TaengSic – What Else?

“My tummy,” Taeyeon whined in front of the mirror. Tiffany who beside her gives Taeyeon eye contact at the mirror and smile.

“What? Your abs is not showing anymore?”

“It was there before,” Taeyeon continued to whine and pout. Tiffany side-hugging her. “Aww~ You can have it again if you want too. Just do the sit-up,” Tiffany said.

“I know it already but I’m blaming Sooyoung and Sunny to make my precious abs disappeared,” Taeyeon squint her eyes like they were in front of her.

Although they were actually sitting at the corner of the practice room. With the mirror in front too, she sees Yuri, YoonA and Hyoyeon talking and taking pictures. Jessica on the other hand, seeing scrolling her precious iPhone. Taeyeon looks down before she focus on the mirror back.

When looking at Tiffany, she sees the crescent backward shape on Tiffany eyes. Taeyeon rolled her eyes.

“Okay okay. I’m not saying anything,” Tiffany said it after she had a giggle towards Taeyeon’s rolls eyes. Taeyeon can’t roll her eyes accurately. It actually turn to be weird when she did.

“But how long do you want to keep it like this? It’s your fault but Jessica takes the blame,” Tiffany say it in a soft voice as much as she can.

“if you look at my UFO timeline, there were a lot of questions.  They even get correct on why you acting toward Jessica like that,”

Taeyeon bit her lips. She knew she was in fault but if Jessica didn’t start at first, probably they wouldn’t have to be in the situation.

“Come on girls! Another one more practice and we are good to go!” Tiffany is the one who ordered them instead of the choreographer. The choreographer said thanks to her after all.

Taeyeon position is beside Jessica. Taeyeon can’t seem to see the mirror in the front whenever Jessica stops at any place near her. Taeyeon can’t say anything about this dance as Jessica part always after her lines in the song. The best bet she can do is avoid those eyes as much as possible.

“Cut cut,” The choreographer stops the song. ” I have another idea at Hyoyeon’s dance part,” he said.

They listen at him first. Then he demonstrate at Hyoyeon how he wanted them to do it. Sunny and Tiffany will lean each other back while Sooyoung with YoonA, Yuri with Seohyun and finally Jessica with Taeyeon. Jessica asked a question to the instructor but Taeyeon even doesn’t focus on her  when he said that Jessica and her need to do this pose.

The dance start again from the top. They move together synchronized. Again the part back to Hyoyeon. They lean against each other and Taeyeon’s front meet Tiffany’s. Taeyeon giving eyes. But Tiffany just giggled. And the dance finally to the end. The ending pose, they nailed it perfectly.

He applause and finally release them to do whatever they want.  Jessica picks her things up and go after telling YoonA on the way.

“Oh unnie,” YoonA blurt out. She didn’t get to grab Jessica’s arm.

“What? What happen?” Yuri asks. “Give me my phone. I think Sica unnie is..crying,” YoonA typing Jessica number but then she felt something brush upon her shoulder.

“What the—unnie?” when she finally realized who is the petite body belong.


“Oppa, send me to the next schedule,” Jessica call her manager.

“But Sica-yah, the schedule don’t start until 2 hours, I have this thing to organize–”

“Just get down and send me first,” she slide the red button. She wipes the remain tears behind her black glasses.

A hand pull her away from walking to the entrance door. Jessica takes time to register who is taking her. When she calculate the height and the short white-milky skins, she realized that body belong to Taeyeon.

She quickly force herself to stop Taeyeon from dragging her further. Taeyeon felt it but she didn’t let go of Jessica’s arm. She turns around.

“Let go of me Taeng, I have schedule waiting,”  Jessica says in a soft and whimpered voice. She hurts the way Taeyeon gave the signal to Tiffany during the practice. Yes, she saw it.

“Not in another hour right?” Taeyeon said it in a tone that Jessica thought Taeyeon here to warning her. Taeyeon let go of her arm when she sense that Jessica will not go away from her.

