  Taeyeon only laugh away.

“GOD. Remind me why I ask that question,” Tiffany cover her face.

“Because you’re jealous,”

“I’m not asking Tae,” Tiffany glared at her wife.

“I know. I’m just kidding,”

Then Taeyeon hugged her wife from the back. “Thank you for this Fany-ah. I love you very very much,” she kissed Tiffanys’ cheek.

“You’re welcome. And I’m sorry though. My craving at it worst,”

“Don’t mention it,”

“Next time, I will cook for you okay?”

“And next time you will let me carried the baby in my belly okay?”

“Excuse me?! The twins aren’t good enough?”

“They said the more, the merrier,” Taeyeon stick her tongue out.

“Oh god why. Remind me please, why I said yes to you,”

“I dont know either. It just do right?”

“Its not a–..”

“A question. I know,” Taeyeon smiled.

“Now eat. I can take more if you want,”

Tiffany shook her head looking at her cute yet a dork wife. She continued what she left.

SeoTaeNy – Take it in your way

Taeyeon burst her laugh when Seohyun told her. “Ah Unnie! I’m serious! He wanted to come here!”

Taeyeon wipe the laugh tears. “I know you are serious. But I can’t stand to see how paranoid you are because he wanted to come here,” said Taeyeon. Seohyun whine and frowned. She looks down and fidgeting with her fingers.

Taeyeon smiled to see the maknae, the last member who always act tough is now nervous to face the situation. “Hey,” Taeyeon lift Seohyun’s face by the chin.

“It’s okay to be nervous but nervous like this much, you will get yourself no one,”

Seohyun raises her eyebrows. “You talking by your own experience unnie?”

Taeyeon smiled. “Yes I am. You know? I am so nervous that I can act normal in front the person I fell in love with. In return, I never get for myself  someone till now. Not even her,” Taeyeon mumbled at the last word. But Seohyun heard that last word.

“Her? the person you love–..” Seohyun try to registered what Taeyeon said earlier.

“Good evening! Oh hey! My Seobaby is here!” Tiffany said it in English. Her eyes appeared in the crescent shape. “Fany unnie, finally you are here!” Seohyun said as she stand and hug the shorter lady.

“Whoa. I never see you hug your sisters like this!” She chuckled. The hug Seohyun made still she didnt release it. Tiffany looked at Taeyeon over Seohyun’s shoulder. She gives the curious face to Taeyeon.

Taeyeon makes with her hands a figure of a man. She shows the love shape to Tiffany and arrow it to Seohyun. Tiffany can’t help but smile the way Taeyeon make the arrow to Seohyun.

Finally Seohyun release the hug. “So..what happen?” Tiffany asked as she doesnt know what happen to her. “You hug me like that so there must be something happen,”

Taeyeon steps forward and put her arms around Seohyun.  Makes sure Seohyun doesnt afraid to tell Tiffany about her problems.

“There is..this one guy,” Seohyun started. Seohyun tells Tiffany from A to Z about the guy who to extend wanted to come meet her in the dorm.

“I gave this address to him. Because I want to scare him. Try to dare him to come to the house. But turns out he agreed!”

Tiffany look at Taeyeon. They telepathically told each other in mind before giving one or two words.

“Taeyeon and I think…. you have to take it in your way,”

“I don’t understand, unnie,”

Taeyeon smiled again. “What is your Fany omma says is that if you like this guy the way he likes you, then why not? Bring him in. Introduce him to us, and to your parents,” she said.

“But if you think that you wanted to stay single then you shall tell him the truth. Hence, take it in your way. Which mean you decide it yourself or tell him what other ways he can take you,” Taeyeon added.

Seohyun paused before she saying. “I like him unnie but as you know me, I want to further my studies. I want to do more than what I have right now. He must know what my priority first,” Seohyun said.

“Say that to him like you said to us,” Tiffany pats her shoulder.

Seohyun look at both Taeyeon and Tiffany. “Thanks unnie. For your help,”

“Sure. But more to her though. Fany omma knows how to ease your mind,” said Taeyeon.

“Taeyeon appa does too,” added Seohyun innocently.

“Taeyeon appa? No no no. Taeyeon unnie,”

“Unnie. You need to be equal. If Fany unnie is a mom, then you should too. Ah! Taeyeon Mommy. You are Taeyeon Mommy and Fany is Fany Omma,”

“Yah. Shouldnt it Taeyeon Omma and I am Mommy?” Tiffany interrupt.

They paused. And then, Taeyeon laugh made them both laugh too.

“Wow. Taeyeon omma always know how to make us laugh,” Tiffany joked.

“It just the natural habit of mine. My daughter, Seo Juhyun. Dont be so nervous okay? Just take it in your way,”

“If he still wanted you even after what you say, then he’s the one for you,” Added Tiffany.

“I will do what you both say to me. Thanks again you two,”

“You’re welcome. How about stay with us tonight? It almost time for dinner,”

“We have spare clothes so you don’t need to worry about stay for tonight, ”

“..Sure unnie. I tell my friend that I’m staying for tonight,”

“Then let get started!” Tiffany claps and stand to go to kitchen.

“Take a shower in my bedroom. I need to help Fany Mommy,” she giggled.

“Alright Taeyeon Omma,” Seohyun replied. When she reached Taeyeon’s bedroom, finally her head registered who is ‘she’ that Taeyeon was mumbled.

She glanced what is going on in the kitchen. She saw Taeyeon eyes never failed to follow where ever the other girl steps into. Seohyun smile when she remember the advice Taeyeon gave her.

“You help me and I’ll help you back Taeyeon unnie,”


A/N : Just random shot that I have after trying to make fanart of TaeNy protect Seobaby from men idol and actors. Trying make a fanart. Which mean, my fanart isnt finish but this is what i did instead. Lol.