Kisses on Tummy – TaeNy

“Stop it,” Tiffany snorts while her girlfriend still making some kisses noise on her tummy.

“I can’t help it,” she said. Taeyeon traces her finger along Tiffany’s sexy stomach, her not so obvious abs. At least to her, it is.

“You can. It just an excuse,” replied Tiffany. Taeyeon look up and sees her eyes hidden with the smile she just pulled of. Even cuter.

“Yes. But just because you’re cute,” she replied with a small laugh.

“How is it kissing my tummy…is cute again?”

Tiffany caress her girlfriend’s hair lightly. Taeyeon then lies her chin on Tiffany’s tummy after gave the last kissing noise to that body part.

“You workout, then this amazing part of yours showing the abs, and it make you sexy, cute, gorgeous in the same time,” she answered although whoever listen to that logic will make faces. Taeyeon smile widely.

Tiffany chuckled by the reason. “You really miss me, huh?”

Taeyeon look at her with pout. “Of course I miss– you so much. You don’t know how much I want to place my lips on every part of your body. Now, you’re coming with the killing abs, bare, long wide shoulder, I wanna keep yourself and never let you go,”

Taeyeon tighten her hug on Tiffany waist. She wouldn’t exactly know how much Taeyeon had missed her. Her girlfriend never been clingy and childish like this but, she doesn’t know what to feel about this woman. Or kid. Annoyed, or just love the clingy Taeyeon now.

“I misses you too, you know,” Tiffany replied.

Taeyeon from her tummy gets up and give a peck on Tiffany’s lips. “I know. Oh I didn’t say it today yet, right? I love you,” as Taeyeon look directly to her eyes. Tiffany knew that look.

Taeyeon is always sincere saying the words. It has been difficult for them to continue this long. Almost 7 years as best friends and 2 years officially being a couple, Tiffany has now felt differently about their relationship.

Couple years ago, Tiffany tried to convince Taeyeon that she was confused. Taeyeon probably didn’t meet any or befriend with guys.

Heechul oppa is another story. Although to Tiffany, he can be someone special for her but he said it himself, he sees Taeyeon only as his bestfriend. She is too, thought she couldn’t be Taeyeons’ girlfriend but Taeyeon did prove that she can be someone for her. And that makes Tiffany chose to stay with Taeyeon.

Other times they could be fighting over a little something but Taeyeon did not give up to make Tiffany fall for her again. And that’s why, Tiffany somehow, agreed that Taeyeon is part of her.

“Ppani? What are you thinking?” Taeyeon asks.

She looks at Taeyeon and raises her eyebrows. “Oh me? nothing. It just that..I’m still thinking about how we got here and what did I do to deserve you. Because Tae, you are so–” Tiffany paused. Looking at Taeyeon eyes deeply. Her hand automatically caress Taeyeon’s face slowly. Taking her fringe to put it behind her ear.

Taeyeon gave the wide smile. She pulls Tiffany closely and kiss her. Slowly and then passionately.

After several minutes on kissing, Taeyeon pulls her lips and kiss Tiffany’s forehead. “You shouldn’t have to think about that Ppani. If it is, should be me who needs to think what should I do to keep you around. You’re the best thing that ever happened to me and I’m glad you and me finally a couple. I should be the one who should worry because you, girl, you don’t know how much guys out there are waiting for me to breaking up with you, trying to snitch you from me,” Taeyeon paused when she sense Tiffany’s eyes keep looking at her. Amused. Smile appeared.

“You surely know how make me feel fluttered,” said Tiffany.

“I sure am. Just look at the girl I’m in love with,” said Taeyeon.

“Aish.. You’re always got the end,” replied Tiffany.

Suddenly, a buzz coming from Taeyeon’s smartphone on the table beside their bed.

“Emergency?” asks Tiffany as Taeyeon press some numbers to make a call.

“Hello. Inspector Kim Taeyeon here,”

Tiffany keep quite to let Taeyeon speaks on the phone.

“Oh. Cant it wait? I have some personal issues to take care of. Tomorrow it will be the first thing I do, sir,”

Tiffany sometimes dislike these. When she’s here, Taeyeon have some cases to solve. When she’s busy, Taeyeon would be free. Not always but sometimes. She even wish if they could be younger back and they would be meeting at the cafe and eat lunch together before going to their perspective class.

A kiss on the cheek woke her up. “Stop thinking Ppani. You are mine today. Not your brain, alright? ”

Tiffany suddenly hugs the smaller woman. Taeyeon caught off guard. “Thank you,”

Tiffany release the hug. “And I love you very very much too,”

Taeyeon smiled and shook her head slowly. “You’re like a child somehow,”

“Excuse me? who said kissing tummy because I’m cute earlier?”

Taeyeon laughs. She then pulls back Tiffany closer to her after finish laugh. “Now where should I begin with?”

Tiffany bit her lips. Taeyeon slowly reaches to Tiffanys’ right ear and whisper. “Maybe kissing on your tummy as start,”

Tiffany tightly close her eyes. Let Taeyeon start it.


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