“Look. We can’t keep like this, you know? I’m sorry,” suddenly Taeyeon’s voice changed. Jessica scoffed. Now she thinks Taeyeon being ridiculous.

“Who’s the one that started this?” Jessica wipes her cheeks.

“Okay. I know, it’s me. But I have reasons,”

“What reasons, Taeng? Why are you suddenly awkward with me? Why in the second you bought me a cake and then in second, you told me off? Just..why?” Jessica finally let out of all of the question that kept in her mind for a long time. Taeyeon only bit her lips.

“Just tell me what I do wrong Taeng. I can’t do things freely because of you. Is it because I go out with guys?”

“No. that’s not it,” Taeyeon murmured. She looks down. Jessica did not catch what she was saying earlier.

“Is it because that Oppa you liked said that he likes me?” Jessica blurt again, sensing that must probably it. Taeyeon still looking down.

“You wanna make me take a guess? What else do I need to guess,”

Taeyeon didn’t do anything.

“What else Taeng? Are you jealous of me?”

Taeyeon finally lift her head “No. I don’t have reason to jealous about you,”

“Then what?”

Taeyeon wanted to voice out but she just don’t want Jessica think it was stupid.

Jessica’s manager come out from the elevator. He bowed to Jessica and Taeyeon. He told Jessica that the van is waiting outside. Jessica nodded and told the manager to wait in the van since she and Taeyeon have a talk right now. The manager followed the order.

Jessica’s face back to Taeyeon again. “Well.. I can’t take a guess anymore, Taeng. I have no clues,”

Taeyeon and Jessica stand in silent. Jessica is waiting for her answer but Taeyeon only stand there, bits her lips.

“If you’re not going to answer why you suddenly behave like that around me, then, excuse me,” Jessica turn her body around from Taeyeon. She walks like two too six steps and turn her upper body to see Taeyeon.

“Taeng,” she called. Jessica made a line to her lips.

“Since you’re apologize to me, I guess it’s my turn to say that I’m sorry too. You don’t have to say the real reason, I’m okay with that. I just need we talk together normally,” Jessica said. Taeyeon standing like a statue hearing those.

“I don’t have to hear it from you. I mean, it’s good that you talk to me after these 2 years,” she gave back the line on her lips. Jessica turn her body and walks to the entrance door.

Taeyeon still standing at the same spot, thinking how Jessica can forgive her easily after these 2 years of not having any normal conversation.

What else she need to hold it for? Jessica can forgive her, so why not she just forgive Jessica?


2 years later

“Ah.. I’m tired,” Taeyeon put her chin to Jessica’s shoulder. She smiled and pats Taeyeon’s head.

“Aigoo, my Taengoo is tired already? Doesn’t it have to be me?”

“Your time of being tired is no more on you. Since I got the most offer, I spend my precious time at the offer,”

“See? That’s why I use my most free time sleeping than meeting people,”

“Yeah yeah,” Taeyeon

“Taeyeon-ah! Sica!” Yuri gesturing them to gather closer.

“Yuri is becoming Tiffany lately,” Taeyeon crinkled her nose. Yuri almost taking care of the members when Tiffany doesn’t go with them. Since everybody got a job individually, they made trip separately. Only today they finally made trip together.

“I know right? We just have two manager now among our members,” Jessica said agreed to Taeyeon’s statement.

“Let’s go.  Or else we might not get to sit together. It such a long time since I’ve seen you. You have to tell me all the stories around,” Taeyeon make a way and drag Jessica’s arm.

“Yah! Taengoo! it’s only been a week! We have plenty of time for talking!”

“No! you can easily snatch by Sooyoung or Yoong. Then, you will run out of ideas to talk about things with me,” Taeyeon pouted looking at Jessica.

“so if I did run out of ideas, what else exactly that I need to talk about with you Taeng?”

“That’s why you need to sit with me, so you don’t have to run out of ideas,”

Jessica shook her head and just followed Taeyeon’s order.



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